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Calvin wrote to us with an update on his fantastic story. Earlier he shared how he reversed his type 2 diabetes on a keto diet, effortlessly lost weight and felt better than ever at 61. Here’s his update:

I wanted to provide an update to my success on the Keto HFLC diet.

I have felt great every since I started using your site – and the guidance provided – but I wanted to be able to share real lab results of my progress. The my lab results provided are from before HFLC and now. I’m excited about the results – and wanted to share my updated report on my health – and my own personal proof – that a KETO HFLC Diet – actually works!!!

KETO PROOF – by Calvin Allen

Because the Keto Diet was a new thing for me – there were conventional claims – and Keto claims – I wanted to verify myself.

While no one argues that lowering or eliminating sugar is a good thing – adding a High amount of Healthy Fat, Meat (including red meat), and lowering my carbs significantly (HFLC – High Fat Low Carb) – is argued.

While says that HFLC is good for you – some would argue that adding so much fat would have a negative effect on my health.

So, I didn’t say this to anyone but my wife – but I tried an my own experiment – and it is all counter to the common medical advice.

1. I stopped exercising (now don’t do this – but I believed what I had read on and believed that my HDL (The good cholesterol) – would actually go up. But to combat the thinking that is was due to exercise and not HFLC – I stopped exercising for a for several months – so that only the diet would be a factor.

2. I checked my blood glucose level often to ensure it was in control.

3. I waited to share the results – until my most recent set of lab results (which I now have).

If conventional wisdom prevailed – while my glucose would have improved – it was suspected that my Cholesterol would go up (possibly dangerously), that my HDL (due to lack of exercise) would go down, and that my triglyceride would get out of control.

I will admit – this was probably a risky experiment – but I had to put my belief in the way I was feeling (which continues to be great) to an actual evidential test – and not allow my feeling healthier – to be thought of as some kind of placebo reaction on my part.

Here’s the results.

1. My Cholesterol went down – not up.
2. My LDL (Bad cholesterol) – didn’t go up – it went down.
3. My Triglyceride level went down – not up.
4. My HDL shot up to my highest levels ever!

These results are based on the KETO HFLC diet presented to me by

You also probably shouldn’t do this either – but to prove my statements – I’m including my actual test results – and they are pretty dramatic – and they prove that the KETO HFLC has in fact improved my overall health – based on my diet alone! (see chart)

Now that I have my results – I’m going to go back to working out – but neither to work off what I eat – or decrease my blood sugar – (Keto HFLC has taken care of that) – but just the moderate level that’s good for my bone density – and because a little exercise is beneficial to everyone.

I also got a clean report from my Cardiologist. He was impressed with my general improvements – and asked what I was doing. I told him I switched to a Keto Diet – and all he said was – “Good!”

Calvin Blood Test

Thanks again for how your site has improved my health – and my life. I have a new grandbaby on the way – and I look forward to healthy and energetic future as a grandfather!


-Calvin Allen


The keto diet: “It’s unbelievable that it could be this easy”

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  1. TeeDee
    That's wonderful, Calvin; thanks for sharing this update about your n=1. Just to add something to your "no exercise" remarks, I lost the majority of my excess weight while I could barely walk, let alone exercise, because of an Achilles tendon injury which lasted for 18-months+ Best wishes!

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