Low carb bread: Another fairy tale bites the dust

Fake LC Bread

The market is full of unlikely claims about low carb versions of bread, pasta and chocolate. I see no reason to take these marketing claims at face value. Like the debacle with Dreamfields fraudulent “low carb” pasta shows, these claims do not necessarily have anything to do with reality.

Next up for testing: Julian Bakery’s delicious Smart Carb bread.

The marketing

Interestingly the Smart Carb #1 bread is baked on whole grains, yet it is claimed that only 1 gram out of 13 grams of carbs are digested. Sound familiar?

Julian Bakery

The words “Net carb” on the packaging is enough to make me suspicious. “Net carb” usually means that someone is trying to sell you stuff by telling you a fairy tale.

Is Julian Bakery’s bread an exception?

Jimmy Moore’s n=1 experiments

Jimmy Moore took the challenge and tested the bread in different ways. Not surprisingly his blood sugar went straight up, even though he ate the bread with coconut fat and cheese.

Like the decent man he is, mr Moore allowed a marketing guy from Julian Bakery to respond. Amazingly that guy blamed the cheese, and claimed that the minimal amount of lactose was the problem. Their bread couldn’t be the reason. That sounds a bit… unlikely.

Anyway, Jimmy Moore did a new test, eating only the bread and nothing else. This is the result on his blood sugar:


Without the cheese the effect of the “Smart carb” bread was even more drastic… exactly the way usual bread acts.

Smart Carb bread FAIL

This is just another confirmation of what should be obvious. If it looks like bread, feels like bread and tastes like bread, that means it is bread. Bread made from grains turns into glucose in your gut, raises your blood sugar and can lead to weight gain.

Lots of people still want to believe that they can eat “Low Carb” bread without the problems of other bread. They will say that experiments by one man proves nothing, that everybody has to test every new product for themselves to see.

To that I say: bollocks. Test for yourself, sure, why not. But if you blindly believe in the “Net Carb” marketing that means you’re living in fantasy land. If you keep having a weight problem it may be time for a reality check.

Better health and weight loss is achieved by eating real food low carb. Not by eating fake LC products.


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  1. Cenk Uygur
    "Real" food is the best!

    OT: When will you translate your cholesterol article into english? The article looks very interesting.


  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    An updated version in English is coming. Just have to find some more time somewhere. ;)
  3. Anne
    If anyone wants to repeat these tests, be sure to test your blood sugar every 15 min or you may miss the spike. I have heard people say that the bread or pasta or some other so called low carb food did not affect their blood sugar but when questioned they tested only at 2 hours. If Jimmy had done that, he would have missed the spike too.
  4. Margaretrc
    "Better health and weight loss is achieved by eating real food low carb. Not by eating fake LC products." Bingo! If I want the taste of the real thing, I will eat the real thing--as a treat. The rest of the time, I stick to low carb real foods! I'm lucky--I don't think my metabolism got totally messed up. No symptoms and my weight is within normal range, sort of. I think, I hope I got off the low fat bandwagon in time. None the less, I think LCHF is the healthy way to go, so my husband and I are following that plan--without the fake "low carb" nonsense.
  5. We tested this bread with hundreds of type 1 & type 2 diabetics with minimal rise in blood sugar. We will be posting independent results on our blog within the next week to give you a real. Our bread is used daily by thousands of diabetics and Jimmy's results are not typical at all. Here is a recent endorsement from a diabetic company:

    I am the founder of Friends of Diabetics. I was diagnosed with diabetes in July 2004. It was the most devastating thing in my life. What added to that frustration was the challenge I had with foods I enjoyed bread being one of them.

    I wandered into Goodwin’s Organic Foods one day and while browsing I noticed your bread was a low carb product. I was skeptical at first but I purchased it. That was the best taste experience of my life. I ate bread with every meal and my snack. Not only is it delicious it did not have a sufficient impact in my blood sugar.

    I introduced this product to five other diabetics and they join me with the review. We endorse your product with every meeting. When I say it is delicious please believe as I am very particular to taste.

    Thank you Julian Bakery for a great product.

    Kind Regards,

    Dana Thomas
    Friends of Diabetics


  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,
    How nice of you to copy the exact comment you left on Jimmy Moore's blog two weeks ago. Your promise to show independent results "next week" is not too trustworthy I'm afraid, as you used the same words weeks ago.

    Posting some testimonial about the "great" taste of your bread in response to serious questions about the truth of your health claims sadly misses the point.

    Fraudulently marketing a high carb bread as "net 1 carb" to diabetics is beyond troubling. I really hope not too many of them are hurt by it.

  7. I still haven't heard an apology from Julian Bakery for publicly calling me a liar when they claimed it was the cheese that made my blood sugar spike rather than their SmartCarb breads. Even after they insisted I retest eating their bread dry without any fat or cheese (GROSS!), the spike was substantial. So how about owning up to your mistake, Heath from Julian Bakery, and saying you were wrong? And if my results aren't "typical" then how do you explain it? Something made my blood sugar spike after eating your bread whereas consuming eggs cooked in coconut oil with cheese showed little to no blood sugar change. I'm still waiting on an answer to this very simple question.
  8. I never called you a liar Jimmy I just said the cheese may through the test results off. Your results are not typical at all of our customers and we never meant to offend you. We just know if your going to test anything you should test the item by itself as to make certain of the reading you get. I thought it was premature to post your original blog before testing the bread by itself which you did after I asked you. We appreciate you Jimmy for making people aware that you should test yourself to see if the product is right for you.
  9. I think you're all amateurs. Jimmy Moore used to love Julian Breads, now all of a sudden he is slandering it all over the internet. Now, the 'dietdoctor' hiding behind a SN 'Doc', rather than attempting his own glucose measurement test, is just using these pathetic Jimmy Moore tests? I don't know where you studied medicine 'Diet Doctor', but I don't see any types of references to your current practices on this blog, only references to your book. Can you say $$$ motivated? If you spent any time studying medicine, then you should be smart enough to know that Jimmy Moore is no expert on anything. I have seen a handful of diabetic blogs praising Julian Bakery bread and those seem far more legit than some fat guy that lost a bunch of weight and is now supposed to be some 'diet expert', who now has a bruised ego over some dumb comment and is out to get revenge for whatever reason. The only thing I see that's fraudulent on this webpage is the sketchy partnership between Jimmy Moore, and the 'Doc', as well as both of their credentials.
  10. Patrik Hägglund
    Elisha #9,

    Andreas Eenfeldt (Doc), only recently opened this English version of his blog. However, his Swedish version (Kostdoktorn), which has been active a few years now, contains more information. Andreas Eenfeldt is quite well-known in Sweden - at least by people interested in diet and health.

    If you want to know more about who he is, don't hesitate to ask. You may also try to use, for example, Google Translate to read his Swedish blog: http://translate.google.com/translate?&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2...

  11. Heath, you kinda did infer I was lying by blaming the cheese on my blood sugar results. Very clearly you were wrong and slow to admit it. I wasn't offended in the least...but your insinuation was that I had to test your breads alone or the comparison was invalid (despite using the same protocol with all the breads). Nobody eats bread alone. My test was realistic for the way most people would consume it. Are you going to now put warnings on your SmartCarb breads not to come them with fat and cheese? Absurd. It was NOT premature to post my results because the follow-up test confirmed your bread was the culprit in my blood sugar spike. Yes, people should test themselves, but what explains the spike I saw Heath? What made my BG go up? Theories? I'm all ears.

    Elisha, believe what you'd like about me personally (although you haven't got a clue about me), but I'll let Dr. Eenfeldt defend himself and his credentials as a highly respected physician in the country of Sweden. Get ready for a butt whipping.

  12. Margaretrc
    It's absurd to think or say that cheese could have any effect on a blood glucose spike, except possibly to slow down the release of the glucose from the bread! Cheese has minimal carbohydrates and thus minimal effect on blood glucose. Individuals should test for themselves to see if this bread is for them, but to imply that the results were somehow bogus because there was cheese on the bread indicates a lack of knowledge of how this works biochemically. Glycemic load is decreased by adding cheese to the bread, not increased! That's probably why the French can eat their bread yet have a low rate of heart disease, diabetes, etc. They load up their (real) bread with Brie, butter, olive oil, or other fatty stuff. No sugar spike, no diabetes or heart disease.
  13. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Regarding me "hiding" behind the signature Doc: my real name, Andreas Eenfeldt, and my picture (via the link) can be seen in the top right corner on every page of this blog.

    Regarding me being "$$$ motivated": Everything on dietdoctor.com is for free.

    I'm sure you can find lots of reasons to keep eating bread. But if your weight or health does not improve like you hoped perhaps it is time to stop eating bread baked on grains. Even such high carb bread that some company markets to you as "low carb".

  14. Perhaps my quick judgement of you both was a little harsh, however when I see you're doing the same thing to Julian Breads (which everyone loves), I thought you deserved it. You're jumping to a conclusion based on two poorly done experiments, with no variables or any controls. With my experience in medicine and research, I have learned one thing: do something right, and then keep repeating it (if you want to prove something). After reading Jimmy Moore's praises about Julian Bread, then seeing him do a 180 based on amateur findings, and now pass the torch of illegitimacy over to the diet doctor, I was left with a sketchy feeling about what's REALLY going on here. To me it just sounds like Jimmy Moore has a personal vendetta against this poor heath guy at Julian, and all he did was stick up for his company to some very poorly done experiments (and rightfully so!) Now you're slandering his name everywhere! He doesn't owe you an apology Jimmy Moore, I'd say you owe him one. I will stick to my original tag for you both as 'amateurs', because I certainly see nothing professional going on either here on Diet Doctor, or Jimmy Moore's blog.
  15. Wow, this guy doesn't know when to stop when he's way behind.
  16. Rude, Immature, and Unprofessional Jimmy.
  17. I rest my case.
  18. Funderaren
    You cant make lowcarb breads full of grain. Thats a scientific fact.
  19. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Elisha #18,
    Like I write toward the end of the post above: Anyone who wants to can stay in fantasy land, and believe in phony marketing claims about "low carb" grain-based food.
  20. Margaretrc
    "You cant make lowcarb breads full of grain. Thats a scientific fact." Bingo.
    "We tested this bread with hundreds of type 1 & type 2 diabetics with minimal rise in blood sugar." I would be interested in seeing those results. How many of the test subjects were on no medication when they ate it? Type 1 diabetics generally take slow acting insulin which works all the time in addition to fast acting "boluses" when they consume carbohydrates. (I know. My son is type 1.) Type 2 diabetics also generally take pills that work constantly. Having people eat carbohydrates for which they are already on medications designed to reduce the impact of those carbohydrates on blood sugar isn't a realistic test to show how it will impact the blood glucose of someone who is not on any medication, like Jimmy Moore. I expect his results were actually quite typical for someone who is not on any medication to reduce blood glucose! Also, the claim of 1 g net carb requires that 92% of the carbohydrates in the ingredients be fiber. Based on the list of ingredients, that seems highly improbable. Doc and Jimmy Moore are correct to question the legitimacy of the claims and let people know that there are inconsistencies. Elisha, instead of impugning their credentials and motives, it might be wise to provide scientific evidence as to why they are wrong--if that is possible (I doubt it). And by the way, a little science: It only takes one contradictory result to nullify a claim/hypothesis, so to call Jimmy's tests "very poorly done experiments" just because the results didn't agree with the ones you like is nonsense. It only takes one black swan to prove that all swans are not white. You can't wish the black swan away just because you want to believe they are all white. And good scientists change their minds all the time in the face of new evidence, so the fact that Jimmy changed his mind doesn't mean he has a "personal vendetta" against the people at Julian Bakery.
    Disclaimer: I don't personally know either Jimmy Moore or Dr. Eenfeldt. I'm just a scientist interested in health and nutrition.
  21. mezzo
    "Ersatz" is "Ersatz". If you want to eat bread eat a little of the best there is. That is real bread not factory-made frankenfood with all the x-boosters and y-additives. Find a bakery that does its own baking or make your own, then you know what you are getting.
    And Jimmy: congrats on keeping an open mind and having the courage to - publicly - change your opinions. Black swan, animal of the year! Should be put on the list of endangered species.
  22. JT
    Thanks for the information. I sort of see why Elisha seems skeptical of your website Doc. I too find very unusual - even odd - for any doctor to openly support and display results of a test that wasn't done in a scientifically controlled environment. The information provided would be viewed as anecdotal by most professionals. However, the information did support my suspicions (personal experience) of the Julian Bakery bread "possibly" containing more carbs, which raises the gluclose level, than what's stated on the nutrition facts.
  23. Either way, organic, whole grain bread is a great alternative to regular bread that contains preservatives or other additives. I look at those Julian Bakery labels and get super excited about all of the healthy ingredients they use! Whether you are skeptical of the 'net carb' ideals or not is totally up to you as an individual. Julian Bakery has the actual carbohydrates on all the labels, so I don't think 'legitimacy' has anything to do with their provided net carb information. 'Net Carbs' is simply a theory that a lot of the low-carb dieting world uses, and has absolutely nothing to do with science or the FDA. Until FDA establishes definitions of “low carb” and “reduced carb,” these terms are essentially meaningless. What is the threshold for total carbohydrate content that qualifies as “low"? What reduction in total carbohydrate content is significant enough to qualify as“reduced”? It is not like Julian Bakery has named their bread "Diabetes Bread", it's "Smart Carb 1", and thats exactly what it is, a complex (or smart) carbohydrate bread. Furthermore, what IS illegal is for a food company to produce their own nutrition labels, and the FDA does keep track of that. With that being said, I'm 100% sure that Julian's Breads were tested by a third party for accuracy. I am excited to see what experiments Julian Releases with Diabetics. I can almost guarantee it will be far more professional, accurate, and informational than the vague Jimmy Moore tests.

    I admit I was harsh on the Diet Doctor, I am sure he is a smart enough guy. But I will advise you Diet Doctor, your teaming up with someone with no nutritional education or scientific experience other than his own weight loss theories only discredits you as well. Just be wary of people you are getting information from. Jimmy Moore is about as credible as Jared Fogle : http://www.newsgroper.com/jared-fogle

    Furthermore, it's obvious that Julian Breads are doing something good for people. Even Jimmy Moore himself was on a Julian Bread diet and lost a bunch of weight:

  24. Patrik Hägglund
    JT #22,

    "I too find very unusual - even odd - for any doctor to openly support and display results of a test that wasn't done in a scientifically controlled environment."

    It maybe reveals a cultural difference (between a young Swedish doctor, and professionals elsewhere). Perhaps Doc is more daring than the average too.

    I think what matters in the end (maybe because I'm Swedish) is that the credentials of the source is less worth than the likelihood that anyone points out flaws in the data/arguments.

    In this case, almost anyone (reasonable educated) is able to remake the experiment at home. I.e. it would be quite easy to provide contradicting information. If you have any doubts, just make your own experiment and publish the data here.

  25. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    I too find very unusual - even odd - for any doctor to openly support and display results of a test that wasn't done in a scientifically controlled environment. The information provided would be viewed as anecdotal by most professionals.

    If you follow the links above to mr Moore's blog you'll see that it is actually a controlled experiment.

    The bakery makes the claim that their grain-based high carb bread has a negligible effect on the blood sugar (very unlikely I'd say). Mr Moore tests it and clearly finds it to be untrue. That effectively falsifies the bakery's claim.

    I think you are underestimating what you can demonstrate with a blood sugar meter. If the bakery's claims were true the observed result would basically never happen.

  26. We test our bread all the time with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetics and will be posting our results at http://www.julianbakery.com/blog within the next couple of weeks. All of our results show almost no increase in blood sugar. We know our results will send a clear message that Jimmy's results are not common.
  27. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,
    That's very interesting.

    June 20 you commented on Jimmy Moore's blog (3:28 pm): "Next week we will post our results from type 1 and type 2 diabetics which show almost no rise in blood sugar."

    June 30 you posted here (comment #5 above): "We will be posting independent results on our blog within the next week"

    Now it's July 8 and you once again say you will post your results "within the next couple of weeks"?

    Still there is nothing about it on your page. The only clear message you are sending, I'm afraid, is that your word can't be trusted.

  28. Julian Bakery
    Well I will post on here as soon as the results are ready as to set your expectations properly. As we by all means are a company that is trusted by over 100,000 customers nationwide and most of them are diabetics or customers that are on low carb diets. Checkout our hundreds of testimonials: http://julianbakery.com/jb-testimonials/
  29. Lawrence E.
    Julian, I too would like to see such evidence that you purport to support your claims... I would love to see your product do what it does.. and I would love to see vendors that support the lob-carb lifestyle in general to well… but I have a few issues with Elisha’s application of Science to this forum.

    Even if no one would have come forward and said "hey wait, look what happened to my blood sugar after eating this product" the burden remains on Julian Breads to provide the data, to prove its claims.

    In defense (not that one is needed), I think it would be totally inappropriate to discover such findings in a small population sample or even a few individuals and remain silent.. Why? Because such experiments yield what we already know what regular bread does… Jimmy, came forward with his results, in this controlled test.. It wasn’t intended to be a published article or the prelude to the noble piece prize or any other formal scientific recognition(it is better then what data we have from Julian at the present).. and that is the POINT, in the absence of the proof from Julian Breads, their case is unproven… with people out there “wishing” somehow they can eat bread or some other carb-cocktail, is fantasy for many or all of the people that are overweight, insulin resistant, and or diabetic.

    A few more things… "some guy" that losses 180 lbs can speak to the facts of carbs, sugar spikes, etc, etc more than most people out there... You should give Jimmy more, more credit than you gave him Elisha. It was a nose up in the air attitude that is part of the problem in general with the masses of people. You mentioned FDA, and implied a reliance upon government to speak to what is healthy or what

    One who is trying to lose weight or has lost weight, a significant amount of weight at that, and lived the low-carb lifestyles for years as Jimmy has, knows & has firsthand experience with the "science".. it is not just pulled out the a$$... and only to be recognized once a formal study to your liking or anyone else’s is complete. One living the lifestyle makes adjustments, and makes small mini-tests, and practical application along the way to verify one is on course.. he never said this was a major medical journal publication.. and what you need to accept is that IT NEED not be one for this discussion to be “professional” and creditable.. because it is.

    Julian Bread has to prove their case... also whatever it is Julian Breads plans to release, i hope it is not testimony from others saying how great the bread is.. but rather some sort of data from those people that have experience with the bread, that performed their own controlled test(s) as possible so that Julian Breads could demonstrate some plausibility of the claims it has made. (and to be fair, other magic food manufactures have made other claims.. I am thinking of the a low carb pasta company that “protects” carbs from being digested.. I haven’t “tested” the bread but have tested the pasta… it was a near standard high carb load spike of the BS for me… not much different than what I have seen before for regular pasta.

    At the end of the day though, I have heard good things about the bread in so far as how it tastes.. but is the science there? The magic restraint on carbs ? At the end of the day, I don't live in fantasy land, scientific fact is just that.. and the burden of proof is on Julian Bread, not Jimmy Moore or the good Doc.

    IF Julian Bread theory is correct. There could be possible scientific explanations that would explain both what Jimmy Moore experienced and the “working” of the carb magic of Julian’s bread. For example, Dr. Bernstein in his book the diabetes solution, points out that glucose levels can and will rise with just the presence of food in the gut. Any kind of food, not just food but anything.. saw dust he says.. now, he was speakin in the context of a diabetic.. He refers to as the “Chinese Restaurant effect” after a patient’s diet at first glance could not explain a 200+ mg/dL reading of her glucose levels after eating a head of lettuce. (the physical interaction in the small intestine of the food created a response… not the lettuce itself being metabolized for its small amount of carbs)

    If this is the explanation, then it still is up to Julian Breads to show this. (I just made an example of how it is possible to provide a theory after it has be shown to be false or incomplete. With a new modified theory, with more complexity to it, maybe there is an explanation).. the mere thought that there Could be an explanation is nothing.. not even logical to base any statements on… we might as well talk about green men walking on the moon…

    Julian Breads has to defend its case in total.. until they do, this product is a marketing event, imo.

  30. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Lawrence E,
    The "Chinese Restaurant Effect" as described by dr Bernstein refers to the effects of large amounts of food eaten by insulin-deficient diabetics (mainly type 1). It's the effect of glucagon without the ability to produce insulin. That is not relevant as Jimmy Moore is not a diabetic.

    Even if you doubt that, mr Moore also compared the result to eating eggs (resulting in no blood sugar rise):

  31. Julian Bakery
    One thing to keep in mind is Jimmy ate our bread for year and lost weight on our bread as he posted his results to his low carb menu site daily along with his weight. This is proof enough our bread works on a low carb diet. Link: http://lowcarbmenu.blogspot.com/2010_10_01_archive.html
  32. Julian Bakery
    It just seems strange that Jimmy Moore ate our bread for two years then all of a sudden does an about face on our product. Per his own low carb menu he lost weight while eating our product. While on the phone with him after we did the interview he said he still would recommend our product for low carb diets. He said this after he had done the testing so I am not sure what to make of him being so negative. If he says anything else he is lying as I can guarantee you he did say this on the phone to me.

    Personally this all seems like allot of hype to generate internet traffic to various sites as we have so many customers who are diabetic and who are on low carb diets that get amazing results. We care about our customers health which shows by the ingredients we use.

    We will be testing independent results soon enough on our blog and I will be posting on here once we release those test which are almost done. The reason for the delay is we are getting results from type 1 and type 2 diabetics and will be posting numerous results that are all controlled.

  33. Heath, you can't understand why I am being negative? Seriously, are you THAT deluded?

    It comes down to this: you insinuated I lied about your bread claiming it was the cheese in my experiment that caused my blood sugar to rise, you requested that I retest with the bread alone and publish the results, and when I did and found WORSE results there was no explanation, no apology and no admission from you that you were wrong. That's why this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth dude.

    You got what I said in response to you on the phone partially right. I did say that some low-carbers could probably eat your bread but they need to test to find out. I did not across the board say the SmartCarb breads are good for everyone Heath. We are all different and people have to know their tolerance level to foods.

    There's no doubt your bread is better quality than white, but don't insult the intelligence of the low-carb community by trying to impune me or my findings. They are what they are. I find it curious you still haven't explained why my blood sugar spiked so much from a controlled experiment of just your breads. It's such a shame and deceptive that you are ignoring my simple request for an answer. Still waiting.

    Looking forward to seeing the blood test results from testing every 15 minutes for three hours soon. Please feel free to email those to me when they are available. "Soon" has been happening for over a month.

  34. Jimmy we have always had a good relationship I just found how you wrote your articles were extremely negative not from the outcome of your testing but in the way in which you wrote the article itself was disrespectful to me and our company. You had eaten our products for years per your low carb menu and lost weight and we were disappointed that our bread spiked your blood sugar. However our bread does spike the majority of our over 100,000 customers. So far from our testing we have yet to find a diabetic or low carb dieter that our bread does spike. We will of course e-mail you our results.
  35. On the contrary, Heath. In my first test of your breads, I was highly respectful of your company in that post with my results consuming SmartCarb breads with coconut oil and cheese. Check it out for yourself and tell me where I was anything close to "extremely negative":


    As you can see, there was no disrespect towards you or Julian Bakery. It wasn't until you impugned me and my reputation by stating my testing methodology was flawed and that your bread was not culpable in any way with my blood sugar rise that I became more confrontational about it. This isn't about weight loss, but blood sugar control. And your breads most definitely fail in the latter category. I'd love to see the blood sugar testing results of those "over 100,000 customers" testing at 15-minute intervals for at least three hours after eating your breads. That would be quite the study to publish if NOBODY saw blood sugar increases.

    But the elephant in the room remains: Why did my blood sugar spike after eating your bread alone? What is so difficult about answering this simple question?

  36. Jimmy, as I previously e-mailed you I wanted to talk with you via phone about your health so I could determine why your blood sugar did spike and you said you didn't have time to talk with me. My offer still stands let me know when we can talk so I can dig into why your blood sugar spiked.
  37. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,

    It just seems strange that Jimmy Moore ate our bread for two years then all of a sudden does an about face on our product. Per his own low carb menu he lost weight while eating our product.

    Please. You can lose weight while drinking coca cola. It says nothing about whether you would lose more or less weight without it.

    However our bread does spike the majority of our over 100,000 customers.

    How on earth could you possibly know this? :)

    So far from our testing we have yet to find a diabetic or low carb dieter that our bread does spike.

    I find this very hard to believe. If you have done any testing that is.

    Let's sum this up. You answer a concerned customer with accusations of lies and whine about how he "disrespects you". You make repeated promises about transparency that you don't keep. Instead you make new big claims that are obvious fantasies. Wow. Your PR skills may be among the worst I have seen.

  38. I never said I was a specialist in PR just being honest. We are a small bakery of 37 employees that care about all of our customers. We use the highest quality ingredients and have thousands of success stores of customers getting great results on our products.
  39. Heath, I told you that my wife and I are going through an embryo adoption right now which is much more important to me. No disrespect, but I don't feel an obligation to call. I shared my testing results and they speak for themselves. Any explanation or questions can be done via email. Or better yet, you could discuss it openly in these comments. What are your theories?

    By the way, how do you quantify "great results" among your customers? That's meaningless without defining what you mean by that.

  40. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Julian Bakery,
    You hardly need to be a specialist in PR to get the basic things right. Like keeping your promises and avoiding publicly insulting your customers.
  41. Well if you want me to be more specific I will be posting results from diabetic on Wed of next week 07/13/11. Also on Monday I should have my own video test results that I did on myself.
  42. Look forward to seeing it.
  43. So I finished testing myself today eating our Smart Carb # 1 bread and I got great results very similar to Dana Carpender's results who were also notably great see here: http://holdthetoast.com/node/402 but in regards to my results I ate our bread with just water and tested myself every 15 minutes. I purchased the Bayer Contour (USB Model) So I could export a graph of my results. Here our my great results.
    99 BG 11:35AM (Started in fasted state had not eaten in 4 hrs)
    130 BG 11:50AM
    133 BG 12:05PM
    131 BG 12:22PM
    94 BG 12:37PM
    71 BG 12:56PM
    106 BG 1:10PM
    92 BG 1:23PM
    87 BG 1:38PM
    91 BG 1:53PM
    We will be posting blog, graph, and YouTube video on Monday to back up the numbers but overall this was a success and shows the power of the fiber and inulin in our bread that helps move the carbs through the body quickly while the protein stabilizes blood sugar. This bread as you can see digest quickly and only slightly increased my bg. We will be posting diabetic bg numbers this week that also show minimal increase in bg.
  44. Actually, that is NOT great Heath. You blood sugar jumped over 30 points and stayed elevated for nearly an hour before crashing into hypoglycemic levels by 90 minutes. Then you saw a rebound spike and another blood sugar crash. This is NOT good Heath. If there was no response to your blood sugar, then your blood sugar readings would not have gone above 104 or below 94. You shouldn't be bragging about these results.
  45. Julian Bakery
    This test represents our bread perfectly as our bread does have 13g of carbs but those carbs are passed through with fiber and inulin as my numbers show. My bg was stabilized quickly within 45 minutes with there only being a 30 point increase which shows approx 2 Net carbs in this slice of bread. Our diabetics have all had simliar great results and the diabetic customers we tested were not on insulin and control their bg levels through diet alone. They are all able to eat our bread with minimal bg response.
  46. No, your blood sugar didn't "stabilize" within 45 minutes. It remained up and down for the entire testing time falling into hypoglycemia shortly after that 45-minute mark. Heath, this is NOT a good reaction dude. After the spike and drop, your BG never returned to baseline. By the way, for a truly scientific experiment, 4 hours is insufficient for a fasting period since you may still experience some movement from your previous meal. Ideally, you should do an overnight fast of at least 8 hours before testing. Again, I will reiterate: This is NOT good blood sugar control. Test again eating just eggs to see what eating a food with "no BG response" really looks like. I cannot believe you thought my experiment was poorly designed when yours is atrocious.
  47. Julian Bakery
    Jimmy, the bottom line is you ate our bread for along
    Time and lost weight per your own blogspot blog for your low carb menu. We never meant to offend you and apologize if we did as we don't want to fight with you although we do not agree with you and neither do two different diabetic doctors. You keep comparing Our bread to eggs and the fact is you have to take Into to consideration the digestion process and how fiber works which you clearly do not understand. You should be ashamed of how you treat us as a former advertiser with you. We understand your point and just do not agree with you or your findings. We wish you the best and look forward to your results with other products that use fiber to off set carbs.
  48. I suppose I'll have to keep repeating this because apparently you haven't heard me the first umpteen times I have said it. This isn't about weight loss...it's about blood sugar control. The latter is much more important for health than anything. You didn't "offend" me Heath--you disparaged my good name publicly claiming for all intents and purposes that I lied about your bread. I did not. The results speak for themselves.

    You can disagree all you want, but the facts still remain: your not-so-SmartCarb breads spiked my blood sugar as poorly as regular bread. For you to claim they are good for low-carb dieters and diabetics without encouraging testing is reprehensible. Your own test results show an incredibly awful BG response. Eggs are well-known to genuinely have minimal impact on BG. That makes them a fair comparison since you claim your breads show no reaction.

    How exactly am I treating you poorly? I'm just asking you to admit your bread does in fact spike blood sugars. Your own test results above demonstrate that loud and clear.

  49. Julian Bakery
    Just to finish this conversation your review of my bg results are proof enough you do not know what your talking about. Therefore I have nothing else to you and wish you the best.
  50. Wow. Just wow. I'll let the good physician Dr. Andreas Eenfelt chime in about your blood sugar testing results to determine if my assessment of your BG numbers are correct or not.
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