LA Lakers go low carb!

Dwight Howard, one of the players who changed his diet

Dwight Howard, one of the players who changed his diet

More and more athletes discover the advantages of eating good food and avoiding nutrition-poor sugar and bread. The low-carb paleo diet is getting big.

Many people have pointed me to the new article series from CBS Sports on how the basket ball team LA Lakers has changed its philosophy and removed most carbohydrates from the player’s diet:


Football Champions on a Low-Carb Diet

Legendary Exercise Professor Embraces LCHF!

Even Elite Gymnasts Do Fine Without Carbs


  1. Mike Hurley
    Unfortunately the Lakers are terrible this year.
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  2. Zepp
    Then they must eat more fat.. to have a better endurance! ;)
  3. Nads
    Half of the Australian cricket team too (featured in Cereal Killers movie). They were given very little chance beforehand in the Ashes Series and we just secured them 3 nil. It is a five part series, so let's see if we can go for 5 nil.

    There were older players, overweight players, one on serious drugs for a poly arthritis, and trying to overcome frequent injuries. The team doctor had lost weight and become healthier on LCHF, and this inspired others. Not sure what the team dietician thought!

    The four players who I know are definitely LCHF, as they were in the team doctor, Dr Peter Bruckner's presentation at a recent Low Carb Down Under conference, all scored centuries.

  4. bill
    It's great that elite athletes are starting to get it.

    It's just a shame that one article had to include
    this quote:

    "I'm going to eat this way until I die," Kaman said. "As long as I don't have a heart attack from all the butter I'm taking in.

  5. Ondrej
    Laker's diet as per Dr. Cate:

    "Breakfast usually consists of an omelet station and a buffet with things like whole wheat pancakes and oatmeal. Lunch includes a pasta station and a buffet with two kinds of meat and lots of green leafy vegetables."

    Hardly sounds low carb or paleo to me!

    The Lakers' program is called PRO Nutrition, which somewhat obtusely stands for Performance, Recovery and Orthogenesis -- the latter being the theory that evolution is strongly influenced by environmental factors, such as diet. It seems extreme because it has basically turned the government's sacred food pyramid upside-down. Shanahan wants the players to get at least 50 percent of their calories from fat, and no more than 25 percent each from protein and carbohydrates. Wait, what? That's right. Basically the opposite of what you and everyone else alive have been doing for years.

  6. Ondrej
    According to Ray Allen, Miami Heat superstar who adopted Dr. Cate's diet:

    "I cut everything out, and within three weeks I lost 10 pounds," Allen said. "I stuck with it all summer long and learned to eat even cleaner."

    Allen confronted his one dilemma with the program once training camp began. With his activity level ramped up -- practices, weightlifting sessions, the endless shooting he does to hone his craft -- he began to feel depleted. So he did something that even one of the world's top proponents of the Paleo diet acknowledges is OK for athletes with a high activity level: He increased his consumption of carbs.

    Damn carbs. You can only avoid them if you become a lumpen bourgeois couch potato watching tv or playing video games all day long!

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  7. Zepp
    In other words Ondrej, those of us that not top athlets is not needing any carbs.. is this what you means?

    If this is the case I do have the same thoughts!

  8. alexander
    Dear Zepp: Thanx for replying my previous questions about different kinds of ketogenic diets including cyclic KD and targeted KD.
    However, one thing still confuses me. According to Dr. Volek and Dr. Phinney and others like Dr. Attia, if the amount of carbs goes over 50 g/day, that will bump you out of nutritional ketosis and it will take weeks to get back into that state again. So how is cyclic KD or targeted KD not interfere with ketosis when a relatively large amount of carbs is reloaded?

    Once again, thanks a lot for keeping this forum active and all of your expert advice!

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  9. Zepp
    Its becuse that ketosis is not that important metabolicly.. fat oxidation (betaoxidation) is the major fat oxidation in your body.

    And when you have bosted your body to be able to switch betwen betaoxidation, ketolysis and glycolysis when it needs that, and to be able to coop with a lot of situations like food, fysical and psycological situations.. ist then one is in a good condition.

    One must make a differens betwen an healty athlet and an obese sedentary person.

    Ketosis only means that you not eating more carbs then your bodys emediate demand for glucose.

    Ketosis in the transitation period is much higer becuse of less capability for betaoxidation and gluconeogenes.

    And the biggest advantage for everybody is that ones muscles get a higher relyance on fat oxidation.. whitout going thru ketosis.

    Ketones are merely for replacing glucose.

  10. Hainguyen
    It's great that elite athletes are starting to get it.Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more helpful information from you. Have a nice day.

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