“I love keto, I am amazed that you can lose weight so easily while enjoying good food”


Over 375,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. You’ll get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on a keto diet.

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I enjoyed the 2 weeks, the first three days were the hardest because I felt really bad, but I know it was my body adjusting due to being diabetic. The diet itself is not hard at all, and not really a diet just making better carbohydrate decisions, and being conscious of how many carbs I was actually putting into my body. ( No wonder I was a diabetic!)

I never bother to read labels before this, and I will be sure to do that from now on. I also included some intermittent fasting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In these 2 weeks my blood sugars readings fasting have gone from 119 mg/dl (6.6 mmol/L) down to 85 mg/dl (4.7 mmol/L), and I lost 17 lbs (8 kg)! I will definitely keep this going as a lifestyle change.


HI Team,

My husband and I have just finished the 2-week challenge. Being in our forties our waistlines have been slowly increasing over the last few years. After the 2 weeks I had lost 3 kg (7 lbs) and my husband 2.5 kg (6 lbs). We have loved the food and your suggestions and we look forward to losing another 10 kg (22 lbs) each on your plan.

Thank you, we have found it very beneficial and more than happy to sign up to the monthly program. In regard to that, the search function for the meals needs some attention, as does the ability change the serving size – they system does not remember the updates. Thank you though for putting this site together and we fully support the idea!


I love keto, I am amazed that you can lose weight so easily while enjoying good food. I think ‘going keto’ is about making a lifestyle choice.

I am very grateful to Doctor Andreas for his sincerity and care of people. This is about changing the education we have had for years. People will not be disappointed trying this diet. There are so many health benefits to gain.

Thank you for what you are doing for so many people,

The two-week challenge is great!! I have been on keto before and this was a great inspiration to get back on!! I lost 4 pounds (2 kg) this week… and never felt hungry!! My glucose is back where it belongs (I have type two diabetes). Thanks for the inspiration!!!


I have been putting on weight since before Christmas and have tried everything to shift it! The diet was easy, especially with the meal plans and I felt very full and satisfied. My sugar cravings disappeared completely. I was disappointed after 5 days at only losing half a pound but I didn’t give up and on my weigh in day (13 days later) I had lost 11.5 lbs (5 kg) and went down 2 dress sizes! I will continue with the keto diet as I feel so much better!!!

Thank you!

As a 56-year old woman, it has been challenging to keep weight off. And, disappointing to see pounds come on; even being very active.

I started my journey by seeing my dietitian who recommended a keto diet.

I found the Diet Doctor through a work peer who recommended this site and has lived on keto for the last 5+ years.

The two-week challenge was extremely helpful. The daily emails assisted me in “getting my head” wrapped around the details. The recipes are simple and delicious. Many of the interviews are with MDs and are quite inspiring.

It is shocking where you find the hidden carbs. I had no idea and it is eye opening. This is helping me to better understand the power of eating whole foods.

Over the first 2 weeks, I have actually eaten less and stayed full much longer due to being satisfied. I am not even snacking! In my opinion, this is sustainable for life and (frankly) it is not hard; exactly what I was looking for (verse a short-term weight-loss program).

I have an ongoing electrolyte issue. Taking sodium and magnesium supplements are needed for me. Personally, I use LoseIt to track my day. This helped me stay aware of the carbs.

Getting results is slow but starting to see progress.

Good afternoon,

I found the evening meals okay, but I work long hours and to get into the habit of cooking when I get in is a challenge, I don’t like eating the same meal twice so that was an issue that I created for myself.

My day consists of 150 g yogurt with chia seeds, scrambled egg and spinach for lunch then choosing the evening meal.

I struggled with no sweets as I have eaten all my life, I am 54, and gave in twice, hence I haven’t lost any weight!! I will stick at it though as I ate sweets and processed food every day previously.

Thank you,

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