Low-carb and keto news highlights


This week, we summarize the top five news articles and studies in the low-carb realm, plus some success stories.

  1. Dr. George Lundberg, “ultimate insider” and former (longtime) Editor-in-Chief of JAMA, delivers an 8 minute soliloquy entitled “It’s not the fat that makes us unhealthy.” How the mainstream medical and public health communities got it wrong.
  2. Gary Taubes explains an emerging technique called Mendelian randomization, which uses genetics to mimic clinical trials. This number crunching tool could save researchers the time and expense of drug development and RCTs testing a promising association—like higher HDL and less CVD—that genetics can tell us is unlikely to be causal.
  3. Stanford scientist John Ioannidas calls for radical reform of nutritional epidemiology in this viewpoint piece published in JAMA. “[S]tudies of nutritional epidemiology continue to be published regularly, spuriously affect guidelines, and confuse the public through heated advocacy by experts and non experts,” writes Ioannidas.
  4. More PURE results lead to a strong statement from the American College of Cardiology: “Thinking on what constitutes a high quality diet for a global population needs to be reconsidered,” said Salim Yusuf, DPhil, FACC, senior author. “For example, our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity. This differs from current dietary advice.”
  5. The Sun reports that the British Heart Foundation predicts as much as a 30% increase in heart attacks between 2015 and 2035 due to rising rates of diabetes.

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Then check out this Eat the Butter-authored grocery shopping guide just published on our site!! (… with links to companion guides on Ingredients to avoid and How to use the nutrition facts label, as well as a Keto Diet Food List!)

Bon Appetit asks, “For the Love of All That is Dairy, Why Are We Still Eating Low-Fat?” And on that note, can we get unsweetened whole milk back into school cafeterias? Why should we continue to try to get quality supermarkets into food deserts if we know this will not make a dent in obesity rates? If food is medicine, should your health plan pay for medically tailored meals? Why does the Japanese Diabetes Society recommend energy restricted diets for those with diabetes, when there is no scientific evidence that this approach is effective? Is Sucralose (Splenda) really safe? Have you heard about the world’s biggest food fight?

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana residents are experiencing so much success with keto diets that local restaurants are beginning to offer keto-friendly menus. “People lose weight on it and lose a LOT of weight on it.”
  • Katie Couric experiments with keto… “I’m putting half-and-half in my iced coffee, and I gotta tell ya, it’s damn good.” (Hint: go for heavy whipping cream, Katie—even better!)
  • Simon loses about 125 pounds and reverses his diabetes by switching to a low-carb diet! He recommends about 50g carbs/day. 
  • Keto couple! Bride loses 112 pounds, and her groom tops that, losing 210 pounds before their wedding. Both switched to a ketogenic diet and “the weight just began melting off.”
  • Functional medicine doc gives up carbs and loses 90 pounds. He now shares his path to success with his patients.

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This news gathering is from our collaborator Jennifer Calihan, who also blogs at Eat the Butter. Feel free to check out the keto meal-idea-generator on her site.

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