Insulin results in fatty liver – new insulin drug discarded

Healthy vs Fatty Liver

Healthy vs Fatty Liver

Is it a good idea to give extra insulin to people who already have abnormally high insulin levels? It sounds like a risky thing, yet it’s what we do every day to people with type 2 diabetes.

Now a new insulin drug has been discarded before it even appeared on the market. It’s Lilly’s new insulin “Pegispro”. The new thing with this insulin is that it works all day, and especially hard in the liver. This would make it more closely resemble human insulin, that’s produced in the pancreas and then goes to the liver first.

Unfortunately Pegispro turned out to have an unfortunate side effect, that could have been anticipated. It turned people’s livers into fat, as can be read between the lines of the PR-speak press release from Lilly, announcing the end of their Pegispro development:

PR Newswire: Lilly Ends Basal Insulin Peglispro Development Program

If you want to get a fatty liver do what we do to get foie gras: force-feed the geese with carbohydrates, to raise their insulin levels. Or an easier method: inject yourself with lots of insulin.

To cure fatty liver do what has been tested successfully in many scientific studies: eat fewer carbs. This will effectively lower your insulin levels, and the liver fat will be burned for fuel.


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  1. Pierre
    "To cure fatty liver do what has been tested successfully in many scientific studies: eat less carbs."

    But the drugs cartel won't be able to make money !

  2. Matt

    There's a laundry list of other issues with BIL described there, including significant decreases in HDL and increases in LDL and trig.

  3. chris c
    Anecdotally, some of the best controlled Type 1 diabetics I know (other than pumpers) have turned. or returned, to Beef Lente as basal insulin. NPH is often called Insulaturd (and mixed insulins Mixturd) because of the generally poor control as it is unpredictable. Lantus may cause hypo unawareness. Levemir is generally best tolerated although it needs dosing twice a day - the advantage being you can split the dose other than 50:50 between morning and evening.

    In ALL cases low or at least reduced carbs are essential to control. Of course this is not recommended as it leads to reduced insulin use. Beef_L is also deprecated (and can only be imported privately in the US by completing various government paperwork). In the UK most doctors and many endocrinologists refuse to admit it is still available. Ultralente was taken completely off the market to force people onto the newer and more profitable insulins. By the time side effects become apparent, no worries, they have the next even newer and even more profitable insulin to market.

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