LCC: Pesto chicken in two ways

I’m taking our two-week low-carb challenge and yesterday it was time for one of my favorites, our Pesto Chicken. Yummy, even if my iPhone picture once again did not reach the professional food photographer level on the left.

Many people say the serving sizes on the challenge are bigger than they need be. There’s an easy solution to that: stop eating when you’re satisfied.

I had the opposite reaction, cooking the amount of food recommended I found the amount on the low side. I decided to add some butter. But then I am 6’7”.

Are you taking the low-carb challenge? What do you think of the serving sizes?

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  1. Mary
    We skip breakfast and eat diner for lunch. Our servingsize is a little bit larger than the recipe count. In the evening we eat very little if anything.
    I'm not sure if this is the way it is suppost to go, but we just are not hungry anymore.
    It's funny because I started this challenge by asking if the calories weren't a bit much in the mealplans.
  2. Carol
    I eat the eggs every day, usually 2, with various things (bacon, veggies, avocado). I find that this holds me all day. I usually only eat 1/2 of what is suggested for dinner then I end up eating the other 1/2 at 2am while at work. I have been pleasantly surprised how filling this all is to me. I do believe I will be able to keep this as a way of life not a diet.
  3. Wendy
    I think the serving size is good and like Carol this is for life. Feel heaps better :)))
  4. F
    Delicious. All good. Half way through. 1kg down. 3.9 kg to go.
  5. Karpom
    I love love love this recipe!!! I don't like olives, so throw in a few cherry tomatoes for good measure. Tried it first with green pesto and tonight with red's bubbling away in the oven and the house smells great! Been recommending this to friends on a LCHF diet and think this will be a dinner party "speciality" to present to my carb laden friends!! As for portion size, I'd rather have too much and save it for lunch/dinner next day than too little and be hungry!
  6. Piper
    I've tapered down as the months have passed. Initially ate 2-3 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. Now eat 1 egg and 1 - 2 pieces of bacon. Some dinners result in lots of extra for lunch the next day OR we eat more at dinner time because it is sooooooo delicious. The pesto chicken is one of our favorites. There are many favorites. It is on the list for tonight. We always use red pesto. I'm not sure it would as good with green. Last night was Flying Jacob. Everyone should try it AND do not shy away from the banana. It sounds gross but it is amazing. It is the most bizarre recipe here. Enjoy. We've been eating this way since SEP. I didn't necessarily need to lose a lot more BUT did and now have balanced with a bit more carbs (milk mostly and a bit of bread now and again). We also indulge in a dessert every now and again on a weekend and don't flinch because the rest of the week is planned out and workable to continue to stay on track.

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