Keto rash – why some people itch on low carb, and what to do about it

Keto Rash

Typical locations of a keto rash

This is not a common problem on low carb or keto, but for the few people experiencing it, it can be really annoying: Itching.

This itching – sometimes called the “keto rash1 – can be troublesome, sometimes even interrupting sleep. The itching and rash are almost always symmetrical on both sides of the body. It most often develops over the chest, back, armpits and sometimes in the neck (see image above).

What is the reason for this problem, and how can it be cured?

There are many posts about this online, and many different theories. The time has come to make it simple, Diet Doctor style. Here’s everything you need to know.


The cause of the keto rash

SweatWhile there are dozens of theories about this problem, each more weird and unlikely than the next, we believe there’s a very simple answer. This is based on many people’s experiences,2 and the limited scientific studies available.3

Here are the clues, and the conclusion:

  • The itching usually starts soon after people get into ketosis. It stops within a day or so if people eat more carbs and exit ketosis.
  • It can often get worse in hot weather, or after exercising.
  • The usual distribution of the itch and rash matches areas where sweat can accumulate.
  • When in ketosis sweat can contain the ketone body acetone.
  • Acetone can be irritating at high concentrations.

I think there is good reason to believe that the itching that some people experience in ketosis is caused by ketones in sweat, perhaps as this dries on the body.



How to cure the keto rash

There are several things you can do to cure keto rash:

  1. Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing for the climate, so that you don’t sweat more than necessary. Use air conditioning when appropriate.
  2. Shower: After exercising it might help to take a shower – after you’re finished sweating.
  3. Change exercise plans: If the itching is really troubling you might want to skip exercise for a few days, or do something like brief weight training that does not produce perspiration.
  4. Exit ketosis: If the the steps above are not effective enough, exiting ketosis will reliably cure the issue within a day or two. This can be done by eating about 50 grams of carbs or more every day. To still get most of the benefits of a keto diet – at least for weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal – you can do a more liberal low-carb diet (50-100 grams of carbs per day) and add intermittent fasting.
  5. Other treatments: There are many other treatments suggested online; like antibiotics taken for weeks or months and/or special creams. These will likely offer temporary relief at best.4 We definitely advise not to use oral antibiotics, as the side effects and risks are much worse than the doubtful and temporary benefits. Steroids, anti-fungal creams and anti-histamines appear not to be effective at all. There’s a safe, simple and free solution if you need it – number four, above. Use that instead.



What’s next?

If you get rid of the keto rash by exiting ketosis, can you ever use ketosis again? The answer is likely yes.

If you felt great in ketosis and had a lot of benefits, you may want to try again. The keto rash may stay away. Some people appear to get it only once, or only early in ketosis, when first starting out on a low-carb diet (given time, the body may excrete fewer ketones in the sweat). Remember, most people in ketosis don’t get the rash at all.

Keep the advice above in mind. And if all else fails, just eat a bit more carbs and the problem will go away.


Have you experienced keto rash? Do you want to share what helped and what did not? Feel free to leave a comment below!



  1. Another name that is sometimes used for this condition is “Prurigo pigmentosa“.

    The name means that it itches (“prurigo”), and that long-term, after many weeks, it can result in increased pigmentation (“pigmentosa”) in the affected skin area, looking like darker patches.

    This increased pigmentation, should it occur, fades very slowly after the rash is cured.

  2. Here are a few places to read about people’s experiences with keto rash:

  3. Here are a few relevant studies:

  4. This study references the experience of treating the keto rash (prurigo pigmentosa) with antibiotics. It did have an effect – possibly due to anti-inflammatory properties – but once the treatment was stopped the rash reappeared.

    J Dermatol. 2012: Prurigo pigmentosa: clinicopathological study and analysis of 50 cases in Korea.

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  1. Helen
    Yes yes yes! I thought I was going crazy but after reading this I see that I'm not the only one. I would definitely notice it in the areas where I sweat after my daily runs. I find that showering and then rubbing coconut oil on the hot spots helps them and to keep them aired out. Mine was always mostly concentrated by my lower back and tail bone.
  2. Ingvar Bejvel
    Detta har jag upplevt utan att förstå anledningen. Lchf sedan 2003!
  3. Norma
    I have not experienced this but I wonder if there is a tolerance level of ketosis for some people? Instead of an all or nothing approach try adjusting the level of carbs so your level of ketones is low. Many sources I have studied suggest the benefits of mild ketosis are as good as deep ketosis. Also the longer you are in ketosis the level of ketones you excrete will drop.
  4. Jussi
    Interesting article !
    The frontal picture catch my eye. The rash areas are exactly as i have had always after( ~+1 day) marathon ( or similar hard 3+ hours performance, never after easy long runs), I do have very little itching, if at all. But the areas become rather red and feel a bit warm and slightly sensitive. I have been trying to figure out what that is, without any explanation until now...
    I have not done my marathons in ketosis, i used to consume all sugars i could get down, but i have adapted to fat in last years. After marathons, i most likely run on fat, but on ketones, not sure. But maybe the body is shocked and shortcuts ketone production. Anyway i have thought the rash is not a good sign.
    Other vise i think i have not been on serious ketosis, or not measured anyway.
  5. Elaine
    I never knew this was a thing! Relieved to hear it's a GOOD sign! That is to say, the rash/itch is a minor inconvenience and knowing I'm in ketosis when it appears is gratifying. ?
  6. Korea
    Most asian women suffering from keto rash when
    They are into ketosis.
  7. gbl
    YES I had it and had no idea. Since I am not presently in Ketosis, just skirting it, it went away. Doctor thought the rash on my lower legs and top of my feet, and my lower back, might be indicating vascularitis, and sent me for arterial and venuous tests! (Which were negative for any condition or disease).
  8. gbl
    P.S. Interesting comment about Asian women. I am also unable to metabolize/allergic to alcohol, in any amount, even if not cooked off in food. That condition also occurs with lots of Asian people.
  9. John
    Had the rash on and off for almost a year. Prurigo pigmentosa confirmed by biopsy. Took a course of antibiotics (Doxycycline) once. Rash never reappeared.
  10. Valerie Macdonald
    Yes, I had keto rash when I first started eating keto. ONLY going off keto worked. That was in the summer but I didn't realize it was connected to heat and sweating. I am now successfully back in keto but also doing intermittent fasting. This article answers a lot of questions. THANK you!
  11. Edna
    yes i have itchy rash but mainly in the foot and leg now and again i have an annoying itch in the middle of my back interesting i have had dermatitous prior to LCHF i developed arash on my upper thigh like the ones in the pics my doctor thinks its shingles iam on atacand for BP 4 days ago l developed headache light headiness sore joints mind you i have Arthritus in the hip. but thi was different my whole body ached l put it to them if it was side effects from the atacand no it isnt was the reply.. lhad tests today to see if lhave shingles so i have a script for a oral antibiotic in case i i have a chest or bladder infection my other pill is for just in case l dohave shingles. your article came at he right time. hey still want to keep pushing meds on to me
  12. Peter
    I had the same problem but after sports and syntetic dress. I used extra virgin coconut oil before sleep on my body and it goes away.
  13. Justyna
    How odd... that could really be what I had.
    I developed a very itch rash on chest and back of my scull a month or so into LCHF, it looked like a series of insect bites. I initially thought it could be a newly developed food allergy - but tests for common allergens returned negative. The rash fully disappeared after taking antihistamines for a wasp sting btw.
  14. Random lurker
    If the rash is caused by ketones from sweat irritating the skin, then ketoadaptation which happens after roughly 4 weeks into ketosis should cure it: ketones are going to be used by the body, not expelled.
    Reply: #15
  15. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Partly, maybe fully for some people. But for most people there's usually some ketones lost in urine and breath, even after a long time of adaptation, so I imagine there will be in sweat as well.
  16. BJJ Caveman
    Dr. Eenfeldt,

    Interesting theory about the sweat in ketones, not one I've seen before. I'll definitely have to explore it some more.

    I just wanted to point out some additional resources for those who want to learn more about Keto Rash:

    and our Facebook Group:

    Replies: #20, #24
  17. Marianne
    Yes had a shocking rash for about 6 weeks but has now subsided and very slight. No itching now. Mind you weather also cool now.
  18. Justin
    Good to finally see *something* written about this. I remember being unable to find anything when it happened to me in 2014. Read a lot about skin conditions, tried various antifungal creams, coconut and tea tea oil. Eventually had to admit the obvious source, my recent change to a ketogenic diet. I had the itch under my armpits and abdomen. It was intense. Not "troublesome". And it receded almost as soon as I began eating carbs. I only managed 7-8 weeks in a ketogenic state before I couldn't take the itching any more.

    It was too bad as I really enjoyed the ketogenic diet, felt less drowsy, and much better GI function (less gas, cramps, diahrea). Also was forced to eat more vegetables and nutritionally rich foods.

    Interesting idea that it could be related to acetone/ketone presence in sweat. I had figured it was related to the affect low blood sugar has on the adrenal gland, and how long term elevated cortisol might disrupt the immune system. The rash being some adverse inflammation as it's very similar to hives.

    I would love to see some proper research done on this. Heck, I would love to be the one doing it.

    Excellent article. Thank you.

    Replies: #255, #294
  19. Connie
    My rash resolved when I increased copper.

    Copper enzymes/ proteins are involved with histamine metabolism, fat metabolism, glucose metabolism, etc.

    I've run into this copper deficiency before; I'll be more careful now.

    Ketosis is much too beneficial to give up.

  20. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    BJJ Caveman,
    Both linked to from the post - in the notes. Thanks for good resources, very helpful when I researched this.
  21. Helen Kim
    I'm Korean woman and under ketosis. I've been suffering with keto rashes over a week. My condition got worst and this week (10/24-10/28) I did not exercise. I did notice that rashes appeared in my sweating areas ( my neck-hairlines, chest, tummy, under breasts, back along the spine, shoulders). Also found rashes under my left knee today (10/28)! It seemed my rash break out were getting worst so I had to see my doctor again. Just read this tread today after I came back from my doctor's appt. I received doxycline with triamcinolone acetonide cream as dermatologist diagnosed my rashes to be PP. Since my condition is not getting better with trouble sleeping in the night, I took a single dose of antibiotic today with my meal. I will also try increasing my daily carbs in-take with intermittent fasting. These rashes changed pigmentation after initial itchy rashes and they dry up skin.
  22. Helen Kim
    It would be interesting to find out if some of us are allergic to ketone body acetone that cause this adverse reaction.
  23. Lyn
    I have been suffering from itchiness in the areas described, though thankfully no rash at this stage. Your theory rings very true for me as I am in ketosis and we are coming into summer here in Australia.. I'm hoping it will settle down over time as I have no interest in increasing my intake of carbs. Thanks for the great info!
  24. Cindy C
    Thanks for those. Some of those posts mentions microbes and related rashes. In microbiome recent studies, there are many newly identified strains that grow only on a particular part of the body. Those wax and wane, and differ even on different people. Diet changes, as well as temperature changes, the type of clothing worn and any kind of stress will affect the bacteria, fungi that dwell there. The article mentions a woman's staph where she applied lotion. Chemicals are associated with rashes. I have considered that a keto diet and loss of body fat, could be releasing toxins and chemicals from the body and those are coming out through the skin-resulting in rashes and itching.
    Sweating, in itself will cause toxins to come out. Some websites will say we do not really have to go through a particular detox regime, because the body will do a this naturally though the skin and the colon. Many low carb sites will say, though, it is best to go slowly to change, because such a diet will make such a difference in all aspects, and that it is best not to flush out too much too soon. As to the science behind such advise, it can be hard to pin such down.

  25. Per
    Interesting theory but it does not explain why the rash disappears for good after treatment with doxycyline. I guess bjjcaveman can confirm this to be the case since it has not reoccured (plz correct me if im wrong bjjcaveman).

    What I would like to know is, what is getting killed or altered by doxycycline that makes the rash go away permanently!?


    Reply: #28
  26. jojecka
    histamine intolerance can be temporary. There are several blogs dealing with this. It may be worth tweaking your diet choices to lower the overall histamine load. Later, if your histamine tolerance improves, keto dieting may be a lot easier. The enzyme your body needs to breakdown histamine is produced on the tips of the vilii and for some people this works better as inflammation improves.

    The body has 4 types of histamine receptors and different antihistamines focus on different receptors, so you may need to try more than one.

  27. Greg
    I have been dealing with the "keto rash" since July. It seems to get worst after I exercise. The idea that sweat is causing the rash is interesting. I wonder why the rash tends to occur in the upper body. I tend to sweat more in the groin area but I have yet to get the rash in that area. Any idea why?
  28. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    Interesting theory but it does not explain why the rash disappears for good after treatment with doxycyline.

    From what I've read treatment with doxycycline does not prevent relapse, it's just somewhat effective while taking it – then the rash tends to return. The effect while taking the drug could be explained by the fact that doxycycline has a general anti-inflammatory effect.

    Remember that if it once in a while happens that the rash does not return after a long time on the drug it does not prove a long-term effect, as the rash often can disappear without taking any drug as well. :)

    Reply: #38
  29. Wenchypoo
    I occasionally get it under my right arm, and showering, topical antifungals, and even steriods have no effect. What I found to work on me is Bacitracin ointment--the itch stops, and the rash disappears within 24 hours.

    My "keto rash" is NOT symmetrical--one side only. It may not even be a keto rash at all.

  30. Sean
    Thank You so much for this page and these comments! When I first got the Keto rash about a month ago, it scared the heck out of me and wondered what in the world had I done to myself. Not only did I get an intense rash, but also pain in my kidney and abdominal area from time to time. right away when I became afraid, I figured I would just kick myself out of ketosis with about 50 - 100 grams of carbs which took the intensity of the rash away, but not completely. So lately I've upped my carbs to about 100 - 150 or so, and it seems to be helping even more. I'm also going to try getting more copper to see if that helps too. I also read somewhere that Selsun Blue (The shampoo) can help with the itch as well. Anyway, Thanks again for all these comments that let me know I'm not alone.
  31. Jan
    I've had this rash several times whenever I went from a HC to a LC diet. First time 10 years ago was the most severe and longest lasting. An antihistamine like Zyrtec helped me eventually, but it lasted for weeks. The second time around I upped the carbs a bit and it went away fairly quickly in a week or so. Last time I had it I decided to eat a fruit at night as soon as I discovered a few hives, and within a couple of days it was gone.
  32. gbl
    I now eat my yogurt and chia at night. I have some quite raised welts. Can you buy Calamine Lotion wherever you live? It's an inexpensive and safe itch relief lotion. Ask at the pharmacy. It can be hard to find because it's long off patent and no-one's making any money on it. A bottle lasts a long time and should be under $2.
  33. sls
    i didn't get keto rash, but i seem to have had a cumulative reaction to coconut oil and/or mct oil.
    i'm a 52 year old female. though i've been sticking to a 20g carb diet my weight loss has stalled and my face broke out badly and was quite red. i have now cut out coconut and mct oils and my face is improving little by little. will stay off coconut and mct oil for at least a month then will re-introduce one at a time to see what happens. i found it odd as i've been using coconut oils for over a year. i do not think the problem was toxic die-off or anything like that as i have not lost any weight in about a month.
  34. schuyler hoffman
    Skye....I experienced this rash pretty often I use hydrocortisone cream 1%, but I think showering more than just in the morning will help... I'm 58 and skin is changing.... The upside is I weighed 288 and I'm 6'4" now I weigh 260 over 10 mo. extra exercise just good clean eating... all my blood work is perfect my doc is impressed still have high blood pressure , and use only cannabis for achy feeling back at end of my work shift. I'm a barber I stand all day and sweaty area is were my rash is on my sides and back and the cream stops the itch immediately...
  35. Lois
    I found this article very helpful as it explained why i kept getting this rash. What has worked for me is, shower after workout as soon as possible, apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered, with the 'mother'...bragg is great) if the rash is red and itchy and continually throughout the day. It cleared up in a day. To keep it at bay, i use body power before i workout. I have not tried increasing carbs, but may give it a try slowly so i can see where my tolerance level is. Do not want to stop as I'm feeling so much better on it.
  36. Sam
    Hello, I'm suffering from this and in my culture we have a thing what is interpreted as cold foods and hot foods. Rash and itch causing foods are warm foods or hot foods and can even cause headaches and dizziness and nose bleeds. These hot or warm foods are things like almonds, meat, some vegetables. Now there are cold foods which if consumed too much can cause joint pains like yoghurt cucumber etc. Now some foods like almonds eaten as they are cause heat but if soaked in water can act as cold food. Now to my point, I did some research and this correlates to the alkaline acid theory of foods. Two things I've been trying are and have been tested are
    Lemon in water
    Yoghurt in water
    Roasted cumin and crushed in yoghurt watered down (yes yoghurt is a cold food when watered down)
    I soaked lightly roasted poppy seeds almonds and Carrom seeds. Woke up and blended them in the water they were soaked in. It tasted horrid but my head ache dizziness and itching has stopped.
    I'm sorry of this is confusing, I don't know how to explain it in English. Please try and for a few day and tell me what you think.
  37. Alexandra
    I have encountered about 3 women who have had it and it usually resolved after a few days. It's rare but it happens and only lasts a few days. The end result is worth it so I'd hang in there and just deal with it.
  38. Alexandra
    Exactly, the rash does disappear after a week or so without even the need to increase carbohydrates. It's not very easy for those who experience it to deal with but several cold showers while sticking to your guns of remaining in ketosis usually works because the rash disappears without a trace.
    This is from my experience with over 25000 people and only 3-4 cases which completely resolved after about a week and did not return

    Interesting theory but it does not explain why the rash disappears for good after treatment with doxycyline.

    From what I've read treatment with doxycycline does not prevent relapse, it's just somewhat effective while taking it – then the rash tends to return. The effect while taking the drug could be explained by the fact that doxycycline has a general anti-inflammatory effect.
    Remember that if it once in a while happens that the rash does not return after a long time on the drug it does not prove a long-term effect, as the rash often can disappear without taking any drug as well. :)

  39. Kati
    Have experienced this almost every time I had a fresh start with ketogenic low carb - exactly where the pictures show it: on my chest, on the back between shoulder blades and up the back of my neck. I wondered what may cause it and always figuered it's some sort of detox reaction or maybe a symptom of starving candida excreting toxines. What helped me were enzymes (Wobenzym or Karazym, both of which contain Bromelain, Papain, Pankreatin and Rutin). With those the rash would disappear within a few days. Without the enzymes it would go on for weeks.
  40. Linda
    Unfortunately a low carbohydrate diet is a disaster for those of us with Diamine Oxidase Deficiency disorder. Gut diamine oxidase breaks down food histamine and a huge amount of foods on a low carb diet are either high in protein (Histadine gets converted to histamine which we cannot properly break down), or high in food histamine itself; Nuts, seeds, tomatoes, spinach and tons more foods.

    So many do well on a low carb or Gaps diet, but for those of us with DAO deficiency disorder it is a disaster. If you get these rashes or are not doing as well as you thought on a low carb or Gaps diet, look into the possibility of having DAO deficiency disorder. It is so much more common than anyone realizes, and is sadly off the radar for most physicians, even holistic ones.

    I actually have to be on a much higher carb diet (whole foods, of course), low protein diet, and had to start baking again to get enough calories in me. So many foods are off limits for those of us who are compound homozygous for both critical gut DAO genes and also with multiple snps in methylation genes that break down intracellular histamine, and have to be on a ridiculously strict low-histamine diet. DAO enzyme supplementation helps to a degree but is outrageously expensive and doesn't substitute for a low histamine diet.

    Once again, no one diet fits all, even if both the paleo and vegan/vegetarian communities would have one think so.

  41. 9ah
    This article about Keto Rash interests me very much. I have been eating LCHF for nearly 15 years and have been fat-adapted for a long time. I tested my serum BHB at 2.1 mmol/L following my last blood panel (done 2 years ago). I began suffering from severe itching on my back 1.5 years ago. There was never any redness or rash. My dermatologist recommended Zyrtec and Benadryl, and the use of oatmeal/psoriasis creams. These offered no relief. The itching spread across my waist, down my buttocks and the backs of my thighs. I would be awakened at night by severe itching, which was made worse by scratching. My skin was highly aggravated and hypersensitive, but still no rash. Sometimes my feet would itch so badly, I'd have to get out of bed! Steroid cream failed to help, but Bag Balm quelled the itching temporarily, as did antifungal cream. I have tried many remedies and have tested numerous theories. Thinking I may have become sensitized to the propellant in Evamist, an estradiol prescription, I tried reducing the dose frequency. This has helped to some degree. One doctor accepted my hypothesis, one rejected it completely. I no longer use any kind of soap, even oatmeal soap, in the shower. I rinse off only every fourth day or so and keep any shampoo off my body. Becoming overheated definitely exacerbates the itching. I would prefer to stay in ketosis as I believe it to lead to the best of health and longevity. I will be 68 years old soon and I'm enjoying every other aspect of being LCHF.
  42. crnp2001
    This is the first time I've heard of this, but I am SO glad to read about it! I thought I was going insane. The itching is the worst, the rash not so bad. Worst after exercising, of course, but now I will make sure I shower immediately. Thanks for the information!
  43. Marz
    I started this WOE 11 weeks ago and three weeks in , I woke up one morning with Hives. I'm convinced it's triggered by heat as its only in the morning when I wake up. It can be a small area or down one side. I've seen a kinesiologist who didn't pick up anything while testing for allergies etc. I too thought it was fat cells releasing toxins from body. It can happen every day or days apart. It's not really itchy and disappears after a few hours. The upside is I've lost 7 kg so delighted with this WOE.
  44. Ketosue
    I just went through a few weeks with itching underarms that turned into a rash similar to a fungal infection. Anti-fungal creams did not help and my skin became very irritated and painful. The rash was in and around the armpits with no redness in the center. I finally started on an oral anti-fungal and steroid cream that seemed to help within a couple of days. I have T1 diabetes, so after reading these posts, it seems that the ketones in my sweat could have affected my microbiome allowing a fungus to take hold in my skin. My blood sugars are the best they've ever been, so not out of control there. I am so glad this subject is being discussed. Thanks everyone!
    Reply: #79
  45. Debra
    Thank God for this post. I did not know what was wrong with me. I have a doctor's appointment in a few days and was hoping the Dr. could help. I knew it must have had something to do with my new LCHF diet. I thought maybe food allergy, I eat a lot more dairy so I thought that might be it. I am So So So glad to know what it is. I will try to add more carbs and do more fasting. My husband and I started the diet at the same time and he has had no issues. (no fair) he is loosing more weight and feeling tons better. I am happy for him. As for as me, my blood sugar is doing great I am type 2 and for that alone I have been so happy to have this new way of eating. I hope some how I can balance everything by adding a few more carbs and then intermittent fasting.
    I also want to tell a little about how it has affected me. I don't see much rash,howeverI can feel it under my skin. But just like one other poster said I have been so uncomfortable it wakes me up at night. My feet, toes, arms itch so bad its painful. It stopped for about a week. I thought I had worked through it and the very day I was telling my husband it was over I was all better, it came back. I was stumped and did not know what to do. Thank you all so much I now know what it is.
  46. Liz
    I was so pleased to see a post on this, thank you Dr Andreas. For people who said it disappears in a week and to just stick with it, just remember that everyone is different. Mine gets worse and worse and, after having the rash numerous times down my torso and under/around my breasts when very low carb, I now regularly get it on the insides of my elbows too (another hot spot!). Every bumps starts as a pale hive (looks like I have been bitten) and then they sort of join together and redden and spread. I haven't left it to keep spreading as, each time I enter ketosis again, it seems to happen more quickly (now within a couple of days) and straight to all the areas it last spread to immediately rather than spreading gradually. I have upped my carbs and have been intermittent fasting like Dr Andreas suggests which works for me as no rash! If I feel my skin 'prickling' I eat more carbs before the rash sets in! The rash worries my husbands as he wonders if it may affect my body in other ways on the inside that I can't see, I don't know if that would be the case but my body is intelligent and I certainly don't want to ignore it (beyond normal transition periods of course)!
  47. Kendra
    Hello :)
    Very thankful for this post. It popped into my email box just in time. I have been on Keto for 9 weeks and loving the weight loss and more importantly how healthy I feel. This past week my body has been itchy beyond insane. Keeping me awake at night. It is chest, upperback, arms, torso (front and back). I have a very mild redness on my upper chest. I wondered (and ok people...don't laugh) if maybe it was my body eating the fat! ??? I know sounds silly but I am new to this. Today I was pouring through information and links reading all the suggestions. While doing so I ate boiled eggs with butter, sea salt and pepper. Within 20 minutes I noticed that the itching had reduced by at least 1/2. This past week I have had an extremely busy schedule and haven't been eating as well. Without planning I was fasting mornings or first 6 hours of the day with liquids only. I have been feeling a little more hungry. So wondering if perhaps the fasting CAUSED the itch? Could it be like a withdrawal of healthy fat going into the body? Could it be the flushing of the fat? The keytones?
    Thought I would share as my experience varies from most above.
    this is one link :
    and the suggest from said link: Stop Fasting – This has been repeatedly shown to work in patients that present with this rash after they start fasting.
    thank you for all you do and for those who share!
  48. Peter
    I am also Asian with alcohol intolerance. I started ketogenic diet summer 2015. With new found energy I got into cycling and wore a heart rate monitor around my chest. The rash started on my neck and spread lower and seem to be around my sweatiest parts and under the HR monitor. Eventually spread to my lower torso too. Upped my carbs and rash went away with in days.

    My father who is full blown type 2 diabetic went low carb and also developed the rash. He is also intolerant to alcohol. He was insulin dependent and on the usual drugs. He only did low carb for couple of months before falling off the wagon.

    Anyway, I dunno if it maybe related to diabtetes and or alcohol intolerance?

  49. Joan
    57 and have been in moderate ketosis for 6 weeks - down over 20 pounds so I'm loving it and the additional energy I have is awesome. Love how I feel. The down side is that I have had the itching on neck, shoulders and front torso. It does wake me up towards the morning hours at times. The rash comes and goes depending how much I itch it. I take a fat burner (2x day) and thought this might be the issue. I don't want to stop. Allergic to coconut so oil is not an option. I do exercise 3 times a week moderately and shower after. Any other suggestions?
  50. Jasmine
    Yes, and it means a lot that it is being acknowledged in this article. Thank you!

    The only thing that prevents the rash is increasing my carb intake. But when I do that my sweet tooth returns as does the weight I've lost.

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