The keto diet: “I have not been hungry and cravings are gone”


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Hello Andreas,

I recently completed the two-week challenge with Diet Doctor. I was referred to your site a couple of years ago by a friend but forgot about it.

My interest in keto stems from the “mental clarity” that so many people speak of after they have committed to the diet. Weight loss was a secondary concern for me. I am happy to say that I have felt significantly better over all after two weeks.

I am a young guy just 24, and I have been battling anxiety and depression for a few years. I can honestly say that I feel better than I have in a long time and that I have noticed a general stabilization in my mood that has lowered my anxiety and increased my energy. My depression also seems to have faded somewhat and I have also begun to experience that “mental clarity” that others have spoken of. I have really enjoyed the videos on your site have found some other really great resources there.

I am motivated to stick with LCHF and see where it will take me! I am hoping that I continue to experience the benefits that I have discovered this far.

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

PS. I lost 6 pounds (3 kg) in the first 2 weeks.

It’s been the most amazing two weeks on the challenge and the recipes have been fabulous. I have lost 6.2 kg (14 lbs) during the challenge and am ecstatic, as I struggled to lose any weight at all on other diets.

The daily menu’s have been delicious and unlike every other diet I have tried, I have not been plagued with hunger and have looked forward to cooking every keto meal. I can’t afford to subscribe but have bought the Tasteaholics e-cook books which look great and have been picking out some fab recipes from the Diet Doctor website. I absolutely adore the scrambled eggs in the mornings and cooked all of the recipes except the pizza as I’m not keen on pizza anyway, but loved everything.

Thank you so very much for the tremendous help and advise that you make so freely available on the internet, and especially for introducing me to this wonderful and exciting diet/health regime. I finally feel that my life has just begun again with a bright future and a different mind set with fresh enthusiasm for getting myself fit and healthy.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

This program seems to work for me. As a chronic dieter, I am very pleased with my 5 lbs (2 kg) weight loss during the 2-week challenge. Since I am 59 years old and post menopausal (hysterectomy), it is extremely difficult for me to lose weight. Lately, nothing has worked, including restricting my calories down to 900 a day, which was my more recent weight-loss program. Prior to that I was approved for weight-loss surgery because of issues with my knees. It terrified me so bad that I canceled my surgery the day before it was to happen. Thank goodness I did! I still shudder to think!

The thing that I like the best about following Diet Doctor is that I have not been hungry and cravings are gone. My biggest trigger food is anything with sugar. I have been completely happy without sweets, with the exception of some dark chocolate (85%) at night or some berries and heavy whipped cream. This is huge for me!!

Now that I have the 2-week challenge behind me, I plan to start doing a few simple fasts, maybe 16:8. I also want to try a few more of your recipes. By the way, I went through the 2-week challenge eating out a lot, especially at night. It was fairly easy to find food and stick with the program. I know I will do even better by not eating out as much.

We can credit my endocrinologist for recommending your website and Dr. Fung’s book, The Obesity Code for getting me on this path! It was great hearing about something like this from a medical professional instead of being referred (again) to a run of the mill program that does not work.

Thank you for all you do. By the way, I love watching your videos. Maybe we can meet someday and I’ll have even better progress to report!


Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,

I feel very encouraged after completing the 2-week challenge! I have been doing Weight Watchers since February – I have lost some weight but I was always hungry. I didn’t see how I could live the rest of my like that. With LCHF eating, I have lost weight but more importantly I’m not constantly hungry. I feel I can maintain this way of eating the rest of my life.

The challenge is really great! The scaling of the recipes makes things so easy. With all the free recipes and content on the site, it’s so easy to find alternative recipes that meet the plan.

Thank you so very much! I have become a member of your site and plan to tell everyone who asks me about it.



I found the diet easy to follow and full of delicious foods and recipes. I did feel tired and not so good on day 4 so I drank boullion and that helped. I love that I’m not hungry between meals and was able to give up all the snacking on junk food.

I have had some issues with gastritis and acid reflux and this diet seems to have quieted them all down. No more burning sensation from certain foods or acid at night. I was able to come up with some of my own recipes based on the info on your website.

After the 2-week challenge I lost 8 pounds (4 kg). I’m excited to stick with the plan to see if i will continue to have reduced stomach issues. Some extra weight loss would be great as well.

Thank you for the challenge and the meal plans. It’s well worth giving a try.


I lost 10 pounds (5 kg) and was NEVER hungry. I liked the different food recipes quite a bit. I will continue on my own with low carb until I hit my goal of 45 pounds (20 kg).


Love the recipes especially the pizza and casseroles. Easy to make and tasty enough to eat twice in 2 days. I’ve lost 3 whole kg (7 lbs) by the first week and remained stagnant for the second week. Hope to drop a further 5 kg (11 lbs) within the next few months!


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