Leaked emails: Coke-funded research deflects blame for obesity away from sugar


Can you trust a study which claims that the main culprits in obesity are lack of exercise and sleep, and excessive screen time? Maybe not if it is funded by Coke, in an attempt to deflect the blame away from sugar.

Here’s yet another example, where leaked emails show what’s really going on:

You can see Coca-Cola pulling the strings – the studies tend to be positive for them. When the studies are independent they are not. This is the tip of the iceberg. Commercial corruption of science and medicine is endemic. Science institutions collude with industry for financial gain at the expense of public health.
– Dr. Aseem Malhotra

Mail Online: Coca-Cola Funded Studies Which ‘Diverted Blame for Obesity Away from Sugar’ and Pointed the Finger at Too Much Screen Time and Lack of Exercise and Sleep


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  1. Kimberly Cooper
    Thank you for the scientific and lobbying information and links to documents supporting what you write. I am taking a college class and in a health field. I will be using the documents to write an essay and to give a short presentation. Thus, you are enabling me to spread the info even farther.

    I hope that some day you will have so many members that you can start using a portion of our membership fees to fund scientific research that's free if corporate funding.

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