Look at this patient’s lipids and glucose on low carb vs. high carb


This is what could happen to your blood glucose and lipids on low carb (left) vs. high carb (right).

At least it’s what happened to this patient of Dr. Ted Naiman’s. Pretty dramatic!


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  1. Rob
    Reply: #10
  2. Thiago
    The problem is refined carbohydrate. Nobody gets sick With real high carbohydrate food like fruits and roots.
    Reply: #3
  3. John
    No. You will get a problem by eating a lot of high fructose fruits. Your liver will not be happy at all.
  4. Thiago
    No way. Fruits have little fructose. On the other hand juice and extract fruit are problem.
    Reply: #6
  5. Sueco
    Wow, I have never in my life seen triglycerides that high. Crazy!
  6. Pierre
    100 gr apple = 7,6 g of fructose.


    Do you remember Steve Job?

    Are you aware of the kind of diet he was following?


    Reply: #7
  7. Inigo
    From the article you mention, quoting Elisa Zied, registered dietitian and msnbc.com contributor: "If your body makes more ketones than it needs to create energy, a dangerous condition called ketosis develops,"...
  8. Nick Jones
    Inigo it sounds like you are confusing Ketosis with Keto acidosis which is a condition that type 2 diabetics can develope. Ketosis is just a situation where your Keytones are raised slightly as your body uses them for fuel. Keto acidosis occurs when the body is unable to use blood sugar (glucose) because there isn't enough insulin. Instead, it breaks down fat as an alternative source of fuel.
  9. Nick Jones
    Reply: #11
  10. Steffan

    "The Tsimane get 72% of their energy from carbohydrates."

    Ye well so did the Egyptians and they were sick as F***... the men were estrogen dominant with manboobs and beer bellies, they had heart disease and diabetes and they had an average lifespan of 41 years even when subtracting instant death (falling of a cliff, mum or child or both dying at birth, eaten by lion etc.).

    You can find the info here:
    Dr. Michael Eades on early humans, Epytian mummies, and how low carb got started.

    Table of contents
    4:25 Generations in the Evolution of Humanity
    7:45 The expensive tissue hypothesis
    15:20 We didn’t evolve to eat meat – we evolved because we ate meat
    23:40 Early modern human diet
    34:50 The ancient Egyptian diet
    40:00 What happened on the ancient Egyptian diet?
    43:30 Arterial disease and obesity in ancient Egypt
    47:02 Tooth disease
    52:45 The ancient Egyptian low-fat diet
    You will need a membership and it is free for the first 30 days so just sign up and watch and sign of again if you do not want to support DD.

    In short as i see it it is about glycemic load (hormone balancing) and food quality.
    If you are already sick with fx. diabetes the best solution is low carb, fasting or ultra low calorie diets with decent food quality, if you are active and healthy it doesnt really matter if you do a low carb high fat diet or the other way around as long as the food quality is up (low or relatively low glycemic response).

    My hypothesis is that you could be "healthy" on a low carb high fat diet with relatively low food quality but you get sick on a high carb diet if it is low quality...

    Am i way off here?

  11. Steffan
    Nick Jones....
    What a load of BS!!!

    First of all what you are stating is pure and utter BS!
    The page you are linking to is there to sell drugs... they have no other interest than to scare people away from a low carb diets... and what they write is complete and utter...
    Ketoacidosis ONLY occurs in type 1 yes... ONLY TYPE 1 diabetics when they eat to low carb and do not take insulin...

    Ketosis makes type 2 diabetics healthier...

    Stop the fearmongering! And if this is not what this is then stop trying to "help" people before you actually know what you are talking about...

    Or maybe you didn't read what the page in your link was actually writing? In any case something is really messed up...

  12. Keith Brown
    Zoe Harcombe dug deep into that Lancet article on the Tsimane and the findings on their diet and found it rather misleading.

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