Let’s stop lying about physical activity and obesity

Is obesity truly caused by eating too many calories and not exercising enough?

The famous British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra tells the truth that others keep quiet about in this interview. Watch a segment above (transcript). The full 22-minute interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

How to make your food a powerful medicine, not a slow poison – Dr. Aseem Malhotra

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  1. AlejandroNapoles
    You do not stop blaming the food industry. Dr Andrea knows the story...Youu know that in a free market, with no government intervention, the sugar and high carb industry would had found a formidable "enemy" in the Fat and meat and eggs industry..all that was so until the government took part and proclaimed that fat, and met an eggs were the culprit and pontificated that high carb was the way to go.. every single citizen in any country where the new god "State" proclaimed its verdict on the matter avoided fat, meat and eggs like devil. the industry is not thre to keep peaple helthy, thyey are there to g people wants..in any case you could say the State forced the companies to change their products and production policies.. but not the industry, at least do not blame the industry alone..

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