LCHF power!


I just had to share this graph. It’s from a thank-you mail that the team behind the LCHF movie Carb-Loaded sent yesterday. It shows the progress of their kickstarter to fund the rest of the movie.

The first time the the kickstarter was mentioned on this blog (and its Swedish version) was July 27. You see what happened.

If you contributed then this success is partly because of you. And whether you did or not it’s a good example of what we can accomplish together. Now let’s hope the movie turns out great!


  1. Brittany

    It just got put on Upworthy and is all over Facebook now! :D

  2. Kitashi
    WOHOO!! Excited!!!
  3. PaleoDentist
    I'm glad to see my dollars at work! AWESOME!

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