Keto pizza

Here’s our first new keto video recipe! And a sneak peek at our new logo. Feedback welcome – what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Full recipe: Keto pizza

Update: Here’s our second video recipe, keto seed crackers.


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  1. Carmen Prince
    I love the cooking video, more please.
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  1. Johanna
    No I don't like the logo. It doesn't show anything about food or health!
  2. Wendi
    Oh my gosh, these videos are fantastic! I have no trouble following almost any recipe, but some that replaced bready foods especially seemed a little iffy and I was hesitant to try them. These new videos give those of us who are "visual learners" the confidence to try them. The short, efficient clips are absolutely perfect. This keto thing is just getting easier and easier. Nice work, Diet Doctor!
  3. Jennifer
    Knowing how the pizza should look, the thickness of spreading the base, the thickness of the tomato sauce is very helpful. Keep these coming. Adding the amount of ingredients to the bottom of the slide would help because then I don't even need to open another window to see the recipe.
    The logo, on the other hand, looks like a beer or carb belly and is at odds with the message of the Diet Doctor. You probably spent a bunch on rebranding, but sometimes it's good to admit a mistake before your sunken costs get too high.
  4. Irma
    Muchas gracias se agradece esta es una muy grande ayuda para nosotros de habla hispana estoy haciendo algunas de sus recetas keto con muy buenos resultados.
    Felicitaciones Diet doctor desde Chile
  5. Carole
    I saw and liked the pizza video, especially since the egg/cheese "crust" is a bit odd compared to what we are used to with a pizza and it's nice to see how it is made! The video revealed that the "tomato paste" of the recipe was what we in the U.S. call "tomato sauce". I guess this is another case of recipe translation problems, to be expected sometimes. Last time I made the pizza I actually did use that thick tomato paste, and thought perhaps the thinner sauce would be much nicer, but I can see now that the intent was a sauce and not the paste. Paste is used here for thickening things or adding a bit of tomato flavor, and it wasn't right for the pizza recipe at all. the only other thing I'd add to the video would be oven temp in both C and F measures. Nicely done video overall, quick and concise, very professional.

    As for the new's OK, and honestly, now I don't remember exactly what the old one looked. Maybe I didn't pay much attention to it. The one one is a bit more "corporate" looking, if that makes any sense.

  6. Mike Howard
    It stuck to the paper I did peel it off was very good.
  7. Marti
    Love the videos! Easy to follow and then I can print the recipe for later. Keep the videos coming! Honestly, the logo is fine, it really makes no difference to me what the logo looks like.
  8. Sheryl
    Videos are great for seeing the steps and product. However, it would be nice to see the quantities and number of servings included in the video so you can use the video as a single resource.
  9. Karen
    Great pizza recipe! I added 1 TBS coconut flour to the cheese & eggs just to make sure it was firm enough -- and it was. I also doubled the recipe and made four individual pizzas. Easy and delish :)
  10. Linda G
    More videos please!! It is so helpful. I tried this pizza and it is delicious, my kids loved it!!!
    So easy!! thumbs up!
  11. Thelma
    Just made the single serving of this pizza and it tastes delicious. I don’t miss regular crust at all! The video ingredients show the various add-ones that the recipe doesn’t have which is great because until a get a recipe down, I tend to stick with the recipe step by step. I did, however use shredded pepper jack cheese in the egg crust because I didn’t have enough mozzarella. The added zing tastes really good. My stomach is still trying to get use to all the added oil and fat.
  12. samantha
    brilliant!! I noticed the logo change straight away and its great. The recipes were already fantastic but videos.....even better and more helpful thank you
  13. Dr. David J
    Tried the pizza - added red pepper flakes for some heat. Turned out perfectly!
  14. Daniela
    Maravilhosa pizza! Parabéns Diet Dr. E muito obrigada ?
  15. brothers keeper
    so easy a child could do it!
  16. Pamela
    I used Rao marinara sauce on the pizza. Delicious, easy and no carbs.
  17. Janice
    it stuck to the paper. I'll try buttering it to see if that makes a difference. But tasty. Can't wait to make again.
  18. Muhammad A
    Ins't processed meat bad for health and shown to increase chance of colon cancer? (The recipe uses processed meat)
  19. Becky A Robertson
    My crust was too runny, spilled into the oven. Ended up pouring into a saute pan and cooking like an omelet, then putting into the oven with toppings. I might try again adding a tablespoon of almond flour.
  20. Kell
    I'm watching the video and the crust doesn't look crispy at all -- is it? I kind of would like some crisp to it..
  21. April
    Do I eat the whole pizza or just a slice
    Reply: #72
  22. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Do I eat the whole pizza or just a slice

    This recipe makes 2 servings.

  23. TimC
    This pizza was really really good!! The crust is definitely a little on the soft side but once it cools down a little it firms up but more importantly it actually tastes like pizza!!! And with very low carbs, Thanks!!
  24. Ginger Monette
    Crust calls for 12 oz of grated cheese--is that fluid ounces or weight ounces??? BIG difference. Not sure which--and vid isn't helpful as she only puts in a fraction of the cheese in the bowl.
    Reply: #75
  25. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Crust calls for 12 oz of grated cheese--is that fluid ounces or weight ounces??? BIG difference. Not sure which--and vid isn't helpful as she only puts in a fraction of the cheese in the bowl.

    Ounces is always by weight, unless the recipe specifies fluid ounces.

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