The keto diet: “It has changed my life!”


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My husband and I took the 2-week challenge and actually enjoyed it. We are in our early 60’s and live in Vermont. My husband is overweight and I am seriously overweight. The meals were good, loved the shopping list, preparation was a breeze and best of all, we lost weight without ever being hungry.

My husband had an MD appointment just over a week into the challenge and had lost 14 lbs (6 kg). By the end he was down one size in jeans and needed a new belt. He is noticeably thinner in the neck. If he keeps this up he will suffer from that dreadful condition, Noassatall!

I lost some weight but not as much. I’m still very pleased because my shirts fit much better and I feel great. I usually spend my lunch break taking a half hour nap and I didn’t nap at all. My digestive system is completely calm. I plan to keep this up forever but will no doubt sneak in some potato salad this summer. Love that stuff!


I LOVED the two-week challenge! It has changed my life! I haven’t been hungry, which is like a miracle. I lost 5.9 lbs (3 kg) in the first 6 days.

I go to every day for recipes and inspiration… this program has really been eye opening. Makes so much sense… not sure why everyone isn’t doing it. This is how I’ll eat for the rest of my life. Thanks… you’ve changed my life!



Thank you for the program and sending out daily reminders!

Wow! It’s been two weeks! I thought it was only one… that went by quickly. I lost 5 pounds – 2 kg (most noticeably in my face, arms, and back) and I feel much better. I actually feel like I lost more than just 5. So I am guessing it was body fat not water. I also combined intermittent fasting. I’m normally not hungry until 10 am anyway… so I pushed it until noon most days.

It was actually easier than I thought…. but our entire office is eating healthy so it made it a lot easier to keep with the program. I also listened to a keto book using the app audible on my way to and from work… so I was super motivated/programmed to stick with the program.

I did eat pizza one night… and was carb starving the next morning. Too funny… otherwise, when eating low carbs, I noticed that my appetite has decreased and I get full a lot faster than I did before.

I’m going to change the way I eat. I need to eliminate some serious chronic pain and lose 30 pounds (14 kg). This seems the best way to do it.

It is really terrible to go to the grocery store and see that 90% of the food in the store is terrible for you!!!! Rows and rows of manufactured junk… I shop the outside isle… vegetables, meats, and dairy. The rest of the isles are a wasteland of junk food. Scary…

Thanks again!

I found it relatively easy. This is the second time I have done it. The first time I was so very constipated.

I increased vegetables this time which helped. I really miss my kefir and steel cut oats in the morning which has been a staple for my digestive system. Any way I can go back to this? I hate taking laxatives which I need on the keto diet. I never was a big carb eater and I love the increased fat. I miss the fruit too.


I loved it! Your site is so helpful – tons of information to help with any situation. It really got into my head, which I think is key. I’m sticking to it indefinitely. And I even got my husband on board.

Thank you so much!

Diet Doctor,

I want to thank you for this two-week challenge. I thought the whole experience was really great. This first week I precisely stuck to the diet. The second week I still had keto meals but they were not the ones on the challenge.

During the first week I had severe withdrawals from carbs. I had a very bad head ache and was quite irritable. Towards the end of the week I began to feel better. My wife said I became a carb nazi. every thing I looked to see how many carbs were in it.

On Friday morning I did wake up with low blood sugars. I kept having lower blood sugars all that day and into the next. I ended up cutting my insulin from 43 units morning and night to 20 units morning and night. This past weekend I was able to cut another 5 units off each dose. I hope I continue to keep dropping that till I do not need any.

I plan on staying on this diet as an ongoing lifestyle change. I believe right now I am very reactive to carbs and must stay away from them as much as possible. Maybe some time in the future I will be able to relax that and have a little more carbs. For right now I know this is what I need to do to get my sugars under control.

One last thing, this past week my weight started at 248 lbs (112 kg). I am down to 243 lbs (110 kg) now. I eat until I am satisfied. I noticed it is taking less and less to get me to be satisfied.

Thank you so much for this challenge.


Hello Dr. Eenfeldt and team.

I am 66 years old, live in Florida and started the ketogenic way of life because of all the health benefits. However, I got even more. The food is delicious and I look forward to eating and preparing fresh meals every day.

I really enjoyed the low-carb challenge as it helped me with grocery shopping and deciding what to eat every day. Your recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. I have not found any other website or cookbook as comprehensive as yours. I have become a member and am very pleased with all your information, science, videos, recipes and more.

Thank you for all you do to make this way of eating understandable and easier. Wish I knew this years ago.


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