Keto seed crackers

Here’s our second keto video recipe ever. It’s a crispy keto seed cracker with a nice nutty taste of sesame seeds. Great for breakfast as well as the evening’s cheese platter.

Feedback welcome – what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Diane
    This is helpful to see the consistency to aim for before baking. The recipe in the video varies from the written one (ex. the latter includes almond flour). I'm assuming they both work and am looking forward to trying them and comparing!
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  2. Janet Y
    The type and amount of oil are also different. Recipe and video should match.
  3. Luz
    Yes, the recipe has changed in a few ways. I have stuck to the original which uses coconut oil, but I guess the variations work just as well. I like these crackers, because they taste great and are fast and easy to make. They are best just cooked and difficult to resist, but they are keto! I used to keep them in the fridge, but now prefer to keep them in a tin in the cupboard. There's no danger of them hanging around for long. I'm a type 1 diabetic and these crackers help me keep my blood sugar under control.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, the written recipe is slightly different. They both work great, so just pick the one you want. In the future we'll make sure our video and written recipes match.
  5. KAREN
    i love these kind of videos! thank you keep them coming.
  6. Janine
    I love the videos! I'm a visual person - these are great!!
  7. Shelly
    Very nicely done! I'm looking forward to making these.
  8. Margaret
    I really like the videos, however where I live (Africa) I cannot get a fast enough Internet, so they buffer more than they play. It took me about 6-7 minutes to watch each of these 1 minute videos, so I do appreciate having access to the written recipes.

    Also, I am finding that psyllium husk powder is listed in a lot of such recipes, which I cannot buy here. Is there something else I can substitute, or just do without it? I also do not have an oven, so am learning to make a lot of things on the stove top. Coconut oil is extremely expensive, so I use butter or ghee.

  9. Liz
    Love, love the videos. It really helps to see how everything comes together.
  10. Jennifer Douglas
    From Mallorca.

    Recipe Videos, Wonderful idea, great to see Dr. Andreas comment, he recognizes that both recipe on website should match each other, this is important, as one can get confused. yes one can choose one or the other, but this seems to defeat the great idea of showing THE OR A recipe on video, it should be 100% THE SAME.

    It helps so much to see how the recipe takes place, one gets a picture, am sure will prove beneficial for those who are not expert cooks, or need to see how it all takes place.

    Please, please, Add more videos this is so helpful, again, your site and ideas the BEST!

    Logo, I like it.

    Hope comments assist.

    Kind regards
    Jenny Pollensa Mallorca

  11. Joanne
    Love the videos! Please keep adding them! And, the new logo is fabulous.........Find this website to be so helpful. I keep recommending it to everyone who asks what I'm doing to look so healthy and wonderful.
  12. Tracy
    Love! Please do more.
  13. Jan
    Love the videos. But, if they don't match one of the recipes already on the site, would be great to give nutrition and macro info underneath. And perhaps give it another name to avoid confusion. It may be just this one that has that problem, cause the Keto Pizza recipe seems the same as the video.
  14. Anne HD
    Yes I think these are a great addition as I have never made the pizza base as I was unsure how it would work. Now I'll do it. I make seed crackers all the time but from RMR and they are great. This method is different with a different outcome.
    Keep the videos. Oming. Like the branding too!
  15. Bob C
    I am making this as I type but didnt have the sesame seeds on hand so I used Chia seeds instead. My only problem after reviewing the video was that I used 1tbl of salt instead of 1 tsp, so they may come out very salty. Lesson Learned: Dont make this recipe while watching the video on an iPhone :)
  16. Dora
    Super! Thank you. I like more this recipe for "seed crakers 2", made a few hours ago.
  17. Colette
    I just love the videos ! I just hope they continue. I'm a visual learner so this helps immensely.
    The logo. Well it's fine I believe it is a crisper presentation.

    I enjoy all you offer and appreciate the efforts. Thank you once again.


  18. Alisha
    Loved this website from day one and it just keeps getting better. I love how the videos are short and to the point. The new logo also looks great. Thanks for all your hard work!
  19. Frederique (from France)
    Great video ! 1mn is perfect. Yes recipes should match or given different names. The video shows how simple it is. I never made this recipe because I was too afraid, but now with the video i can dare doing it .
    This is a Wonderful idea. Go on please !
  20. Julie - Brisbane Australia
    These taste great. Recipe is not too dis-similar and the Almond meal gives a great consistency.
    I rolled mine out so they were thinner and pre-cut prior to cooking. Love the videos - give great Aha moments.
  21. Michaela
    I like the video recipes and tried out the crackers. For I had no sunflower seeds I increased the amount of the other seeds and added peeled hemp seeds.
    After spreading the dough I take my old school ruler and devide it into squares. After baking they can be easily separated into shaped pieces.
    Thank you very much!
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  22. Francoise Hembert
    You added quantities and cooking temp/time! Thank you!
  23. Corrina Leblond
    I just need the nutritional many per recipe & net carb count please
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  24. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Corrina!

    You could look at the similar recipe :
    (You find the nutritional info by holding your mouse pointer at "Nutrition" at the end of the recipe.)

    I just need the nutritional many per recipe & net carb count please

  25. TJ
    Love that there is a nut free option for those of us who can't have almonds - perhaps a different name to stop confusion - thanks so much!
  26. Janet
    I made these today. They are wonderful! Thanks for this great recipe. ?
  27. Corrina Leblond
    Love these!!
  28. D. Prince
    Am I missing something? I don't see the nutritional info for this recipe. (Not looking for the info for a different recipe, *this* one.)
  29. Adrienne
    Looove the videos :) I hope to see some more. Thanks!
    Reply: #40
  30. Mia
    Love the videos but would also appreciate a written version to go along with it. Keep up the great work!
  31. Elizabeth
    Love the videos. I was just wondering if you could put a list of all the ingredients at the beginning of each video to help with the prep. That way you can measure everything and have it all ready to go and then just follow along. It would also help with making a shopping list. Thank you.
  32. Roslyn
    Oh my goodness - yum yum. So awesome to have something crunchy. Love these crackers.
  33. deborah
    brilliant ..the written version to go with this would be perfect, as it is I have to write it all out old school.
  34. Ingrid Lahti Eisenman
    What oven temperature?
  35. Tina
    Love these crackers and the video is great but the written ingredients list is really needed for when you're shopping!
  36. CAB
    These are delicious and very forgiving. I only had flax meal and threw in some hemp hearts and chia and they came out great. I had a bit of trouble with the mixture sticking to my spreader but a spritz of cooking spray fixed that.
  37. Henry
    Keto crackers with high carbs????? I must be missing something??
  38. Sharon
    It would be nice to have the recipe for the seed crackers in the video transcribed underneath to save trying to read the ingredients which is not so easy against some of the backgrounds in the video.

    I made them and they were nice tho it would be easier if the recipe was there too for reference as I often look up your recipes when I’m away from home.

  39. Dean
    Hello. Is the butter at the end for just when you serve the crackers or is that part of the completed recipe? I.e if you are storing them for later consumption, do you still put the butter on?
  40. Sherlyn
    Is the psyllium husk powder necessary for the recipe?
    Reply: #41
  41. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Dherlyn!

    Yes it's needed.

    Is the psyllium husk powder necessary for the recipe?

  42. Marie
    Love this recipe, but really it goes soooo fast that you have to keep stopping it to
    find out the list of ingredients. Now I am ready to make a 2nd batch but have to stop
    and go through the whole video to get the exact ingredients and instructions. Would it
    not be impossible to write the recipe below the video? Thanks!
  43. Rick
    What is the best way to store them and how long will they last? I would like to make multiple batches and keep them for later.
  44. Patti
    I made these crackers today using the written instructions. They were fabulous!!! Thank you so much for sharing!
  45. Scubaprop
    Nutrition info says 1 carb per serving. Is that per cracker and if so, what size cracker? I made them and cut them into 1"x1" crackers. Video shows a much larger cracker in a pie shape. Need more details so I can live with the macros. Not a good time for me to go loose goose on the calc.
  46. Marijane
    I made these from the written recipe. I was amazed at how good they are! I did think they might be a bit bland with only salt for seasoning, so I added grated parmesan cheese in the mix, then sprinkled more on top after spreading it out. It was delicious. I have given some thought to a sweeter, granola bar type of cracker. Maybe some cinnamon and sweetener? I will have to give that a try!
  47. Barbara
    Couldn’t you show it faster?
  48. Andy
    These are really excellent. The only problem is that they're so easy to eat.

    I made a batch of ones using the other recipe, and it wasn't until I'd demolished half of them that I noticed how many servings the recipe made - 30!!!!

    I could easily have polished off the whole lot.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to mention how many servings this version makes :-)

  49. Mira
    Wanted to make these, but I have a sensitivity to coconut and cannot eat it in any form. Can you use EVOO instead?
  50. Mira
    I followed the written recipe for 30 servings w/1/3 c. of each seed, salt, 1 Tbsp each Psyllium and Oil and 1 c. boiling water.
    What you don't mention either in the video or in the recipe is which size pan you used. I used a 9x13. The cracker "dough" was not as thin as I wanted it to be, but I still put the sheet pan in the oven. After baking for 1 hour, the dough was still pretty wet and light in color, nothing like your pics. So, I put them back in the oven. After viewing the video again while they baked, it looked like you had used a 12" x 17" (American) pan. I gave up with these crackers after they had baked an additional 1/2 hour with no color change. Threw them in the trash.

    Next time, tell your members what size pan or casserole you are using.

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