The keto diet: “After just 2 weeks, both of us feel great”


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My husband (age 67) and I (age 62) just finished the 2-week keto challenge. We live in Alaska and during our long dark winters it is easy to put on a few unwanted pounds. We have tried low-carb eating before with some success, so when we both decided to take off the extra weight I explored a bit and found your website. We were originally going to do the low-carb challenge, but then I saw that many of your recipes were keto friendly and thought “why not?”

After just 2 weeks, both of us feel great and have lost 4 – 5 lbs (2 kg). That’s wonderful, but the loss of inches around my belly and hips is even better!

The recipes are all delicious and easy to prepare and the printable shopping list made it easy to get ready for the week ahead. With eating plans I have tried in the past, there was always a sense of relief when I was done because either the food was complicated to prepare, didn’t taste good – or both!

Thanks for making the process uncomplicated and even enjoyable. We are continuing on with the meal plans and are both looking forward to continued success.



My name is Anne and I am 59 years old from Alberta, Canada.

I have 6 months to lose 10% of my body weight because of the level 3 fatty liver diagnosis I have. It took 9 years to reach this point! I have been very encouraged that the keto diet can help me with that. In the first 2 weeks I have lost about 4 pounds (2 kg).

I am still working through some symptoms, but I figure it is because I am so insulin and carb resistant.

I have a medical naturopath that I am working with here, but your website gives me the daily help and motivation I need.

Thank you for doing this,

I was skeptical, at best, but willing to give it a shot. I am impressed at how easy Diet Doctor makes jumping on board the bandwagon. The meals provided were delicious and sized perfectly for both my wife and I. They were easy to make and the idea of making double the amount in the evening to have a perfect lunch the next day – genius!

Together we lost a total of 15 lbs (7 kg) – as described. The eating pattern, while making logical sense, is so opposite of everything we have ever been told. It has been a journey of curiosity so far and we plan on continuing in hopes of finding our best selves on the far side of the journey. Thank you for your resources and your information. We look forward to many more lost pounds and delicious meals from the team.


This low-carb challenge was brilliant, my husband and l both lost 12 lbs (5 kg) each. We found it very easy and loved most of the recipes, and we plan to continue with this way of eating.


Dear Diet Doctor,

I have completed your two-week challenge and found it brilliant. I’m a 63-year old female from Victoria, Australia. My only input would be to nominate the daily carb intake and then perhaps give a “snack” choice for each day e.g. a bullet proof coffee with a fat bomb – and making this optional (within carb allowance).

Love your work!

I am very impressed. I lost 6.5 pounds (3 kg) in two weeks. I am also surprised how much energy I have. I have not been hungry at all. I did suffer headaches and fatigue for a day and a half on about day 3 or 4 but I drank lots of water and beef stock and quite suddenly it passed after a day and a half and I felt great.

I had a family dinner towards the end of week one and ate bread and rice and dessert. I got right back to the plan next day but I did get a headache again for a few hours.

My overall assessment of the eating regime is that it suits me brilliantly. I don’t always bother following the recipes. I stick to something similar but I love the food. I will be continuing.

Thank you,


My first two weeks on the keto diet change has been extremely positive. I am a 56-year old female. Over the past three years or so I have tried a variety of weight-loss solutions and this by far has been the easiest. So far I am down 8 lbs (4 kg).

I don’t really miss any certain foods, however I do miss my wine. Not so much now but around the end of the first week mark was hardest. I unfortunately have been extremely tired and slow to move this whole period, but maybe because my body knows how I’ve been operating and says, come on stick to something. I really feel that I will be able to continue this program and do even better as time goes on. My sister has lost 25 lbs (11 kg) over the course of the year and has been an inspiration to me.

I thank you so much for your program, the ease of finding it on the web, using it, and loving it.


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