The keto diet and psychiatric medications – what you need to know

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Are you starting a keto diet hoping to get some improvement to a specific mental health issue? Then there are a few things you should be aware of if you are currently taking medication for your condition.

Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede outlines what you should know as a patient in the article below.

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  1. Amanda vd Watt
    Do antidepressants slow down weight loss? I have been using it for more than 20 yrs and I am really struggling to lose even 1 kg a month. Please help!! Thank you
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  2. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Yes, antidepressants can slow down weight loss unfortunately. Here is our troubleshooting page for other issues that could help you spot other issues that may inadvertently be tripping you up.
  3. Mireille
    I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and PMDD, & was prescribed risperidone and then ability. Both worked in a SENSE until the pms hit... which rendered both medications useless. I started Keto aboit a month ago now and even the adhd is under better control. It's unfortunate that there is such little studies being done for people like myself as I am now a true believer in the power of nutrition. I eat real food, whole food, high quality fats & meats, and everything has altered... and I don't even know if my body has completely shifted yet! I'm so happy that I can now live a life no longer plagued by perpetual rage or viewing the world through lens painted with disdain. It's been aong time coming, and I can finally enjoy this life.
  4. Bruce
    The biggest question, which I have not be able to find the answer ANYWHERE in the scientific literature, is do atypical antipsychotics cause weight gain by their tendency to increase the diet or by some effect they have on metabolism. Anyone know this?
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  5. Corlene
    I don't know about antipsychotics, but there are studies that prove antidepressants do. I'm a bit late to the party, but if you would like the references, let me know.

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