How does a keto diet impact the mental health of patients?

Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede answers questions related to the ketogenic diet, mental illness and dementia, after her presentation from the Low Carb USA 2017.

Watch a part of the Q&A session above, where she answers a question about how a ketogenic diet impacts the mental health of her patients (transcript). The full session is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Q&A with Dr. Georgia Ede

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  1. Dianne Sharpe
    Is the diet safe for type 2 diabetes. I have been on many diets just end up being bigger. ☺️
  2. suzann
    It is the preferred diet for type 2. Check out Dr Jason Fung's lectures. You tube is a great start. His work led me to this sight. Good luck!
  3. Vince
    This is such an important topic. Mental health gets left out of so many conversations about food but it is a critical consideration. The way that eating affects people mentally plays a large role in their long-term health and success.
  4. Pamela
    I have great internet but why does the videos begin to buffer half way through. Every video.

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