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I’m on vacation on an island in the Baltic sea. The other day we went to a fishing camp where there is a store. Can you imagine the fish plate above cost marginally more than a meal at McDonalds?

It tasted amazing. And it’s strictly LCHF.


  1. Lipophila
    Dear Doc,

    thanks a lot for your great work and for now writing in English, too! I'm following an LCHF-diet for 10 months now - it cured all my health issues and helped me lose 25kg en passant!!

    I just found this interesting article:

    and thought it might be of help for those many who fear a vitamin C-deficiency while on LCHF.

    According to Ottoboni & Ottoboni (Link at bottom of Article) a much smaller daily amount of Vitamin C would be necessary on a ketogenic diet than on a "normal" high-carb-diet as there is hardly any glucose there to compete with the ascorbic acid for transport and entry into cells.

    Now the next question would be: How much less? I didn't find anything about it so far...

    Best regards, Lipophila ( ...who envies you about your delicious vitamin D-plate!)

  2. Funderaren
    Lipophila, there is plenty of C in vegetables.
  3. Lipophila
    ...and in herbs, too, I know, (my favourites are green peppers, broccoli and parsley) but thanks, anyway.

    The question that bothers me after reading the ottoboni-article is: are we eating too much of it? ;-)

  4. Margaretrc
    @Lipophila, I doubt it's possible to get too much C in food. Supplements, yes, but not food. I wouldn't worry about it. Vitamin C is water soluble and any excess which the body doesn't need will be excreted via the kidneys. It's really hard, even with supplements, to get a toxic dose.
  5. Lipophila
    Thanks, Margartrc! It's not so much fear of an overdose that made me ask, but my curiosity about everything that works differently on ketosis. I still find it hard to overcome some of the common misconceptions about what is actually necessary or even healthy (like so many people still being convinced that drinking orange juice is the best way to get vitamin C.)
    The other extreme is Vilhjalmur Stefansson proving we don't need vegetables at all. I like the provocative quality to it. Besides, it might be interesting to those who try to minimize their carb intake to accelerate weight loss.
  6. Priit Tohver
    Greetings doc, newcomer here. Just saw your lecture on the food revolution, and even though I don't really need to lose any weight or anything, I've decided to try this out. That dish looks amazing. I live in the Baltics, where did you stay?

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