Kristie Sullivan on staying keto in the long run

Effortless weight loss, reversal of type 2 diabetes and a general sense of well being – there are many fantastic things you can accomplish with a keto diet. But how do you stick to it in the long run?

Our Kristie Sullivan started a keto diet in June 2015, and has successfully overcome a lifelong battle with obesity. In the video above, she shares her best tips for making the diet sustainable.

You can also pre order her latest book, Keto Living Day by Day, to learn more.

Kristie’s story

  • "I'll do this or I'm going to die trying"
  • Cooking keto with Dr. David Diamond

Cooking keto with Kristie


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  1. Jayne
    What a good video. I need to learn Kristie's tenets, I find I have "carb hangovers". It seems to take me two days to feel great again. Kristie is so 'real' and personable. Thanks for sharing such helpful information.
  2. TeeDee
    Great video; as Jayne said, Kristie is very real, personable and relatable--thank you, Kristie and Diet Doctor :)
  3. Antoinette
    I didn’t find a place I could “thumbs up” this video. It is definitely that. I love her cool and calm demeanor and her easy way with people. She’s another gem in this gem of a community. A lovely message about focusing on the “cans” instead of the “can’ts”.
    A great and fresh video, even if you have mined this site fairly well!
  4. Lisa Marie
    I agree with Antoinette - I wanted to thumbs-up the video, too! I've been watching Kristie's videos for the past couple of years and, yes, her calm demeanor and her very realness about moving through emotional eating and dealing with transition from day to day is incredibly inspiring. I also appreciate her approach to keeping things simple. I'm so glad DD is collaborating with her! Thank you!

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