Ketogenic dieters risking diabetic peoples lives?

Diabetic ketoacidosis concept. Doctor holding book about disorder.

Is the extreme popularity of the keto diet putting the lives of people with diabetes at risk? In this new article, we get to know Craig Johnson who is a type 1 diabetic. In order not to get into the life-threatening stage of ketoacidosis he needs to keep track of his ketones. Lately, he hasn’t gotten a hold of the keto sticks he usually uses to measure ketosis because of people on the keto diet are purchasing them in bulk. The article suggests that keto dieters are putting people with diabetes at risk.

What is not disclosed in this article is that there are several ways to measure ketosis, not only keto sticks. And not everybody on the keto diet measures their ketones, far from it.

Anyway this should be a temporary issue. Demand will drive production so in the near future neither people with diabetes nor keto dieters will probably lack keto sticks.

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  1. Steve Bailey
    Click Bait! Not News! Fake News! Irresponsible Reporting! Sensational Headlining! Morally Bankrupt Reporting!
  2. Duane Richard Terry
    What a dumb story. Oh my God there's a huge issue, no there isn't. That's the whole story in one sentence.
  3. Dick
    A totally bogus story nun
  4. Guillaume
    I don't measure ketones and never will.
    If I quit counting calories and found peace with the keto lifestyle, I will certainly not start counting ketones, that would be foolish and useless. The only things I keep an eye on are my weight and my health because that actually matters.
  5. J. Dexter SMITH
    KETOACIDOSIS is a condition, NOT a diet nor a way of eating. Keyosis is a natural state of eating selective low carb veggies, low carb fruits, along with healthy fats, e.g. avacados, walnuts, olive oil. safflower oil; not necessarily bacon grease fried rib eye steaks which btw is not bad for you when eaten on ocassion. Mainly it's no root crops and no grains.
  6. Carol ONeil
    All the doctors with videos on You Tube say the keto diet is not for Type 1 diabetes. It is saving the lives of thousands of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. After being on the keto diet for one month I was off the prescription for pre-diabetes. My blood pressure med was reduced from 300 mg to 75 mg, and I lost 15 lbs.
  7. Natalie
    Your pharmacy or local grocery store are out of test strips? If only there was some way to order them online, and have it shipped to your door in two days...
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  9. Ann
    I'm in Australia and have been using the Abbott BHB (blood ketone) strips for over six years. I'm a Type 2 diabetic using a keto diet for blood glucose control. My local pharmacy was a bit slow to keep stocks of these strips when the keto diet became popular, but I just kept telling the staff when stocks started getting low, and asking politely for them to order more. After I missed out a couple of times and spoke to the pharmacist who owns the pharmacy, he made sure that they always had plenty of boxes of strips on hand. There are always at least six boxes on the shelves whenever I go to top up my supplies. So I doubt if there's a genuine shortage of them in Australia.
  10. Charlotte Bonin
    Bunch of crap!
  11. Gman_does_keto
    Total crap. Has this guy never heard of Amazon! Use your scare tactics elsewhere, your empire is failing and the age of truth is upon us!
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  13. Lisa
    I read if you are already in ketosis and your body has adapted, the ketone strips are useless since it won't read overspill of ketones in the urine, it's only good if you are pretty much brand new to low carb eating. What are people's experience with this?
  14. Andrew
    I was appalled with the sensationalism and inaccuracies of this article when I fist read it a few days ago - so I'm glad Diet Doctor has reproduced it here. First off, I live in Brisbane, Australia and a couple of months back I purchased a pack of 50 Keytone Sticks from my local pharmacist, the Chemist Warehouse. The product I purchased is from "Vita Diet" and is specifically for dieters wishing to check their keytone levels. Nowhere in any of the product documentation on either the package, the (included) pamphlet, nor the container is any mention of diabetics, or diabetes. This product is specifically marketed for dieters. The second point I'd like to raise is why did the person wait until he had run out of the product before he went to order a critical piece of kit (...ok, maybe he overlooked checking his supply)? He should get better organised next time. My final point is the other misconceptions and inaccuracies by the reporter, clearly this reporter cannot be taken seriously. BTW... notice how its not possible to comment directly to the ABC article? This ensures the wrong message will be continually repeated and create confusion with the general population when the option to challenge the statements made. I also doubt the ABC will correct any of the any mistakes.
  15. Dee
    Diabetics at risk measure their blood glucose.... they don’t test their urine !
    Well not in the uk anyway.

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