Ivor Cummins on heart disease, LDL and insulin resistance

Watch Ivor Cummins talk about the conclusions on heart disease which he has reached after solving his own health issues and digging deep into the science.

My talk is somewhat uncompromising, and may even appear dogmatic. The content and messages are however driven by the hardest of science and the most decisive data available. I hope you enjoy the talk…and not least – the controversial conclusions that I reach.

The Fat Emperor: Ivor Cummins talk at cardiology conference BACPR 2017 London #LCHF


A low-fat diet might kill you, finds the new PURE study

Videos with Ivor Cummins


  1. Sara
    Congrats, Ivor! An illuminating presentation leading to incontestable conclusions. I was wondering, how did your audience react?
  2. Yvie Wagner
    Succinct, very helpful, straight to the point reporting Ivor.
    Huge thanks for all that you do & so freely share thank-you, thank-you, thank you 😎

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