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Last week, we covered the headlines. This week, we’ll take a look at emerging science and real food success stories.

Emerging Science

  1. A new Czech epi study (a large-scale ecological analysis) of cardiovascular disease risk across 158 countries points the finger at dietary carbs, not fat. “Results… identify high carbohydrate consumption (mainly in the form of cereals & wheat) as the dietary factor most consistently associated with the risk of CVDs.” For a thoughtful analysis of this study, see The Nutrition Coalition’s post.
  2. The CDC releases a new report on diabetes prevalence in US adults. The National Health Interview Survey was expanded to include questions about type 1 (0.55% of adults) vs. type 2 (8.6% or adults) and insulin status, so this report includes more robust information. Non-hispanic black adults have highest diabetes prevalence: 11.52%.
  3. The “obesity paradox” is debunked once again. A large cohort study (of white Europeans) shows lowest risk of CVD events/death at BMI of 22-23. “Any public misconception of a potential ‘protective’ effect of fat on CVD risk should be challenged.”
  4. Ketone supplements… are they useful? A deep dive from Virta Health’s Dr. Phinney. Although clearly NOT a substitute for keto diet, these supplements may have some uses… The science  is ongoing, so stay tuned.
  5. The Atlantic reports on a rare breed of fish with wildly fluctuating blood glucose levels and a mutated insulin receptor that doesn’t work…. Yet these blind fish are healthy and long-lived. Hmmm…

Real Food Success Stories

Success isn’t just about weight loss:

But carbohydrate restriction works for weight loss, too:

  • Alberta man, Tony Bussey, loses 326 pounds with a low-carb, high-protein, real food diet plus walking. Whoa… talk about a transformation!
  • Young mom, Kim, who doesn’t have much time for the gym, loses 100 pounds with keto (and very little exercise).
  • Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino gets a six-pack … <sigh>

Want more?

Tune in next week for longer reads and interesting articles about food, plus everyone’s fave, the wall of shame!


This news gathering is from our collaborator Jennifer Calihan, who also blogs at Eat the Butter. Feel free to sign up for her weekly newsletter.

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