The keto diet: “To sum it up, I feel fantastic”


Catherine wanted to do something about her weight, and so headed to a counsellor who recommended Diet Doctor to get started. The first few weeks were hard but she persevered and soon found that eating a keto diet was really easy and she has now lost 50 lbs (23 kg).

This is exactly how she did it:

What an amazing year it has been for me. My infant grand-daughter (one of an identical twin) came through open heart surgery like a trooper. It was a miracle for us!

Then there was the revelation that I needed to do something about my weight. While I did not have any medical conditions diagnosed, I was just not feeling my best. These thoughts were in my mind daily… today was the day I would be good and not eat anything that might add on the pounds. The day would go on, and I would inevitably lose my willpower and eat everything in site… Ughhhh.

I had been on several diet programs all through my 57 years, and while I may have lost some weight, it was always a struggle… and I always called it a ‘diet’. I just could not keep it off. A colleague mentioned that Dr Douglas Bishop & Associates in my city, Ottawa, Canada, had helped her lose weight and thought I should go and see them. At the beginning of February, 2017, I booked my first appointment to meet Dr. Bishop, and, after a body scan and assessment by Dr. Bishop, he suggested that we try LCHF. He told me that many of his patients were doing very well with this program.

I remember sitting down with Maureen, a nurse and my weight management counsellor, to go over the program. Well, she made it seem that I could do this, so, I would try ! She told me that a great site to visit was the site. There were fantastic recipes and videos that helped me master the stages of LCHF and keto.

The first couple of weeks my stomach didn’t like it very much, but I pushed through it. I had no idea the amount of sugar and sugar-related foods that I had previously been eating. By the time my body converted to fat burning, I was on a roll, and losing rolls at that!

There were very few weeks where I did not lose, but I persevered and the fat kept coming off. I took clothes out of my closet daily that no longer fit. I would definitely need a new wardrobe…Yes!!!

I have never mentioned willpower since because I don’t think about food the same way now. I have moved more into keto as the year has progressed and really follow that old saying… I eat to live, not live to eat. I watched Dr. Jason Fung’s videos about intermittent fasting and now fast on a regular basis, even testing 24 fasts at least once per week. I could never have considered fasting before, but now it seems to go hand in hand with how I am eating and living. I found yoga to be a fantastic way to reshape my body as I continue to lose fat.

My journey in the last year has seen me lose 50 pounds (23 kg), and I am close to my desired goal weight, but more than that, what I always saw myself to be. I have more energy, feel better about how I look in my clothes, and, to sum it up, I feel fantastic. My husband Greg has been so supportive and does eat LCHF most of the time. My colleagues at work, and friends and family are always asking me questions about how I have done it. It’s simple, go to the Diet site and you too can see how it can be done, and find a doctor in your area that also supports the LCHF and keto lifestyle. Having this support makes it possible to be successful. In my office alone, I have 7 colleagues that are currently doing a variety of LCHF/keto eating plans. We share recipes and ideas as to how we can convert regular foods to keto.

To say that it has been life changing is an understatement. I cannot imagine going back to eating the way I used to eat. Thank you to my local Doctor Douglas Bishop and his fantastic counsellors as well as the Diet site. You make dreams possible!

How I eat

I am 57 years old Bank Manager and live in Ottawa, Canada. I do intermittently fast most days, and eat between noon and 8 pm. About once a week, I will do a 24-hour fast and will have black coffee, broth and water to sustain me throughout the day. This is becoming easier as I do it more often, especially if I am busy at work. The time passes and I don’t even realize I have not eaten.

A couple of times a week I will eat breakfast and that would be a typical bacon and egg breakfast. Lunch is often a chicken Caesar salad, or one of the recipes from the site that we had for dinner the previous night. As I love to go to yoga after working at the bank all day, and having my meat and vegges ready to cook, makes it so much easier to ensure I stay on track. Also, ensuring that I have some cold cuts like roast beef or pre-cooked chicken and olives and cheese to make a quick dinner if I don’t have time to cook.

If I go out for dinner I will often order a deconstructed burger with bacon and cheese, no bun and a side salad or a chicken Caesar salad with no croutons. I don’t regularly bake ‘keto’ desserts, but if I feel I need a little something I will have a little cream cheese with a few berries and whipped cream. It feels like I am having cheese cake without the guilt!

I find sticking with the basics, i.e. real food, is so easy for me.



Thank you for sharing and congratulations to your success Catherine! :-)

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  1. Myra Burrows
    I tried this diet and gained weight I heard that some mostly women will gain weight doing Keto
    Reply: #11
  2. Bill Denny
    What about the saturated fat content I know a person that uses it coconut oil all the saturated fat bacon Cheese's meets what happens as you get older and all this stuff is running through your veins and arteries yes all you have to do is take your portions smaller and exercise all you ever have to do
  3. Marilyn
    I started keto dec first. 2017 was hard but as of March 23. 2018 I’ve lost 38 lbs and still going.. I do fast occasionally .. but happier
  4. Lisa
    I started keto diet Sept 2017 at 39 years and 160 pounds. I am now 143 pounds as of March 2018. Only diet I have ever lost weight with and I feel great! Cutting out all the sugar has made such a difference in my energy levels and mood too! LOVE KETO!!!
  5. Anderson Leveille
    Quality saturated fat is actualy cardioprotective. The diet heart hypothesis is a thing of the past and was based on poor science .Recomend reading Nina Teicholz. The Big Fat Surprise. Extensively researched book that lays out the facts about the importance of good fats in our diet.
  6. Karen
    Congratulations Catherine!
    You're an inspiration. Forget the naysayers. You've done your research for you and your families health and meet your goal.
    My husband also a Heart patient , since we began consuming healthy fats, lost the sugar addiction he, my husband has been taken off two medications.
    I am new to Keto and Dietdoctor this morning I busted past a weight I was stuck in for eight years.
    I have tried every diet in the past and nothing worked. I am not at goal yet but, after years of researching pH balance and nutrition I am confident that Keto is a safe healthy journey to meet my goal.
  7. Jacqueline
    I am 62 years old and have several health issues due to years of eating wrong causing me to have leaky gut. And in return my bodys immune system went haywire. My blood pressure was up, my weight was up, my bad cholesterol was extremely high my good cholesterol was extremely low and my triglycerides were not in the safe range. I was skeptical of the diet at first because of the high content of fat. We have all been brainwashed that low-fat was the way to go. I had never even heard of things like coconut butter, or nut flours. I figured I didn't have much to lose ... Besides my life. I have Hashimoto's, fibromyalgia, MS, is ESB, DSAP, just a name the more chronic problems. Most doctors still have no idea what to do with me call me eccentric, and alien. Some poopoo these issues and others look like a deer in a headlight.
    When I started the diet,I was barely walking with a cane, and putting on my shoes had become an Olympic event!
    After about a month I realized how much better I felt. I was surprised how quickly I stopped needing high carbs and sweets.
    Now, with all of my autoimmune problems, it is true I have not lost as much weight as some people, and it is coming off slowly... But yet it is coming off! I have seen so many improvements with each of my problems. Don't be afraid to give it a try. I am thankful that I was brave enough to try something totally different. PS. After 3 years of being on the diet most of the time, I no longer have to use a cane, my high cholesterol is in check, my low cholesterol is in check, and my triglycerides are perfect!
  8. Janet Edwards
    Hi Catherine I'm very happy for you, I'm going to try ,and still do this starting Monday. Thank you congrats to you.
  9. Janet Edwards
    I will be trying this Monday 03-26-2018 Thank you
  10. Deborah
    Hi All ?, today is Friday, March 23rd and I have been on the Keto plan for about a week and a half. Have lost 5 lbs (but then I only want to shed 9 lbs total), have experienced no side effects, and feel so much better. The menus are great. I eat one meal a day around Noon and that fills me up and satisfies me til the next day. No hunger cravings although around 6pm I may nibble on a few blueberries or almonds. That's it. Very happy with the Keto Lifestyle ?
  11. Deborah
    This is for the lady in the Comments Section who said she gained weight. Dr. Don Colbert is also an advocate of the Keto Lifestyle and says the weight gain you are seeing is muscle weight not belly fat. The Diet Doctor website IMO is a very good Keto site. Dr. Colbert's book may give you another physician's perspective. Hope this has helped you ?
  12. Catherine
    It's so exciting for me when I hear someone decide to start LCHF or Keto. If we can each help one or two people in our lives change to this lifestyle, we will help change the disasterous outcomes that the 'food pyramid' has caused. Buy real food, not processed and change your life. I wish all of you the best that this lifestyle has to offer.❤️
  13. Mary Boles
    Your story of your journey has given me the encouragement I need,to make a change. I'm starting on Monday, 26 March. My goal is to loose25 pounds by September. Hawaii vacation planned.
  14. Catherine
    Way to go Mary & Janet. I will be cheering for you both as you start your journey?
  15. Shirley
    Starting keto on Jan first 2019. No support or encouragement in my life but will really try. I don’t want to start taking high cholesterol meds. I really want to succeed. Need to lose 30 lbs.
  16. Terri
    I’m rooting for you, Shirley!

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