LCHF sees “spike in searches” on Google

Spike for LCHF

LCHF saw a “spike in searches” on Google during 2011, according to a press release from Google Sweden. I think 2012 will see even more interest, as a number of high profile books on the subject are released.

As the obsolete fear of fat fades away the future looks ever brighter. Who wouldn’t want to eat as much real good food as they want, while losing weight and regaining health?


  1. After watching Andreas's excellent talk on YouTube about LCHF I was stimulated to do my own blog and in January I'll be doing a 30 day LCHF challenge for my clients and gym members. I've been on LCHF since September and feel so much better. What is so great is that this is not a diet but a lifestyle. If you do slip away you can get back on course very quickly. As soon as the world catches on to LCHF we'll see a revolution in the food industry. It won't be pretty and government will resist, even increasing tax on high fat foods, as has already happened in Denmark.
  2. DesertTomte
    Very encouraging. Unfortunately we are also still seeing headlines like this in the US:
    "52 ways to cut fat in 2012"
  3. Janknitz
    Ugh, our paper ran a piece on the Mayo Clinic diet recommending 7 to 8 servings of carbs per day (I think it was a lot of grams per serving, too!). They did admit that "not all carbs are equal", recommending people avoid the concentrated sugars in dried fruit but fresh fruit was OK "because it contains water and fiber."

    They just don't get it.

    Swedes are just proving how much smarter they are than Americans!

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