Living low carb with Caroline Smale

What does living low carb look like? Caroline Smale shares her story and how she lives her low-carb life on a daily basis in this short Diet Doctor documentary.

Watch a preview above (transcript). The full documentary is available with a free trial or membership:

Living low carb with Caroline Smale

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  1. Maura S
    Hi there! I have been on keto for the last year and a half, lost 22 kg and happy. I would like to tell my experience and share the difficulties of entertaining at home, while being on keto. Where can I do that?
  2. john jephson
    Love to hear from you. john
    I have been doing KETO full on for 2 weeks and not enjoying, I think I feel that I eat too much cheese, dairy, and nuts.

    Can I incorporate low carb, ? adding whole grains in small amounts, as well as wine with meal? I know I will lose slower but I am not aiming to lose quick... just get healthier and feel better.

    I have no problem giving up sugar - or added sugar, as I am not a dessert type, or bottled products etc.... If I need an indulgence I will stick with dark chocolate and xyla mix with sugar free p butter.

    thanks for the advice!

  4. Sofia
    I want to lose weight; here is my question: is low-carb diet long term? And when I have to start Keto diet? Actually, I really don’t see big difference between low-carb diet and Keto diet. Could you explain this one too?
    Thanks a lot!
  5. Ella
    I was trying a law carb diet for the last month and half. In the first week of my diet I lost 2 ponud. After that I gain 4 pounds on the top and my weight seems to be stuck there. I am upset and frustrated. Please advise me what I am doing wrong? Thank you.
  6. Matthew Bullard
    Good night
    Muscle show my photos of me how much for how much.

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