Learn intermittent fasting – the video course!

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Do you want to lose weight and/or reverse your diabetes? The most powerful natural method – ideally used in combination with an low-carb diet – is intermittent fasting.

We’ve been fortunate enough to get to work with one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, Dr. Jason Fung. He was kind enough to travel from Canada to Sweden, just to record video courses with us. Above you can watch the first part of the video series. It’s a brief introduction to fasting and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The fasting series continued

There are many more parts on the membership (see below). and you can see them instantly – as well as many other video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

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Dr. Fung’s blog: IDMprogram.com

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  1. bill
    His argument is profoundly weakened when he
    has to base it on religion instead of science.
    Replies: #2, #4, #15, #56, #83
  2. Paul TR
    True, however many religious practices and rituals (and I realise that most know this) are based on millenia of trials and errors, most of which pertain to food consumption/health practises.
  3. Nate
    His argument is not at all weakened by including the experience of religions with fasting. The point is to show that millions of people fast on a regular basis very successfully and without damage. And they have done this for hundreds of years. Thus, anyone can fast based on any reason they have used to decide to fast - whether religious or nutritional.
  4. Vicente
    What he means is that fasting is not a dangerous experiment. And the proof he gives to us is that it has already been tested by millions of (religious) people. Ii's not a bad argument.
  5. Nate
    I just want to compliment the film makers on the animations. I loved the scary sounds after Dr. Fung first mentioned fasting and the little mermaid noises and picture, lol.
  6. greensleeves21
    I dunno, I've been around here for a couple of years now & miss it when Andreas focused on science and rigorous studies. Instead of science, I hear appeal to folk wisdom here. I mean wise people of the past also believed in leeches and the four humors. An appeal to tradition instead of firm science just doesn't cut for me. Sorry, Andreas. Please post the current science.

    Let's not treat the T2D epidemic with anecdotes from Buddhism and Mormonism. Because that's not data. Sure, believers may fast - but do we have the science proving that fasting Mormons have better outcomes? Or is it just the placebo effect - their religious belief tells them it's good, so it's good? Christian Scientists believe prayer cures cancer. Yet I doubt he'd advocate stopping cancer treatment for prayer because of "tradition" and belief. How is Fung's argument fundamentally any different, tho'?

    It would have been much more persuasive if we had heard about scientific studies. Really. :D

    Replies: #7, #38, #84
  7. Steve
    There is plenty of science behind fasting for diabetic control and improving insulin sensitivity. I have been Intermittent Fasting for almost 2 years now and I'm experiencing my best diabetic control in the 8 years since I was diagnosed.
  8. Lorenz Mac
    Like other said, his credibility was pretty much shot when he based it off of religion.

    That being said, there IS scientific studies showing that intermittent fasting is actually beneficial for your health. Although the studies are on rats and no human studies have been performed yet, I along with many of my clients have successfully used intermittent fasting and it has worked flawlessly.

    I am not trying to just get you to check out my blog but I do write a lot about intermittent fasting at musclesandstuff.com so check it out if you want to actually implement IF (intermittent fasting)

    Reply: #9
  9. greensleeves21
    Ok Lorenz, Andreas used to go on Swedish TV with a thick stack of scientific studies about LCHF on human beings and beat them to death with evidence. And you know, Sweden was convinced.

    I'm just like Sweden. If these studies exist, where were they? Where are they? What do they say? If not on humans - well, not so persuasive then. I guess this is why Fung didn't mention them. I guess he doesn't have the strong science, the way Andreas did.

    I'd like to "believe" - just show me the good data. :D None of this "feeding cholesterol to rabbits" nonsense. Best wishes.

  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    There's tons of science to talk about as well, and he does, check out Jasons other talks – in high quality above or worse on YouTube – or his blog.

    If Jason ONLY based this on religion I would absolutely agree it's not enough. But this is only a 5-minute introduction and I think it's a good one. I don't mind that he spent a few minutes of it on the long history of fasting.

    There's something to well-tried experience as well. No matter what kind of modern scientific study you dig up it can never match the long term (thousands of years) or the massive number of people (hundreds of millions) of the big religions.

  11. Eric
    IF seems to produce great measurable results. I suppose some might not like to read Walter Longo studies on five day monthly fasting (modified ) because he uses vegetarian broth when many like myself like bone broth for our five day fast.

    Let us stick to rhe main issues and not nit pick

    Reply: #14
  12. Science please
    I wouldn't trust fictional character.
  13. Dhruv Gadhvi
    I wholeheartedly agree with Andreas. One must check out Dr Jason Fung's other videos and talks.
    This guy is genuinely amazing.. Remember he is not preaching relgion here..he is only quoting
    the good points from various faiths. I believe in the olden days people only took advice on board
    if it had been associated with the religion. There are many advices given in various religions only to
    realise it now that it was indeed more scientific than just religious! I am an atheist and still respect
    all the religions advising FASTING! Besides if anyone feels to accept this good advice on totally
    No-Religious grounds...nothing wrong! A nobel laureate Arthur Kornberg once said: "Half of what
    we know is WRONG..the purpose of science is to determine WHICH half!!
  14. BobM
    I lost about 20-25 pounds in about 15 months using a low carb diet. Combining a low carb diet with intermittent fasting, I've lost about 30 additional pounds in less than 7 months. During this time (both the 15 months and also the 7 months), I decreased the amount of exercise I did. I barely lost any blood pressure with low carb, but have lost about 20 points systolic blood pressure via IF, and I have 2.5 years of blood pressure data to prove it. I also got stronger (in lifting weights) while performing IF, even when fasting for as long as 5 days. I've done multiple (4? 5?) 3 day fasts, too, and currently basically never eat breakfast and don't eat "lunch" until it's in a window. Generally, that window is 8 hours (I fast for 16 hours, and eat during 8 hours), but could be as low as 4 hours.

    While I don't believe everything Dr. Fung says (he tends to use epidemiological evidence at times too much), he's the one who started me fasting, and that's been a tremendous help to me to attack insulin resistance. Low carb didn't cut it for me, as I thought -- as all the "experts" say -- that I had to eat multiple small meals per day. What I've instead found is true it that multiple small meals per day are very bad for those of us with insulin resistance. Additionally (as Dr. Fung says in his videos), if I eat breakfast, I will eat more over the day. That is, I'll be hungry for lunch, whereas if I skip breakfast, I can still be hungry at lunch, but I won't eat enough to make up for the skipped breakfast.

  15. susan
    Why does a religious perspective seem to always negate the facts? just because someone is religious doesn't mean they are less credible.

    His argument is profoundly weakened when he
    has to base it on religion instead of science.

  16. Apicius
    I really like what Dr Fung and Dr Eenfeldt produced. I see no problem with balancing hard scientific evidence with entertaining light fare. This website and videos need to appeal to a wide variety of people. Jimmy Moore's podcasts are another good example of presenting LCHF and fasting with both hard science and light-hearted entertainment (..."butter makes your pants fall off"....)
  17. chris c
    What I found really interesting is that this also works the other way round.

    On high carb low fat I HAD TO eat every couple of hours, or I would run out of energy and get bad mood swings. Sometimes I would literally fall over.

    Once low carb had reversed my IR and I got my BG and lipids into near-normal range I could routinely go 6 - 8 hours and often 10 hours or more without feeling any need to eat. So my body was doing IF for me. I'm far from alone in finding this.

    Reply: #18
  18. Apicius
    This is what I experience, too. I have a high stress job, exec level for multinational, lots of international travel, etc. The combined LCHF and fasting works like a charm. I see people at work crash around the 2 pm mark, and get very grouchy and crave snacks/cookies (I used to be like them)...while today I am energetic, awake, optimistic and sharply focused all day long. Not only have I lost weight, but it stays off and I still see myself continuing to get thinner, especially around my belly area. I'm really busy at work that I don't have time to go to the gym. But with LCHF and fasting, I'm able to be super productive at work, feel healthy / happy and still continue losing weight. Brilliant solution!
    Reply: #19
  19. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    I have the same experience.
  20. chris c
    Ah, but we are "just anecdotes" so we don't count no matter how many thousand of us there are.

    And though the studies are now appearing in ever increasing numbers, who tells the doctors or especially the dieticians?

  21. Veronica
    I very much enjoyed Dr. Fung's video, "What is Fasting?", every part of it.
  22. Lori
    I am used to higher quality, scientific information on this site.

    Too bad. This is over the the top, silly and a real turn off.

    Replies: #23, #24
  23. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Maybe it is over the top – at least that's better than boring though. The more sciency stuff is coming up after the 5-minute introduction.
  24. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor

    What specifically did you not like about it?

  25. CA
    Reply to comment #22 by Lori ;
    This is a series of videos that will give the full picture of fasting. Why this hang-up on the introduction part? What is it that you don't want to hear ? I'm practically an atheist too but have no problems with our common history, which often includes religion. As a physician I do appreciate Dr.Jason Fung. He is a modern kidney specialist (nephrologist), with a scientific, sund and healthy approach to the whole thing with LCHF and fasting.
  26. Devlin
    I have a question about video #3 in which Dr. Fung says you can't sweeten your water or coffee with artificial sweeteners (shows a picture with Truvia in it - which has 0 calories, near 0 GI and 0 GL) but says it's permitted to put cream in your coffee...! WHAT!!??? I'm not a user of sweeteners in any form but am wondering how sugar alcohols with 0 calories break your fast and cream (with lactose, protein and fat in it) does not....
    Reply: #27
  27. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Devlin, ask your question here to make sure you get your answered by the man himself!
  28. SixHats
    I think the religious aspect has been taken out of context. Dr. Rung was answering the self-posed question, "Can you fast?" He then used the fact that millions of people have done for centuries to show it was possible. He didn't argue that fasting should be done because religions do it. He just used the fact they do to illustrate it was possible. The implication was if they can do it so can you.
    Replies: #29, #30
  29. Diabetes-Roger
    You are 100% correct.
    Amazing how people can misunderstand .
    Kindly Roger
  30. bill
    Well, let's just go right to Moxibustion
    with that logic.
  31. Yaseen Baig
    I agree with the idea of fasting which has given me tremendous results. I would suggest people to try start fasting with a glass of milk and 7 pieces of dates. Though it is against LCHF but really works if fasting and can last the whole day with enough power and energy. I would request to edit the video by removing the image of prophet Mohammed since there is no particular image for him.
    Thank you,
  32. Robert
    Every culture has had fasting, so there is a nice commonality. Why in the world you would "request" a change to the images on this site? I will go out on a limb and guess that you are offended by a Mohammed cartoon. This is a nutrition and health site. Let's not bring religious sensitivities into it. There is too much of this going on everywhere else. Let's get back to reality.
    Reply: #33
  33. bill
    "Let's not bring religious sensitivities into it. There is too much of this going on everywhere else. Let's get back to reality."

    Too late. Dr. Fung already did.

    Reply: #34
  34. smc
    I disagree with Bill here. Dr. Fung was merely citing historical precedents to show that fasting is not a bizarre modern notion. He was respectful in showing political and religious figures. And it is a video: visuals are needed in a video. Certainly no offense was intended.

    There is no reason to edit the video. I would suggest to Yaseen that if he is offended by it, then don't watch it again.

  35. bill
    My argument is and always has been:
    Leave religion out of it!

    Isn't that clear enough?

    Reply: #36
  36. smc
    I must repeat my previous response to Bill. Dr. Fung did not bring religion per se into his talk. He merely showed historical antecedents of the practice of fasting, some of whom may also be religious figures, to prove his point. I see nothing wrong in his approach. There is no reason to belabor this issue. Let's simply agree that our opinions differ on this.
  37. bill
    "Dr. Fung did not bring religion..."

    Just because you have no problem with
    this type of thing on an evidence based
    forum, doesn't negate the facts.

  38. Luz
    I don't think Dr Fung is promoting folk wisdom, but merely countering the arguments against fasting that it is somehow dangerous.
    Dr. Fung's explanation of the science supporting fasting seems very clear to me.
  39. bill
    Though I agree that fasting may not be dangerous,
    using religion as proof does not "...counter...the argument...
    against fasting that it is somehow dangerous."

    Using religion to prove anything is dubious, unnecessary,
    and damaging to a science based website.

    Did y'all look up Moxibustion?

    Replies: #40, #60
  40. Apicius
    Bill, I don't see this as using religion as "proof". I interpret this as another example where fasting was used, many times over, for centuries.

    It's like in Canada, the "expert" (AKA idiotic) scientists working for the government and setting standards for what is allowed as "safe" food imports tried to ban prosciutto and other cured pork products a few years ago, based on their description that it is unsafe due to prosciutto being an uncooked, and therefore raw, pork. And since it is not legal to sell raw pork for uncooked consumption in Canada, they proposed to ban prosciutto. They were made complete idiots after it was demonstrated that cured pork, like prosciutto in Italy and Jamon in Spain has been consumed safely for centuries. This is similar to what I see Dr Fung's take is, because keep in mind, he has "experts" on the attack side...which amongst them are Christians, Orthodox, Muslim, etc, who use fasting for religious reasons. He's turned the argument around so that they now need to justify the religious fasting as ok, while throw down the health fasting argument - which is not possible or very hard to do.

  41. bill
    Your semantic arguments fall flat. You
    may not see this as using religion as
    "proof" but what other reason can there have
    been for bringing religion up?

    Have you had your daily moxibustion
    treatment today? After all, it's been
    used for centuries...

    Reply: #42
  42. Apicius
    Really? "Semantic arguments"?

    I think Dr Fung's strategy makes sense. He presented the undeniable fact that fasting has been done for centuries by many religious groups. This puts those who belong to a religious sect who want to counter Dr Fung's protocol to present an argument where it's ok to fast for religion, while not ok to fast for health. Brilliant strategy! It gives the anti Dr Fung "experts" a hard time to counterattack.

    Here's an example of an anti Dr Fung "expert", spewing venom about Dr Fung: http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2015/04/20/fung-us-among-us/

    And, here's the lawsuit this anti Dr Fung "expert" faces: http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/investigation-news/.

    So, basically, Dr Fung presented his argument coupled with evidence of a practice that has been safely done for centuries. This provides some protection for him. In order for "experts" to go after Dr Fung and demand he stop preaching the practice of fasting, they will also be faced with going after the religious people (Muslims, Christians, Orthodox, etc) and mandate them to stop preaching their fasting protocols. (Yeah...good luck with that!! Can you imagine that?! Government outlawing religious fasting for public health protection?! Hahahahaha ). This is a genius strategy!

  43. bill
    May be good defensive strategy if one
    is sued. Still not a reason to use religion as
    support on an evidence based website.

    Moxibustion, anyone?

    Reply: #44
  44. Apicius
    So...because moxibustion exists, this means fasting cannot be presented as an old practice used for many years? Who cares...there are thousands of old practices (like moxibustion) without solid scientific background. Is it possible that an old practice causes damage? Yes. Is it possible that an old practice promotes good health? Yes. Is it possible that an old practice causes no damage but does not promote health either? Yes.

    It's a fact. Fasting has been done for centuries. Whether for right reasons, wrong reasons or something in between. It doesn't change the premise...that fasting has been done for centuries.

  45. bill
    Right. Religion neither proves nor disproves
    anything. So, why bring it up?

    What is your point?

    Reply: #46
  46. Apicius
    Bill, I see you are still having trouble grasping simple concepts. Here I break it down into tiny logical steps to help you understand:

    1) Fasting is proposed as a health management protocol by Dr Fung
    2) For those who may think fasting is dangerous or unhealthy, there are examples where it has been used safely for many years.
    3) An example of this is religious fasting, like in the Christian and Muslim faith.

    Here it is, distilled into 3 simple statements...this is the best I can do. ...so, I will need to leave the discussion here and wish everyone best of luck.

  47. bill
    Religious fasting has always been used
    safely or healthily? Show me the evidence.
    Oh, wait, it's religion. It's not based on
    evidence, it's based on faith. That's why
    it's unhelpful on an evidence based
    Replies: #59, #62, #68
  48. Yaseen Baig
    Dear All,
    I was not offended for sure. It was my request and normally requests should not be responded with rough answers.

    I had made a request to remove the picture of Prophet Mohammed as an advise, since there is no picture of him. Otherwise, there is no issue to argue I think.

    Also, I am surprised to see that people doesn't like to bring religion in between, yet they want to make it a matter to argue and discuss each other. And they forgot the purpose and benefits of fasting !

    Note : If the management doesn't remove it , it will not harm Me neither Islam nor Prophet Mohammed PBUH himself.

    But an international website like dietdoctor.com will be blamed to publish unauthentic materials, that's all.

    Please forgive me if it hurts somebody's feelings.

    Reply: #49
  49. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We certainly did not mean to offend anyone. The image has been removed from the video.


    Replies: #50, #57
  50. smc
    This is a disappointing response to an unreasonable demand. What will the next demand be? Remove all mention of pork on your site? Put all images of females in burkhas? I am cancelling my membership. Good luck to you.
    Replies: #51, #69
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