Leading Anti-Sugar Crusader Dr. Aseem Malhotra has a New Website and Blog


The leading anti-sugar crusader and cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra (finally) has a website and blog of his own:


I’ve added Dr. Malhotra’s blog to our Blog News page where you can see updates from every great health blog out there (feel free to tell me if any good ones are missing, use comments below).

Also note that Dr. Malhotra is now doing Skype consultations.

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  1. jim Walter
    A question,
    We know that refined sugar is bad for us.
    What about fruit?
    Dr Jim Walter.
  2. John Butler
    Hi Doctor,
    I am from South Africa and here we have a Prof Tim Noakes
    promoting the exact diet you have. Here its called the banting diet.
    You are 100 % correct.
    I have lost 11 Kgs, I have come off one my blood pressure tablets,
    my cholestrerol has come right down to perfect levels, my energy
    levels are much better. Need to lose another 5 kgs but on the way there.
    This is all with out exercise.
    Stick to your guns Doc.

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