1. Lisa
    Yes, watched it and looking forward to next weeks show about statins. Glad to know so many fellow Australians know the truth about REAL nutrition.
  2. chilisalsa
    It´s a really good researched series.
    Other countries should by it I think....
    BBC is one... if they dare ! :-)
  3. laza
    Are you folks seeing this strange similarity between LCHF and ABBA? Sweden created it, Australia made it. Good work, you nations!
  4. Jo tB
    Chilisalsa, the BBC dares!! The BBC has its own Michael Mosley, who has already broached the subject of heart disease and cholestrol. This Australian episode pretty much followed the BBC format.

    Or look for Jacques Peretti's series called "the men who made us fat" about fast food.
    He has made a second series called "the men who made us thin" about the diet industry.

    ABC = Australian Broadcasting Commission
    BBC = British Broadcasting Commission
    CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Commission

    All three follow the same format, and often show each others programmes.

  5. Ondrej
    Really? Back in 2007 fellow Aussie Anthomy Colpo published his landmark book The Great Cholesterol Con, in which he pulverized the saturated fat myth with scores of scientific citations.

    It's good Aussies are finally catching on. Better late than never.


  6. sten
    Already in 2004 Cartoonist Randy Glasbergen got the message and served it through his cartoon showing the doc summarizing to the patient:
    "The high carb diet I put you on twenty years gave you Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. Oops."
  7. ogan
    I just wish there was this kind of shows in Spanish.

    Here in Spain virtually everybody believes the low fat theory, it's so bad that one of the major milk brands has reduced the fat in ALL their milk, so that "full fat milk" now contains only 2 grams of fat instead of the usual 3 grams. Probably all the other milk brands will follow the same path shortly.

    The good thing about it it's that there's actually a high demand for lean meats, while the fatty ones (including the ones coming from acorn fed hogs) usually have a far better price.

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