Last chance for early bird discount for the low-carb event of the year

Do you want to be a part of the largest low-carb event of the year? In San Diego July 29-31 there’ll be quite a gathering of low-carb experts (preliminary schedule).

Already – four months in advance – there are 100 participants registered. The organizers are aiming for 900, which would make it the largest low-carb conference ever.

If you register before the end of March (no later than Thursday) the price is $239, after which it goes up to $399. So if you’re interested, consider getting a ticket now:

Low Carb USA


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  1. Belinda
    Hello, I'm trying to book to go to the San Diego LCHF conference in July 2016. However, the website isn't working - can you please assist.
  2. Terri
    Hi Belinda. Did you get the website to work? I was able to sign up online. If you continue to have problems try going to the organizers website and email them. I am sure they will be happy to help.

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