“I loved it, I feel great, I have been re-educated about food”


Last year about 70,000 people signed up for free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week keto low-carb challenge.

We’ve now redesigned and updated the challenge to make it even greater… and it’s still free! Just in the last few days 6,500 people have signed up.

Here are reactions from some brave people who tried it over the last few weeks (during the holiday season!).


I have been at this for only a couple of weeks. Honestly, I don’t think I could have even stuck with it for a day without the recipes. I am familiar with dieting, too much so. I went form strict calorie restriction, committed veganism to this. WOW, what a shocker. But within 48 hours i noticed things missing… stomach distress, bloating and wicked highs and lows. So I stuck with it. I did struggle with this fatigue and all over achiness, but I ran through it (trying to shed a few pounds and become fat adapted for long distance running). Finally, my energy returned, not in the way I hear ultra runners say their energy level is, but that just means I can only get better.

Last night, I went to an important dinner. I did not want to offend the host, so I cheated, which I normally never do, simply because I am stubborn but more importantly, because I love all I can eat on this diet… all those longed and forsaken foods I loved and STILL FEEL FULL! I am actually taking in less calories with this way of eating and feel much more satisfied.

But I cheated… and I paid for it. Immediate stomach distress. So, let that be my lesson for the New Year. I hope I can surpass any of the ill effects (high cholesterol and high blood pressure) that have never been issues for me, with this WOE and make it a life style change. Time will tell.



We found this quite easy to do. Being vegetarian, we had to change up some of the recipes – but that was easy enough. I did experience a keto rash – so I increased my carbs, and it seemed to help a little bit.

We are going to continue on – because we have weight loss goals for this year :)

Thank you so much for putting all this together.
Heather and Steve

It was very helpful. The recipes are a godsend and very tasty.



I loved it, I feel great, I have been re-educated about food. I can’t believe it was free and so easy to follow. It’s definitely life changing for me.


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