Keto boom means more options and more temptation

keto snack products

According to CNN Money, keto is booming. We see it with keto’s popularity on social media. And with it’s dominance with Google searches. This helps spread the word, and ultimately brings better health to many more people, so this is good news.

The interest in keto is commercial, too. As a result, there are many more products available to help make carb restriction easier. Things like high fat, artificially sweetened treats and “meal in a bottle” shakes, too. Keto eaters have more options, which is great. But sometimes these easy options are not the best choice.

Sticking with real, whole food is almost always the best choice. Real food snacks are going to be a better choice than a packaged product. Real food keto meals are going to be a better choice than a meal replacement product.

We get it — sometimes convenience matters. Enjoy the packaged keto options when needed, preferably in moderation. But when you can, stick with whole foods.

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  2. Julie Hahn-Miller
    Could you please do a review of Thin Slim bread, bagels, and snack products.

    When you go on their website they state that all their products are tested for insulin spikes.

    I saw you did a test with Jimmy Moore and a supposeably low carb bread.

    These breads are ZERO carb!!!

    Thanks so much!


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  3. Hans
    Processed junk is processed junk, even if its low carb.
    Stuff like LC bread still can promote wrong "snacking" eating behaviours.
  4. Barbara
    When craving a sandwich, though, or toast with eggs occasionally, it's nice to have a slice of "no carb" bread. I ordered each type of ThinSlim bread and the only one I liked was their RYE. If there was splenda in their recipe it was too sweet and had an aftertaste for me.

    I would like Diet Doctor to look at the ThinSlim bread, review their ingredients and its claim for zero carbs.
    Thank you,

  5. Julie
    learn to make cloud bread. the buns with jalopeno sliders are so yummy.
  6. Diane
    I found Mug bread the other day, I find cloud bread to be a little too “eggy” for me, and I have to say is rather yum ...apparently it works out to approx 3 gm carb, but the meals I have seen require the use of half a mug bread per meal, so Im thinking this can be ok when craving “bread” ?
  7. Lisa
    I am totally loving mug bread - I have this baked in the oven loaded with butter and cheese, its a good stand in for a quick supper, I am so pleased I found this recipe. It totally fills you up too!
  8. Dallas
    Mug bread recipe?
  9. Robin
    When I want toast or a sandwich, I create the Chaffle. There are recipes on the DietDoctor, as well online. Experiment with the flavors and textures, or go simple - just and egg and cheese cooked in a mini waffle maker.

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