Keto pizza

Here’s our first new keto video recipe! And a sneak peek at our new logo. Feedback welcome – what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Full recipe: Keto pizza

Update: Here’s our second video recipe, keto seed crackers.


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  1. Carmen Prince
    I love the cooking video, more please.
  2. Allan
    Really liked the video. I liked your old logo much much better it said it all in a picture. Your new logo is just a bunch of D's. Very poor. I am a graphic artists and you could have done much better or left it as it was.
  3. Yanina
    WOW, guys! You did it again! Congratulations! Love it!
  4. Diane
    Great job on the video! I like that it's quick to watch while still giving all the necessary info. It's helpful to see how the recipes should look when completed. For example, this pizza will have a floppy (as opposed to crispy) crust.
  5. Sue
    The video is great especially for people who have always eaten fast food. Here in the UK we have a generation who have never learnt to cook so are lost in a kitchen. The new logo is good but does not describe the website in the way the older one does. Simple answer, I prefer the old one.
  6. Alan
    Brilliant video. Perfect way to learn new recipes, thank you :-)
  7. Kathleen
    Really like the video - camera angles, graphics, music, etc. Do not like the new logo AT ALL. It is not consistent with the Diet Doctor aesthetic as presented throughout the site; it is too cold, sterile, and "corporate." I hope you reconsider it.
  8. Kathleen
    Also, that is not "tomato paste" as we know it in the US. That looks likes canned tomato sauce. Our tomato paste is literally a "paste"; it is very, very thick.

    (Not trying to be too critical - I love your site and recommend it at every possible chance!)

  9. Margaret
    I'm afraid that I don't like the new logo either - at ALL. It could be a logo for anything, and as Kathleen said, it's cold, sterile and corporate - not the Diet Doctor that we all know and love. You haven't brought in consultants, have you?
    The video is sweet and very useful to fledgling cooks because it illustrates that cooking delicious Keto food at home is very doable.
  10. Vanessa
    Love that you have a video for one of your recipes - definitely do more of them. As said previously, it's good to see what the end product will look like. On a side note, people seem to have some strong feelings on your new logo: maybe put out a video or post directed at your logo so you can get mass opinion.
  11. Tim
    Excellent! Please keep the coming.
  12. Lynda
    Great idea to have video recipes. I've never tried this pizza before but will now. I prefer the old logo.
  13. Stephen
    Not averse to the video approach provided that they continue to be supported by printable recipies. However the new logo is a turnoff, it reminds me of an advert for a shoe manufacturer.
  14. Jeroen
    Shred your own cheese: the one you buy in the shop is full of starch...
  15. Emily
    This is great! Got some wonderful tips on how to make one of my favorite pizzas! Looking forward to more of these videos! Yeah
  16. Jennifer
    Loved the video, might even make myself a keto pizza tonight!
  17. Beth
    Love the video, really helps envisioning making the pizza
  18. Paola
    Love the video! Great job! It takes the right time, is dynamic and didactic. Very good!
    The new logo does not convey the same thing as the site. He is not well identified with what Diet Doctor has been up to now. As a graphic designer, I suggest that you ask your agency to work on a warmer logo, closer to users, more "human". The general rejection that is read in the comments is because they can not communicate graphically what this site is for us, therefore the logotype fails. (I use google translate, I hope is clear what I'm trying to say) :)
  19. Ron
    Love the video recipe, keep them coming. We made a keto pizza a couple of days ago, and used tomato sauce with oregano, basil and garlic. No added sugar. Tasted just like pizza sauce.
  20. KAREN
    you hit the nail on the head! I would love to see more food videos please... GREAT VIDEO. KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE>>>
  21. June
    Good to see. Thanks
  22. Francoise
    Do quantities matter or not? And baking at what temps? Or did I miss that?
    Love the visual of the video!
  23. Cindi
    Have to agree with the general consensus, the video is great, the logo is not.
  24. Rob
    Keto pizza is a godsend. Thank you ? Never knew your old logo, so can I skip the controversy and just make the pizza? ? BTW: video production qualities are truly great. Congratulations ?
  25. Leide Daiana
    Amai o vídeo muito bom está Pizza vou fazer logo! Manda mais vídeos
  26. Sara D
    I was waiting for videos for a long time now, it is easier to see how easy is to do this! Great :)
  27. Zina
    I loved it. Thank you!
  28. AB
    We tried this and it was not our favorite. The crust was too eggy. Was ok for a dinner, but did not reheat. We might try again with some italian herb/ italian infused olive oil in with the eggs.
  29. Marian
    Oh dear. The new logo leaves me cold. It's so plain, so uninteresting. It's as if you've sold your soul to a giant corporation. Why let go of the colorful, self-explanatory broccoli/skillet/stethoscope/scrubs doctor? That logo pulls you in to the site. The new logo is as good as invisible. It's sterile. Not warm at all. Off-putting. I could go on, but surely my meaning is clear.
    On the other hand, the videos are wonderful.
  30. Sara
    Really really love the new videos for recipes. So helpful. Lots more please. I will become a member again.

    Thank you.

    Not sure about the new logo, not much inspiration there.


  31. Colette
    Loved the video.. Looking forward to more.. Thank you.
  32. Nancy
    Love the videos! Somehow, seeing them made gives me my own ideas of ingredients, etc.
    Our precious doctor! Winning the world of carbs with that big club of broccoli! Bring him back. Now, you look like a pharmaceutical company.
  33. Frederique
    Great video, it helps to see how it looks like, shows the ingredients , as I am from outside the US. As for the logo, I do not like it either... Sorry !
  34. Joanne
    Great video .. had additional ingredients to that in the recipe whoch looked yum .. didn't notice the new logo so no comment. Love your work!
  35. tracey
    Love the video, As for new Logo i think it is a bit to unremarkable.
  36. Aussie Tom
    Changing the logo is what people don't like. Resistance to change is what keeps a lot of people not moving forward. If you change the logo on the birthday each year people would look forward to seeing the new. Now the video, simple straight forward 4 ingredients, meat, cheese, eggs olives. Almost as fast as a phone call to the pizza delivery people!
  37. Katie
    Fun pizza video! Didn't notice the logo.
  38. Adrian
    Wooow i really like the video!!!
    I prefer the old logo, it says all in a picture.
    Just keep making videos it will improve your visits.
  39. Tony
    Love the videos and the music! <3 Also the new logo is awesome.
  40. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks for the feedback! I think we'll find a better way to present the logo, all that blue was not quite right in an inspiring recipe video. But fear not, we have more colors. Also, the broccoli will likely be back in another way. ;)
  41. Jamie Scott
    The video is great Dr. Eenfeldt, and I personally think are on the right track with re-branding. As a marketer, I totally understand what (I believe) you're trying to achieve with the double D's (wa-hey, sorry didn't mean that to sound rude). My initial reaction to the new logo, was that the 'D inside a D' represents the journey of 'fat to thin' - the transformation from bigger to smaller. Perhaps most people don't think that deep about logos, but I can't help myself. :)

    I also think the blue is fine. The colour isn't the issue - it keeps consistent with the brand tradition. However, it sounds like your audience wants the 'fun' put back into the new logo. I'm not such a fan of cartoon-esque logos myself, but I do understand why people don't like the new version. I'm sure you can successfully incorporate some food elements back into the Double D's in a way that keeps the natives happy.

    I look forward to what you come up with in the final version! I think you're doing a brilliant job of disseminating much-needed keto lifestyle information to us avid followers!

  42. Toni
    Thought the video was extremely professional, and provided me information quickly. And, my first impression was, "I love the new logo." I Think the of the old logo as little cartoonish and silly. I understand what others are saying -we've grown close to having our little doctor friend lead us in the right direction. Perhaps a revamp would have felt less upsetting to so many?
  43. 1 comment removed
  44. Wendy
    finally found it, not exactly a difficult recipe! - really hoping for a video on the naan bread - mine is always so crumbly I have given top trying to make it
  45. Derya
    I love cooking videos - I cook a lot, and I like watching them while am stirring stuff/washing/chopping, you name it.
    It was especially clever of you to skip any potential blabla - you can draw your conclusions, no matter if you speak English or not.
    As for the logo... reminds of metal industry.
  46. Linda
  47. Debbie C
    I agree with Jamie Scott, I thought of the skinny me hidden in the fat me when I saw your new logo! Liked the video too, will try that recipe soon. DD is a fabulous site and has helped me a lot in my transition to a healthier, low carb life.
  48. Caroline
    Merci pour ces vidéos. Les recettes sont simples et donnent une idée de la facilité à se mettre à manger Keto "cétogène" . Merci pour votre fantastique travail, en espérant la traduction de votre site en français, pour aider les francophones à faire le pas et profiter de vos conseils aviser pour retrouver la santé.
  49. Domenic
    Definitely like this one more than the cauliflower version. Great work!
  50. Maggie
    I love to follow video recipes. It would help if you typed the amount beside the food name (i.e. amount of shredded cheese) and other info (i.e. baking temperature or mix these 3 ingredients...) so a person doesn't have to refer back to the written recipe. Good job!
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