Join the LC cruise to Jamaica: special price today


May 6-13 me and a whole bunch of international guests are leaving on a one week cruise through the West Indies. Interesting lectures about low carb nutrition (optional) are mixed with sun, food, wine and pleasant company. It’s an adventure.

I’ll join the speakers for the third year running – the two earlier trips have been awesome.

Do you want to come? Apparently the cruise company has a special offer today: $75 – 150 discount on the total price which is around $790 and up, depending on how fancy a cabin you want.

More info about The 5th Annual Low Carb Cruise


PS: I have no financial interest in the cruise.


  1. Margaretrc
    Very. Bit it's not to be for me this year. :(
  2. Maggan A
    I´m very tempted. But the dollars I have will ony take me on a real slow boat from Stockholm to Helsinki town. But in the summertime there is no place on earth I´d rather be than the baltic archipelago so it´s okej :-)

    But for you hwo bye the ticket - enjoy Jamaica and don´t forget to listen to the music :-)

  3. marilynb
    I am all signed up and can't wait! This will be my first cruise.
  4. We're gonna skip the cruise & use that money to buy 2 thousand dollars worth of butter & grass fed steaks.

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