Kungfu fighter, hidden sugar

I can’t think of a more needed superhero in modern times than a Kungfu fighter who’s fighting hidden sugar! A big thumbs up to the government in Singapore for making this hilarious and thoughtful ad.

Unfortunately it ends with the words “Eat in Moderation”, scoring a few points to the unrelenting Big Soda (BS) nutrition propaganda. But at least the focus is on sugar all the way up to there.


“I Used to Blame Fat People. Now I Blame Obesity on Sugar Industry Propaganda”

Nutritionists – The Secret Ally of Big Sugar

Videos about sugar

  • Sugar Coated
  • Are all carbohydrates equally bad?
  • Is sugar toxic?



  1. Derek
    Hilarious, we need more of this!!
  2. H
    except she says she is "Destroyer of Oil, Salt and Sugar"

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