1. Charlie Shaughnessy
    Just wanted to say that I usually refer people to your LCHF guide for beginners whenever they have a question about my diet. It's the simplest way to explain how I eat, and you have lots of foods on there so it doesn't look like I'm "dieting"
  2. "Dina" is the name ;-)
    Thanks for so willingly share the materials!
  3. FrankG
    L'chaim! To Life!

    Todah Rabbah Dina :-)

  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  5. :-)
  6. Steve
    LCHF, how simple to understand and follow it is!

    It is those who have taken LCHF and turned it into Paleo, Ancestral, and the like that have added the religious aspects to it. It has been turned from a lifestyle into a faith system to make marketing it and making money off of it to the lowest common denominator easier.

    Give it a fancy name and made the simple, not quiet so, then profit.


  7. Justin B
    To much of the mainstream, the USDA guidelines and food pyramid/plate is like a religion, and those people get venomously angry when it is suggested that it may not be true. It only stands to reason that they see LCHF as a competing religion.
  8. Johanna

    I'm impressed but the exclamation mark should be at the left end of the word if you really want people here to believe you write Hebrew.... ;-)

  9. FrankG
    @ #8 Thank you for the tip. I'm not trying to impress anyone... just trying to be polite to a fellow traveller on the internet... to the best of my meagre abilities ;-)
  10. Johanna
    Till Frank #9:

    I was commenting the Doc. #4, not you. Your exclamation marks (#3) are perfectly situated! :-) But as the Doc is a fellow countryman of mine I thought I might take the freedom to tease him just a little bit. ;-)

  11. סבבה

    This is great to have. Thanks, Dina!

    I have some posts on the Hebrew version of my blog http://ruthsrealfoodhebrew.blogspot.com/ Unfortunately, I haven't translated too many, but I'll do my best to add more.

    BTW, it's impossible to get an excalmation mark at the end of a word in Hebrew, when the text is justified left.

  12. FrankG
    Happy Hanukkah! :-)
  13. Ruth, please do! Israelis need to hear the message a lot ... ;-)

    Frank & others, Happy Chanuka, Christmas, and any other holiday that people are celebrating around this days. :-)

  14. JAUS
    Festivus for the rest of us: http://youtu.be/F73sMmb6CS0
  15. great.enjoy the new year.

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