Is keto for you? All you need to know!

Do you use keto for endurance sports?

Timothy Olsen – high-fat eating endurance runner

When is a ketogenic diet useful? And how can it benefit you? Here’s a great new article, that interviews many scientists and athletes, as well as people who just use it to lose weight while eating bacon:

Outside: Is the High-Fat, Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

The article touches on all things keto – like weight loss, endurance sports, epilepsy, cancer and soldiers using keto for performance. Well worth a read.


A Quick Guide to Ketogenic Diets

An Inconvenient Truth About Ketosis

Discovering Ketosis – How to Effectively Lose Weight


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  1. Joan Serjeant
    I live in aged care, and am losing weight by following your recommend diet, low carb and fasting dinner to lunch the next day. When I reach my goal, I need ideas for simple breakfast, from limited menu items available, cereal or hard poached egg, or purchase, no, or microwave cooking.
  2. gbl
    A slow-cooker makes soups, ground beef chilis, stews, poached chicken, braised pork chops. I find a 2.5 litre/quart one gives me four generous meals. If you really cannot buy any food, and I believe you because it would be that way here too, then you should eat what you are getting. At some point, you may become malnourished and we are too old for that. We do not recover, we have difficulty getting all the nutrition out of what we do eat, our gut needs to behave normally or they will put you on motility drugs.... etc. And I do know that refusing to eat can be construed by aged care places as sign of dementia. I am 74, but still in my own apartment cooking for myself, and that is what I would do if I were in your situation. Also if friends or family wanted to give me gifts, I'd ask for gift certificates to bistros and delis where the trendy people with tight biceps (see the Blonde woman in another pic here) hang out, and you can eat good food surrounded by stimulating people. Go home nourished in many ways. Oh you may also need taxi vouchers as gifts.

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