LCHF takes off in Russia!

Before and after

Before and after

Here’s the Russian film producer and media personality Sam Klebanov – before and after LCHF.

Recently, Klebanov opened a Russian website with tips and success stories:

Do you know anyone who speaks Russian, who could benefit from the website? Please pass this on.


LCHF for Beginners

How to Lose Weight

More health and success stories


Do you have a success story you want to share on this blog? Send it (photos appreciated) to, and please let me know if it’s OK to publish your photo and name or if you’d rather remain anonymous.


  1. Galina L.
    I can't believe it. I am from Russia, now I live in US, and most of my friends and relatives in Russia have no idea what LCarbing is, but they are sure it can't be healthy.
  2. Kat
    My aunt recently came to visit from Moscow. She ate like us and lost so much weight and felt so great, she brought the whole idea (and a bunch of books and recipes) back to Russia with her. Now everyone is on it and it's spread like a virus to their friends. My cousin is dealing with PCOS and this is the first time she's losing weight without the pain and agony of subsisting on rabbit food.

    I'll be sending them a link to that page. Thanks!

  3. Kat
    Favourite line from the Russian blog so far:

    "You don't get fat from eating fatty foods just as you don't turn green from eating green foods".

  4. megazver
    On one hand sure, it's nice to have a site like that. On the other hand, they immediately start out by claiming that Atkins is a high-protein diet which destroyed the kidneys of their multiple acquaintances.

    With friends like these you don't need enemies.

  5. eddy
    There are those who can't taste fat that tend to eat more and gain weight

    Supersizers go the Restoration:

  6. Galina L.
    BTW, I for me the link didn't work.
  7. sten
    The link works fine in Ireland.
    Could it be some "well meaning" US censorship that is disabling the link for you ?
    I will check with some US friends if same for them!
    Reply: #8
  8. Galina L.
    Today it works, even though yesterday was a data transferring mistake - message about the problem was in Russian language.
  9. Methinks
    It's probably the American KGB putting a temporary block the site while the NSA rigs it to ensure each and every keystroke that happens and doesn't happen is captured in a database in case the U.S. Attorney General should one day find it convenient to convict you of a crime. "Oh, she said that fat won't kill you in order to encourage people eat fat and thus to commit suicide unintentionally and so she is a terrorist for whom habeas corpus (the right to challenge your arrest and incarceration) is suspended and she will be executed as soon as el presidente signs her death warrant. Does she prefer to be killed by firing squad or drone?"

    Thank goodness I am a product of the Soviet Union and long ago developed the ability to code my language so that this Enemy of The People (and I am an official Enemy of the People, pronounced so by the Soviet government) doesn't expose my innocent family to further harassment by the KGB/FBI/CIA/ Homeland Security or whatever name the Gestapo happens to be using now.

    I don't know when you left, Galina, but I'm sad to see the day come here in the USA.

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  10. Galina L.
    I left Russia at 1995, and I am a very small fish to fry, I hope.
  11. Kat
    Small fish are the tastiest, Galina.
  12. Elena
    Thanks for the source! It's very difficult for me to find good LCHF information for my Russian family and friends in Russia. Compared to the wealth of information available in English, in Russian there is almost none, and doctors seem to be pushing people more and more towards low-fat high-carb dogma.

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