“The Government’s carb-heavy healthy eating guide could be causing obesity”

eatwellplate2In March the latest version of the official UK Eatwell Guide was publicized, recommending people to base their meals on bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. Dietary expert Dr. Zoe Harcombe has this to say:

I would call this the “EatBadly” plate rather than the “EatWell” plate.

The Government’s most recent recommendations could lead to both weight gain and type 2 diabetes according to Dr. Harcombe. And she points out that there’s a lack of solid evidence supporting the Eatwell Guide.

On a side note almost half of the reference group that assisted in designing the graphic for the Eatwell plate were representatives of the food industry.

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  1. Barbara
    Quote: "On a side note almost half of the reference group that assisted in designing the graphic for the Eatwell plate were representatives of the food industry!"

    No surprise there then is there? It's they who are keeping our people in the UK overweight and unhealthy. My doctor was sending out this rubbish to all his patients, I challenged him by taking the paperwork back to his office all scored out and he couldn't answer me when I asked why they were still sending this mis-information out to patients, unasked for advice I might add. Obviously your average GP knows no more than the person in the street, they are not trained in nutrition, it's just a prescription for drugs is all they know.

    It's like the blind leading the blind...........

  2. Justyna
    I live in the UK and recently probed the doctores I know:

    - I asked my children's paediatrician what my toddler should eat and he sent me to a commercial site selling 'healthy' pouches (starchy and low fat as you might have guessed) for advice. Later during our conversation he asked me what saturated fats were...

    - I asked a children's dietician the same question and she sent me to a website run by Danone promoting a 'balanced diet'. She was adiment that children need starched based food and that too much fat (over 35% calory intake) would cause ketosis - implying this being health issue...

    - When I told a GP friend who specialises in diabetes that after having read up on insulin and obesity I finally understand why people getting excessively fat she suggested that I'm being too kind and that they need to exercise more...

    All those exchanges make me deeply sad as it shows that we have a long way to go to change our diet as a nation. In the meantime people will keep suffering from their addictions and their consequences.

    How can we spread the word about LCHF faster? It breaks my heart to see all this unnecessary suffering while cure is at hand.

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