Just one can of soda daily “Can increase heart attack risk by a third”

Soda drinker?

Soda drinker?

Drinking soda likely increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease significantly. This according to a just published review of the available science, from Harvard School of Public Health.

The Telegraph: One can of fizzy drink daily ‘can increase heart attack risk by a third’

Of course the effect of soda drinking on heart disease is still mainly based on statistical data, so there’s a lot of uncertainty to the size of the effect. But anything that leads to obesity and diabetes likely increases the risk of heart disease too, so it makes perfect sense.

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  1. KKH
    Is the increase in risk in this headline like the 1% (absolute) or 36% (relative) reductions in risk with Lipitor that Dr. Diamond so cleverly explained a couple of days ago? I think it is important that manipulated statistics not be used to bolster arguments - either way - and certainly should not be used to capture an audience, even when given in quotations.

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