1. Moreporkplease
    What a lovely girl! A great story and role model too!
  2. Maggan A
    Very sweet girl and she can be an inspiration to young pepople all over the world. Spred it around you all out there :-)
  3. Jaime
    Great stuff, as usual, Andreas, but maybe you should try to include international units as well as Imperial ones, because everywhere else in the world (except in USA, Canada, Australia, and colonies like Hong Kong or India), the kg is the standard unit of mass; this applies to most of Europe (except the UK), China, Japan, Latin America,... I can easily convert from one to another in my head, but most people can't.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Jaime, I guess you are right. It's 44 kilos.
  5. waf
    Goodness! 19? She looks 30 in the first pic. Unhealthiness really does age you.
  6. ella
    Jaime, Australia uses metric measurements not imperial.

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