Learn intermittent fasting – the video course!

Do you want to lose weight and/or reverse your diabetes? The most powerful natural method – ideally used in combination with an low-carb diet – is intermittent fasting.

We’ve been fortunate enough to get to work with one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, Dr. Jason Fung. He was kind enough to travel from Canada to Sweden, just to record video courses with us. Above you can watch the first part of the video series. It’s a brief introduction to fasting and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Dr. Fung’s blog: IDMprogram.com

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  1. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It's not at all unreasonable to respect other people's beliefs, in a way that does not harm anyone in the slightest. Why would you insult other people just to prove that you can?
    Reply: #52
  2. bill
    Dr. E:

    It seems you completely misunderstood
    smc's post.

    Reply: #54
    There was no malicious or political intent in the picture. Therefore taking it down is just being polite in response to a persons request. If this was a political website then there may be other motivations to either keep or delete the image. Please let the doc concentrate on what he does best ; looking after our diets and from this our health.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I understand there are political implications regarding free speech and such. I'm definitely all in favor of that. However, I'm not going to be rude to millions of people for the sole purpose of making a political point. I'll save that for when it truly matters.
  5. Yaseen Baig
    Thank you very much Dr. Andrea

    Men of understanding by respecting each other's faith with open heart and mind could bring peace to the World. Which is need of the hour !

  6. Anthony
    WE CAN NEVER PLEASE all the people all the time. Simply put, if someone is offended about anything they have the option to simply TUNE OUT. I am so tired of the whining and the bitching of others who are not grounded enough in their own personal values that they impart their misery on others.
    Just tune out...SIMPLE and no stress involved. I personally loved the presentation...Simple and stress free....now back to my fast....
  7. Anthony
    Andreas....please stop apologizing to these fools. Loved the presentation and there was nothing that required an apology. You can't put two sentences together anymore without someone crying that they are "OFFENDED". Get use to it as the world is a mess and these whiner types are everywhere. Video was excellent. Nice job...
    Different Anthony, not me ? Andreas stay brave ! This online world is very strange. Too easy for easy opinions.....
  9. Eva
    Bill, you have an understanding problem.
    Do you need a scientific report on everything?
    Do you need a scientific study to tell you that an alarm clock can wake you up?
    There is history and tradition and the evidence it comes with.
    Yes many silly things have been done in history but most will have persisted only where money or politics is involved.
    There is no money in fasting (until now with books and websites)
  10. Eva
    Moxibustion is Chinese medicine - not based on religion.
    Chinese medicine, in general, is still being used successfully in China today.
    Some Chinese medicine is probably more successful that the, 'scientifically proven', medicine of our drug oriented hospitals.
    These days - if you have enough money - you can buy the science.
    In fact it was very bad science that introduced sugar as an alternative to fat in the USA!
    So it was science based evidence that led the USA into the obesity epidemic of today.
    When Dr Lustig tried to refute this 'science' he was ridiculed.
    We need to take all evidence into account - both traditional and scientific - then apply common sense!
  11. Hafiz Ben David
    My reply was not posted! Thanks Mr Andreas!
  12. Jon
    Get a grip. Dr. Fung was not proselytizing. He was just stating that fasting has been a part of some of those of certain religions, and continues to be. If it was detrimental they would not do it. In other words its safe if done correctly. just a reminder to those who may be having concerns about trying it. It was just an example from a particular segment of the population. What is your real issue anyway? I will tell you. You hate God or the mere insinuation that one exists, so you have a hissy fit until concession is made. Do you have strong feelings about the Easter bunny or Santa Claus? I would venture to say no as they don't exist. You don't have an understanding problem you have a heart problem.
  13. Gary
    I don't quite understand what the added value of that "course" is - most of the info is available on Internet. Most of the Fasting research being done by others like Dr. Varady, some like Brad Pilon and Berkhan, yet another Doc is trying to profess that same principle....and slow by slow become the "SOURCE" of it....Dontcha think it is unfair? And another point Andreas...Guys like Prof. Roy Taylor, whose work is on the foremost of the research HAS NOT published book/s, courses, paid or not - he just publishes everything he knows about it based on his and other research and most importantly - all his publications PDF are free, available to anyone to read, interpret etc. The North American "culture" of everyone "publishing" a book to cash out the notorious human stupidity is just....plain robbery. We need not ANOTHER kid on the block, but a sustained effort to revert back to the good public health policy, before adding new bullets to the guns like Fasting etc.
    Another point is - most of the books written on the subject are written by slim guys like you. Sorry Andreas -as a formerly hyper obese - losing close to 60 kg in 4 years and following various approaches to it - I, and folks like me certainly can speak about hunger, pangs, ups and downs more authoritative than handsome looking body builders...In the LCHF - it all started by Atkins - now disguised as Ketogenic. LCHF and other abbreviations - Plain and simple - read original Atkins, do modify your habits, see how it works and do some minor adjustments...When plateau-ing - do some IF and voila...but never come back to your previous eating pattern.
    I am also puzzled no one ever talks about the various types of obesity - IT IS NOT a SINGLE TYPE FITS ALL - BMI is just a ridiculous indicator that 1.70m man declared morbidly obese at 105kg - while it is certainly not so and depends on myriads of factors. 145kg for that person is completely different story. Generalized adipocity is not the same as central adiposity - they don't pose the same metabolic challenge and need different approaches at the final stages - never seen formerly 150kg fellow go down to 78 kg and as a matter of fact NO NEED to aim there - no metabolic problems will occur at 94kg for that person. But 105kg with A1C of 6.8% is another story....No one seems to contemplate enough on it and it is a KEY. Have you happened to note how much down in weight bariatric patients go? No? They end up almost universally at around 100kg and look and feel splendid. They do lose 40-50+ kg and it improves them quite a bit. Are they still morbidly obese and need to go down to 85kg? Certainly not cause they metabolically CAN"T do it - in the long run...But they are much healthier....The above points seems much more valid to deal with and not another "Lucid and Clear explanation" of what's been already done zillions of time like IF - its simple for most people not on medications and needs be monitored for DMT2....but not via "subscription pages". Do we need more of the Jimmy Moore-ean crap or we need to get serious?
  14. Regina Richards
    Love Doctor Fung. He convinced me. So I fasted. Now I see it is a very useful tool to help me to achieve my goals. Love the fact that he used examples of all the different belief systems around the world, showing how for thousands of years they have all recognized the benefits of fasting. Modern man has made some real strides, but that doesn't mean we can't learn something from our ancestors.
  15. Grumpy Gumnut
    who allowed this pathetic argument to escalate? i agree with smc -
  16. marilyn
    Everybody wants science facts but dont forget it was science that told us to eat low fat and lots of carbs for the last 40yrs and where has that got us? Fatter and a huge rise in diabetes so common sense without religion involved would tell us that fasting gives all our organs some rest and less calories is great for the weight and the diabetes control
  17. marilyn
    These are all terrific videos and i have learnt so much and the diet dr is all the information you need to improve your health whether your diabetic or not so i for one am so glad i found this because i have lost 20kgs and more than halved my insulin and my total cholesterol is now 3.1 and triglycerides are at a healthy level first time in the 28yrs ive been diabetic because i always followed what we are all led to believe is the healthy way with lots of carbs and low fat ...wow have we been mislead and thank god someone has spoken out
  18. dan
    [Your semantic arguments fall flat.]
    Actually it is YOU playing with words to create strawman arguments...
    [You may not see this as using religion as "proof" but what other reason can there have
    been for bringing religion up?]
    If you asked Dr. Fung, he would surely say it is not offered up as "proof". He is simply providing a historical context for fasting in this introductory video. He doesn't talk about religion at all in his practice.
    [Still not a reason to use religion as support on an evidence based website.]
    It's historical content; not "support" or "proof" as YOU claim.
    [Have you had your daily moxibustion treatment today? After all, it's been
    used for centuries...]
    Your logical fallacy is that the basis for IF is NOT that it has been used for centuries by religious people. The basis for IF is the clinical results obtained by obese and diabetic patients who improve their conditions.
    As for moxibustion, the jury is still out. But randomized clinical trials suggests that it may be effective in changing breech presentation of babies. So your attempt at ridicule doesn't work even if you did not engage in a logical fallacy.
    Blood-letting would have worked better for you. But note that the practice has ceased since it has been proven to be harmful and NOT to be effective at anything. Not much has been proven about moxibustion.
    You really shouldn't obsess over someone giving a little historical context. After all, even modern clinical trials are conducted because certain treatments seem to be efficacious in a historical context. Off label use of modern prescription drugs (that then become on-label) has historical context just like IF.
  19. dan
    It's not an unreasonable request. Images of the Prophet Muhammad are disrespectful to Muslims. Your examples are not equivalent.
  20. Regina
    Thank you Dr Andreas for bringing me Dr Fung. I am one of those who appears to be very resistant to weight loss. LCHF stopped the weight gain, lowered my blood glucose, gave me energy, and made me feel great. But it took the added wham of Dr. Fung's fasting advice to get the serious weight loss started. I've lost 15+ pounds in 27 days with very little hunger even during my fasting days.

    You and Dr Fung and the other presenters here are saving lives and as one of those being saved, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. So please ignore anyone who might distract you from your important work with attempts to silence, homogenize, or sterilize your speakers. I need you. Focus on me and the millions like me. Continue to give us the tools and knowledge and hope we need to recover not just our health but the quality of our lives.

    Replies: #71, #73
  21. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks Regina, I will.
    Reply: #87
  22. Jeanmarie Bishop
    This is a very confusing thread. It looks as though some inflammatory posts have been removed, and responses to them remain.

    Regardless - I love this program. All of the videos and other materials are helpful. Healthy radical low carb is definitely the best diet for me, and I'm anorexic-bulimic. Fasting feels good to me, and eating a lot after fasting feels good to me. My eating disorder has actually served me in this respect, and the program has transformed it from a disease to a healthy "lifestyle."

    I appreciate the great work you're all doing and feel deeply grateful to you all.

  23. Jeanmarie Bishop
    I didn't see Regina's comment. Right on, Regina!
  24. Sarah
    Yesss, focus on us! We need you xxxxx we love you... It works ❤️
  25. April
    I think a key either way is "control", being responsible and managing appropriately the efforts of effective dieting/fasting. Incorporating long term life changing habits that have benefits that put your body where it is meant to be physically, mentally and spiritually. Acknowledging the commitment to being aware of the process and the methods and incorporating the program in a healthy and advantageous way to live a healthy, energetic, and functional life. Be kind to your body and others! What works for some has disadvantages for others, depending on health reasons, but when managing properly with a method that is maintainable, and seeking support through your primary care and gaining nutritional knowledge we all have a chance to do for our body a whole lot of good.
  26. SpottedChui
    If there was an image of the Prophet Mohammed, then I am glad the site took it down. Religious tolerance is not pandering to religion, and it is not weakness. Prejudice, even when one is on the 'side' of the zeitgeist, is still prejudice. the Bill's and the SMC's, agitating for homogeneity, are showing prejudice of the worst type. It is a sentiment that runs against the spirit of open learning and community, that this great site espouses.

    The Diet Doctor has done the right thing by respecting the diversity of others. those without the courage to defend tolerance can be accused of fascism, or the proponence of one view at the cost of diversity.

  27. Brad
    Have to say as an atheist this video has really put me off the doctor. The last part of the video especially, who would you rather trust? Jesus or the Colonel Sanders? Well I would trust KFC because firstly they are real, and secondly I have lost 25kg by eating some of their LCHF menu items on occasion. I have seen his other videos and sure he sounds religious, but keep it out of these videos because it really is off putting and while I understand his point, just because millions of people do it doesn't mean it's right. That's what science is for, I would have rather you have quoted studies, of which I am sure there are plenty, of the benefits of fasting. Just my opinion, looks like negative opinions have been removed here so hopefully mine won't be.
    Reply: #78
  28. bill
    "...just because millions of people do it doesn't mean it's right. "

    Yes, that's the crux of the issue with religion.
    Just leave it out.

  29. 1 comment removed
  30. bonny
    This is totally worthless You promise to tell us about fasting and all you do is repeat repeat repeat repeat the exact same thing and really tell us nothing. You are just a salesman just like all the rest.
    The first information on you tube was worth while. That is fine but you repeat in those videos so f=often I finally just search ahead for new info. I do thanks you for all that on the videos.
    But If you would tell us when we come here we are only going to get a sales pitch even that would be ok. But you BAit and Switch. I waist my precious time only to be told THEN the only way I will get real benefit from this is to BUY your program. Just tell us up front and stop leading us down the garden path. For today's Stuff. Thanks for nothing
    Reply: #82
  31. Maryanne
    Keep up the good work Andreas.....so worthwhile bringing all this great information to an audience of "ordinary people" especially as western medicine in its current form is sooo frustratingly backward!..(.l have not bothered to read the crappy comments....life is too short!...)...keep up the good work....?
  32. Robert
    Calm down Bonny, you have to sign in and join the program to get all the videos.
  33. Jay
    The reference was to the longevity of the practice, along with the generally recognized rationality, sincerity, and global impact of it's most famous adherents.

    The fact that some of those people are also noted for their perception of a non-material aspect to existence does nothing to invalidate their experience of physical reaction to a particular dietary regime.

  34. Jay
    "I mean wise people of the past also believed in leeches and the four humors. " Then they stopped. Get it?

    They stopped because of the exchange of factual experience. They did not stop fearing wild animals or house fires. Those beliefs have stood the test of time. As has fasting.

    Reply: #85
  35. bill

    Uh, no, they haven't. See:


    The issue here is: citing religion as
    any scientific backing is inappropriate
    on a science based website.
    Why isn't that clear to you?

    Reply: #89
  36. Angie
    Thank You Doctor for helping those of us that want the help. I loved the LCHF way of healthy eating and will continue to use your guide lines and recipes to continue to lose weight. In the 2 weeks I have been doing this I have lost 4 pounds and am on my way. I have been a diabetic for at least 30 some years and have been on an insulin pump for the last 15 and because of LCHf way of healthy eating I will be coming off of the pump soon and my blood sugars numbers are all within normal range. So THANK YOU!
  37. Melconvel
    Dear Dr. Andreas, I'm on my 14th day of the program, and I'm not hungry at all. Is this normal? I'm only having eggs or eggs muffins in the morning plus tea with coconut oil and butter, for lunch salad with eggs, bacon cheese or meat and in the evenings I'm not hungry at all. However, my mouth is very dry and I'm drinking water like a crazy.
    I look forward to your reply.
  38. gbl
    I have been told not to fast because it would push my cholesterol reading up. Do you agree?

    I have been told not to eat high fat because I have NAFLD. Do you agree?

    I'd like the physician's opinion, please.

    Reply: #90
  39. Peter
    He is not citing religion as scientific backing. If he did it would be inappropriate. He is providing an historical context in which to view fasting. He is showing IF is not new and has been practiced for a long time.

    You may think the historical context is not important. I would argue it is very relevant. When I started IF many of my colleagues were incredulous. They viewed it as potentially dangerous and akin to a new dieting fad. Some wondered how I would survive missing breakfast and most said that they would never be able to do it. It is only when I mentioned that many people do it all the time (and that many of them have done it several times) and gave different examples (eg. colonoscopies require fasting for 2 -3 days; when you have the flu you often don't eat for a day or so and that some religious people do it as part of their religion) that people realised I would be okay and that I wouldn't die. Did my examples provide scientific evidence that IF works? No. They provided practical examples that there are people out there (including my colleagues and I) who do IF (for different reasons) and who don't appear to be suffering because of it. For example, when I had to have a colonoscopy I fasted for 3 days. This experience allowed me to see that I could fast and that I didn't appear to suffer because of it. This knowledge was important for me because when I decided to use IF to lower my insulin response I knew I would be able to do it as I had previous success doing it.

    Dr Fung is not saying that because IF has been used by religions that this is proof that it works. For that you need scientific evidence. If you have read his blogs and watched his videos you would know he is a very strong advocate of scientific studies to back up his claims and bases most of what he says on peer reviewed scientific studies.

    I know religious people who fast. Are they healthier for doing so? I wouldn't have a clue. But what I do know is that there are people who do IF for religious reasons and as a result I know it is not a novel or new dietary fad. This is what Dr Fung is trying to get across and this is why he spends a few minutes in a very long video series mentioning it. And why is this important? You only need to look at the number of people who are dieting or trying out the latest new wonder diet. We live in a time when nutritional advice and dietary advice is given in an historical vacuum. As there is no historical context in which to view this advice it is easy to keep switching from one diet to another. The result of course is that people no longer trust the advice they are given.

    To end this discussion, if Dr Fung had simple said in passing that IF has been practiced for centuries by people but did not mention religion at all would you have been so troubled?

  40. Peter
    Fasting will do the complete opposite. It will lower your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides significantly. It will remove a small but significant amount of fat from your pancreas and liver so they they can function properly again.

    I am a vegetarian who eats fish. I now consume a LOTof water, flax, chia seeds, pumpkin and sesame seeds, olives, olive oil, butter, avocadoes, cheese, eggs, fish, nuts, cream, coconut oil, 90% dark chocolate and peanut paste. I don't eat any sugar, rice, potatoes or products made from flour. I have never been healthier. In the space of 3 months my NAFLD has disappeared, my triglycerides went from 5.8 to 0.6, my LDL plummeted, my Vitamin D went back within normal ranges, all skin rashes disappeared and I no longer get headaches. Interestingly even though I eat so much fat now I have also lost weight. I now weigh 68kg. I used to weigh 75 kg.

    My doctor cannot believe what has happened to me. She said I am the only person she has ever treated who has reversed all their metabolic syndrome markers through diet. By the way I used to eat a very healthy, low fat, high fibre, high carbohydrate and grain-based diet. It is this diet that caused me problems.

  41. gbl
    Thanks for your response Peter. As I've pointed out elsewhere, I have a TC of between 11 and 14mmol, with high HDL and low Trigs (as low as yours). But, the aforementioned NAFLD and overweight. I am plugging along at about 50 grams carbs a day. I eat a lot of vegs but am not vegetarian. I'll see what I can do about eating more fin than hooves ;) I believe my NAFLD was caused by Baycol (Statin) although I do eat three or so servings of fruit, still. Such a treat here and I can't imagine a peach or three in August is going to do more harm than a Statin did.
  42. 2 comments removed
  43. Haytert
    Growing up I heard people talk about hunger pains and I never understood. I have come to discover that I don't ever feel full and I don't ever feel hungry. As a teen I would eat a nutrigrain bar or rice cake for lunch then eat a small meal for dinner and was called anorexic. I got married at 23 and weighed 98lbs and am 5'3". I got pregnant right away and was told to eat 3 meals a day and snacks. When I delivered I weighed 205lbs! I've always been told that weight gain was because I messed up my metabolism by not eating as a teen and that now my body goes into starvation mode if I don't eat every 3 hours and then stores everything just in case I try to "starve" myself again. I have been 200lbs since my first baby 11 years ago and want to do something about it. I have been looking into ketogenic diet and ran into this article about fasting. I've fasted as a Mormon once a month but have gone days with eating and know I could do a7 day fast. But my husband is always telling me I need protein after my daily run or one of my 4 times a week cross fit. When fasting should I take liquid aminos before and liquid protein still after each workout? Or does that defeat the purpose? If I don't drink tea or coffee should I just drink water and nothing else? Should I start the ketogenic diet for a week then fast or fast a week then start the diet? Thanks for any help you can give me
  44. mike
    Benjamin Franklin doesn't look like he was doing a whole lot of fasting :D
  45. Erika
    Jesus or The Cornel? Dr. Fung, you sir are awesome.
  46. archie
    Do Jews fast? Their religious practices certainly predate those of Christians and Moslems by thousands of years. Does it help them any?
  47. AMY K
    The videos are nit popping up correctly. I click on tips for making fasting easier and it goes to what is fasting. This happend on other Fung videos also.
  48. Cheryl
    I want to watch part 3, but it keeps bringing up part 1. Could you help? Thank you
    Reply: #101
  49. Brenda
    I have given up breakfast some time ago and and once or twice a week skip lunch also. Since reading Dr. Fung's fasting book I wanted to try a longer fast, just waiting for a convenient time. I just completed my first 7 day fast. I had a few hunger pangs the first day, but that was it. Any 'hunger' was really in my head, so I took Dr. Fung's advice and kept busy, and also kept to my same exercise regime without any problems. The weekend was the hardest, but again, I kept myself busy out in the garden. I had a cup of bone broth with sea salt daily and a little cream in my coffee. After a couple of days I was very thirsty, so I drank a lot more water than usual. I am on high blood pressure medication so I monitored my blood pressure. On about day 3 my blood pressure dropped to 110/50 so I cut my meds in half and my blood pressure went back to normal. I also lost 9 lbs. although I expect at least half of that to come back shortly. I broke my fast with a small meal and had no trouble with refeeding. I felt good throughout the process. I'd like to do this a couple of times a year. LCHF has been a boon, but adding intermittent fasting has kept the weight coming off. On the other hand I don't think that fasting would be this easy without first being fat-adapted, so LCHF and fasting are made for each other. Thank you both, Dr. Fung and Dr. Eenfeldt. You have both changed my life. I am down nearly 50 lbs. and have hopes of being a normal weight. A year ago I would have said that was only a dream.
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