1. Mariet Hoen
    Andreas, Can you come to Holland too ?
  2. MarieDK
    Yeah the Danish government totally missed the point. The people and several politicians wanted to increase the tax on sugar, alcohol and tobacco and lower the tax on real food such as meat, vegetables and fruit. And what did we get???? increased tax on fat....aaaarggggh
  3. Alexandra M
    Are the people avoiding eating fat or is it just the government discouraging it?
  4. LasseDK
    It's just the government discouraging it. The intention was good, but they are mis-informed by "experts", ie. health "authorities" and various lobbyist groups, just like in the rest of the world.

    LCHF (or low carb in general) knowledge is generally spreading here, but is not yet anywhere close to Sweden and Norway. I don't know of any books either. So this translation is very welcome.

    However, Andreas, the link does not work. It just downloads some small .odt file that cannot be opened.

    The paleo diet seems to be the low carb diet that has caught on best here, so far. Better than nothing :)
    As Andreas mentioned recently, a fast food shop opened at a new food market, serving only paleo dishes - including "meazza" and stuff like that.

    The person behind it is the chef on one of the oldest and most prestigeous restaurants here (Kong Hans). He is also introducing these options into his Michelin restaurant. Not as a full replacement - but so that the menu is balanced with decent paleo options as well.

  5. RagnhildN
    Thank you LasseDK - Loved your last link - and I also noticed " that sausage" wrapped in an omelett :)
  6. Janknitz
    Well, looks like Scandanavia has its "control group". It will be interesting to see how the national statistics for diabetes and heart disease compare in Norway to Sweden after 5 and 10 years.
  7. MarieDK
    JanKnitz ....... I think I can tell you how the statistics comparison will look like in 5 or 10 years ;o).

    Already lots of people in DK suffers from diabetes 2. Here's the most recent facts:

    App. 290.000 Danes have diabetes
    App. 245.000 Danes do not know that they have diabetes type 2
    App. 750.000 Danes are prediabetic
    App. 12 Danes dies from diabetes every day
    App. 76 Danes are diagnosed diabetic every day
    The number of diabetics has doubled the last 10 years
    Diabetes cost the danish society 15.146.148,01 USD every day

  8. Alexandra M
    Can't wait for the next blog post. I'm so tired of looking into that guy's mouth first thing in the morning!
  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
  10. they'll need to spend the revenue from the saturated fat tax on the increased healthcare costs incurred when people switch to trans fats and processed low-fat food products.
  11. David T
    It's hilarious really, instead of lowering prices on vegetables and healthy organic fats & proteins, we did the opposite.
    No kidding, vegetables are getting more expensive, even the terrible fertilized bell peppers we import from Spain, cost as much as 20 kr. / $4 for 3!!

    If you're lucky you can find 2 small organic grown peppers for $3.5, it's unbelievable.

    Want Organic broccoli? 3 - $3.5 - For ONE head!

    250 GRAMS of NON-Organic Spinach? $3.5 - I don't even know what the organic costs.

    I don't even remember the word 'sugar' or 'carbohydrates' mentioned when the government was campaigning with their new 'revolutionary' idea. Apparently statistics & DATA was not relevant to take into account, I wonder why.

    I would love to know who, and I mean exactly who was advising Astrid Krag and the other politicians behind this initiative. I wouldn't be surprised if the source would lead directly to the wheat, sugar & beverage industry.

    And we're supposed to trust these people of authority who make decisions for us, in general? What a joke.

  12. Heidi
    I think people are really slow to catch on in Denmark. Even so-called Paleo experts here are much more strict about fat, and discourage coconut oil, butter, or fattier meats.

    My mother-in-law cooks with that awful synthetic Becel product, and overloads on carbs. Still, she's wafer-thin, but I'm sure that's because she more or less starves herself.

    The effects of this fat phobia will come, and Danes will see a big increase in obesity. Funnily enough, they're quite arrogant about avoiding it, but it's simply delayed like most lifestyle changes here, or popular fashion.

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