Is low carb bad for the environment?

Low carb can revolutionize many people’s health and effectively treat obesity and diabetes. But what about the environment? Won’t all the meat and animal products contribute to global warming and pollution?

We asked some of the top low-carb doctors in the world to give their quick and spontaneous answers, and made this video. Watch a segment above, where Dr. Sarah Hallberg answers (transcript).

The full video – with answers from more top low-carb doctors – is now available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Is Low Carb Bad for the Environment? – Doctors Answer Common Questions

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  1. tz
    The science is just as settled that fat, not carbs causes obesity.
    Can't question the consensus.
    So of course heretical science is bad for the environment

    Andreas Ernfeldt is a FAT DENIER!

    After 30 years of nutritional science fraud, why in the name of anything true, good, and rational, much less following the evidence do you swallow the "man-made global warming will destroy the earth" any more than "fat causes obesity"?

    Fat causes obesity to the same extent man causes climate change. is to climate what you are to diet. Do you prefer to be praised by going along with the consensus - maybe 97% of doctors believe fat, not carbs, causes obesity.

    Reply: #2
  2. Chris
    On an open-minded website for non-idiots and non-fanatics it's alright to take a look into a good and clean future. Problem with that? Go look for a different website somewhere else and stop trolling us here with your complexes. We don't hate ourselves and the planet like you seem to do.
  3. stan
    Well said-Chris. Your last sentence says it all-"hate". Possibly, the hate of one's own body is intrinsically tied to hating the planet and the denial of who's destroying it for pure selfishness. Ironic is it not that lack of fat for the brain has been usurped by the sugar/glucose cycle for creating mental diseases-dementia, Alzheimers, and below-par faculties.

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