LCHF wins another diabetes study

This is getting old. Study after study shows that a low-carbohydrate diet is best for diabetics. It’s as logical as can be, as you avoid eating the very things that raise blood sugar.

Yet many healthcare professionals keep hiding their heads in the sand. And now all the reactionaries have one more study of the highest standard (RCT) to ignore:

Low-carbohydrate diet improved HbA1c, weight loss in diabetes

The study compared a moderately strict LCHF diet (50 g carbohydrates per day), not calorie restricted, with a low-fat and low-calorie diet for type 2 diabetics. According to the study, the LCHF diet produced clearly better results for blood sugar as well as weight and, in addition, led to a reduced need for medication. Their cholesterol numbers didn’t get worse either.

Some critics will say that the study is too small to pay attention to (34 participants). What they miss is that if you see statistically significant benefits even in such a small study, the difference in effect could be huge.

What do you think?

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  1. Janknitz
    Driving home from work today, I heard McDougall being interviewed on a talk show. He was citing a study which he claimed showed that eating sugar is good for diabetics because it increases insulin sensitivity


    Does he work for Coca Cola now?

    Meanwhile, he claimed that people can lose "up to three pounds" while literally imprisoned (his words, not mine) in his week-long residential program "where they have to do what I say whether they want to or not". Oooooh. WOW!

    I think I'll stick with LCHF, thank you. 70 lbs down, blood sugar under great control.

  2. Chupo
    "Researchers said that blood lipid levels did not worsen in the low-carbohydrate group, despite the high fat content of carbohydrates."


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  3. FrankG
    "...despite the high fat content of carbohydrates." LOL indeed!

    I spotted that too Chupo... no doubt it was just a typing slip-up but closer to the truth than they probably intended! :-)

  4. Galina L.
    The famous for her controversial advice for Diabetics to enjoy the same food as everybody else , Hope Warshaw RD easily dismissed Dr.Bernstein on the ground that his recommendations for Diabetics were not based on traditional medical research, and considered all his records of patients to be an anecdotal evidence, not qualified to be treated as a scientific data. I think , in a such situation even small scale research could be helpful.
  5. Jenn L.
    I am a family physician and have a large number of diabetic patients. I have been recommending low carb for all of my diabetic patients, and actually had an endocrinologist tell one of the patients that eating this way will cause them to go into liver failure. The same endocrinologist is still recommending at least 130g of carbs per meal, and I had a Diabetic "Educator" actually tell me that she couldn't fathom recommending less because the patients wouldn't have fuel for their brains!!! They recommend up to 65-70g of carbs per MEAL for their male patients. Needless to say, I do not send to that endocrinologist or those diabetes educators at all anymore. My patients Glycohemoglobin levels have all fallen and many have gotten off of meds, and all of their lipid profiles have improved (if they actually follow the plan). It is amazing!
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  6. FrankG
    Thank you for what you do Jenn :-)

    It IS amazing.. not just the significant difference that such a common-sense approach can make but also the level of ignorance which still exists, sadly among too many health care providers.. people who are looked up to as "experts"... and the potential for harm that their advice is causing every day :-(

  7. Zepp
    Thank you for your work.. its like the Norwegian doctor Hexeberg.. she says.. it works in practise but not in teories!

    Must by wrong with the teories then!

  8. JustMEinT
    I was diagnosed type 2 by my GP, who did not even look at me but simply input something into the computer and proceeded to print out a prescription for Metformin - which I screwed up and tossed in his waste paper bin.... he had apoplexy!

    Asked what I was intending to do - I replied 'make some lifestyle changes, and you can retest me in 3 months time'. When I was retested my A1c was in the normal range - fancy that. I did agree to see a diabetes educator, who after seeing what I was eating (LCHF) told me it would only work for a while and eventually I would still need to go onto prescription meds including Insulin in due time.

    I have seen the educator three times since diagnosis and BGL's are all well within a normal non diabetic range. During this time I have been on six week course of 10mg Prednisolone (steroid) which did raise BGL's during the day into 7's and 8's, but I was normal fasting in the am, I put on NO additional weight either.

    Lifestyle changes do work..... the diabetes educator did not dispute that. What she did dispute was that people will stick to them.

    So there you have it people - this is not a diet - they start and end whereas lifestyle changes are for ...... well FOR LIFE :-)

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  9. conrad
    After eating LCHF for 13 months my fasting count runs between 3.0 and 4,9, the rest of the signs are quite normal and I have lost v16kg of fat. I have found that too much protein can raise BS levels - like up to 8 after a traditional barbecue. Cream cheese I find does not have any effect.
  10. Zepp
    Just that.. before they did have a lot of arguments about a LCHF/ATKINS/Ketogenic/Low carb diet, about lipids, obesety of to much fat, the brain need glucose.. and a lot of other not scientific arguments!

    And now its almoste about that people cant stand it for long periods, thats the only nerly good argument.. its always dificult to do a life style change.. but they should promote it.. and not sabotage it by saying that its imposible!

    Of course its about compliance.. its never better then then one complie to that life style change!

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