The keto diet: “What comes off stays off”


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Wow! I can’t believe how low carb is working for me. I’ve been following it for eight days and have lost 11 lbs (5 kg). But, besides the weight coming off I feel great! Brain fog… gone, high blood pressure… gone, and insomnia… gone! Who knew that eating carbs, even what I thought were healthy, was ruining my life.

Thank you so much for putting together all the info in one place. The only thing I would love besides your great website is a Diet Doctor cookbook with all these great recipes!

Thank you again,


I travel some, so I haven’t been able to get through all the challenge yet, I am enjoying the experience. I really like what I have eaten so far on the challenge. I have applied what I learned about food choices from your site while traveling with positive effect.

The website is well organized, easy to navigate, and very informative. I have shared the site with three colleagues who are each on their own individual journey.

The biggest win to date is the inch plus gone from my waist. My key reason for trying LCHF is my belly fat. My waist has gone from 39.8 to 38.5 inches (101 – 98 cm).

Thank you for your site.

Hello Andreas,

I really enjoyed this way of eating, although after so long of eating low fat, it is taking me some time to get used to eating so much fat. I do not have the stuffed, bloated feeling after a meal and generally feel so much better.

The one thing that would stop me continuing with the plan would be chronic constipation. I drink so much water and have increased the veg without success, in the end I resorted to using products from the pharmacy. For me, this is a problem as I fear it will contribute towards the type of cancers this can bring.

I have subscribed to Diet Doctor and would like to continue. If you have any suggestions as how I may overcome the problem I would be very pleased to hear them.

I have spent a long time reading articles on your website and watching videos, all of which make a lot of sense and are very informative.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the follow up email from the challenge.

It’s been a great two weeks, but unfortunately I became de-railed due to social functions (wine, wine and more wine). I did lose 1.5 kg (3 lbs) and 4.1 cm (2 inches – I’m working with a trainer twice a week) – despite the wine.

I find my body responds to high fat low carb extremely well. I’m re-hashing the first week menus this week and am off to Hawaii for two weeks this weekend and am planning on eating clean then when I get home will readdress your plan as I’ve got another 6 kg (13 lbs) to get to my goal. All up, I’ve lost 5 cm (2 inches) in a few months alongside 6 kg (13 lbs) and know this plan works for me.

Thanks again for the inspiration and for offering this plan up for a free trial! Off to make my favourite – pesto chicken casserole.

Kind regards,

Loved the low-carb challenge! Dropped 7 lbs (3 kg) in the two weeks and fell in love with cooking again after living on ‘convenience processed foods’ for far too long.

Will keep it up and have signed up for the free trial to see how the next four weeks go.

Thanks for the great recipes and explanations for my first steps into keto living!


I found the recipes were easy to cook, the simplicity of the program and only eating when hungry look away the obsession with food and the stress about what to eat if eating healthy. Finally as a sugar addict, I found I have been able to give up sugar relatively easily. So thank you!


I enjoyed the two weeks, lost 2.5 kg (6 lbs) and lost 5 cm (2 inches) off my hips, 3 cm (1 inch) off my waist and 3 cm (1 inch) off my bust, I wasn’t hungry on the diet, and the recipes were great.

I loved the idea of cooking for four that way there was always something in the fridge to eat.


Thank you for your message.

I really enjoyed the two-week challenge. The recipes and the planning were really fantastic. The recipes were easy and delicious and the planning made the challenge very easy to follow. The video resources and e-mails were very helpful and kept me on track. I’ve recommended the program to my friends.

I signed up for the membership and will continue following this way of eating. It is very satisfying and leaves me feeling in control for once.

The only difficulty I had is that I think I now have a folate deficiency. I did drink alcohol for six days while on the challenge – so I will definitely quit drinking. I’m taking a multivitamin now and will be seeing my regular doctor soon for a blood test.

Thank you again for your message,

Thanks you so much for your work on health for everyone. So few people are dedicated to service for their fellow humans. Most are out to squeeze every last dollar they can for themselves.

I find that I feel so much better when I eliminate carbs from my diet. I eat some of course but not to excess anymore.

I wish you all the best in your and the other doctors crusade to educate us about the fallacies in today’s recommendations about what a healthy diet is. Too much money involved by industry for it to change very fast.

Has to be by word of mouth and results which are great… Once you get your metabolism revved up, the weight drops off gradually and that is the best way. Just follow the diet and forget it.

What comes off stays off as long as you eat within the guidelines. That really isn’t all that hard to do. Just eat wisely.

I never really was much of a sugar or fruit eater so it is very easy for me. My problem is still portion control but I am getting better at it. All habits have to change gradually to stick, so it seems with me..

Thank you so much for this website.


I am extremely excited about this plan. I’m not a cook but tried as many meals as I could. In two weeks, I really feel/see a difference. I have had bariatric surgery about 10 years ago and since regaining most of the weight I was feeling fairly hopeless.

I have to say that I am hopeful now. I will sign up for the plan after my next pay day. I’m going through a divorce and money is tight now so I will have to wait.

Thanks so much for bringing me hope again. I know it’s early, but I think I can do this. I don’t use the scale – too many disappointments but in two weeks my clothes feel looser.


Hi there,

I did not lose any weight at all and there was no change to my measurements :(

I am 31 and 5.6 (168 cm) and weigh about 165 pounds (75 kg). I was hoping to lose some belly fat which is where I primarily carry my weight.

I was very strict with only eating the approved foods and following the recipes that were sent to me for lunch and dinner.

I even used intermittent fasting just about every day (drinking only coffee with butter and coconut oil as my breakfast).

I did not drink any alcohol and I barely snacked (when I did snack it was only on approved foods).

I was never hungry and felt very satiated with all the delicious food I was eating. I also have not been doing any exercise for the last 6 months.

I’m not sure why it didn’t work for me and am a little sad as I followed the guidelines very closely.

Would you have any ideas as to why I did not get results?


I love it.

It is so easy. The meals are great and delicious.

The best part is that I have lost 10 lbs (5 kg) in 2 weeks and my blood sugar is down 54 mg/dl points (3 mmol/L).

Thanks so much this has been a life saver for me.


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