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Over 120,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge. In it you get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on low carb.

Here are reactions from the people who have tried it over the last two weeks:



I’m currently 3+ weeks into the LCHF lifestyle, and it has improved over time. I did not have any physical signs of flu or malaise. My problems were more of a mental grappling with understanding the concepts, exactly how I was going to eat the amount of fat required without also adding carbs. I had to re-educate myself, and read labels carefully. Of course, there was also the fear of eating fat, which I am gratefully over – no more fear. Using a food diary was the best thing I’ve done. I used the “My Fitness Pal” app on my smart phone. I do love data, and it provides it instantly. I lost 11 lbs (5 kg) in the first 3 weeks, and I feel very good. I’ve also developed a delightful, albeit perplexing, disinterest in food. While I attempted fasting last year (while still eating a Standard American Diet) and it was challenging, to say the least. Now I go several hours without feeling a need for eating. The other day I realized I hadn’t eaten in about 18 hours! This typically happens on work days; I’m very busy at work, and have circumscribed times for breaks, so I can’t simply eat when I feel like it. This makes hydration a challenge, but I’ve done well so far.

I had some impediments getting into the 1.0 or higher level of BHB (I’m checking by blood ketones) but as of the third week, I’ve finally breached that mark. I’m still taking my hypertension medications, but I plan on checking my BP this morning at work (I’m a registered nurse in an Operating Room in Virginia). I haven’t felt light-headed at all, but I know that with hypertension, one cannot simply go by feelings alone.

The only real downside for me is that my partner is having a harder time with LCHF than I am. He is steadfast in his support for me, but he is not entirely adept with cooking, and finds the social challenges of eating properly very difficult. He also fears eating fat (much more so than I). He is a college professor, and typically eats lunch with his colleagues, and the meals provided them are very carb-loaded. This is not surprising since they also feed the students. He usually eats salads, which is fine, but has a harder time adding appropriate fats. I am hoping to pack some better choices for him at lunchtime.

In closing, I want to commend you on the Diet Doctor website, your outreach to the international LCHF community, and educational support! I needed every bit of it, and I think I’ve watched nearly every video, and read several blog/web posts. I have referred quite a few people to your website when they have asked about my food choices, etc. While I’m not sure what they do with that information, I’m hoping to further the LCHF message. At the very least, I’d hope for a modicum of understanding. My colleagues (physicians, nurses, etc.) have been entrenched in the low-fat high-carb mantra for decades; you know this! Change can be slow, but I hope to provide a model of what can be done on LCHF.

With gratitude,


Good morning.

First of all, thank you for providing this kind of detailed plan for the keto ‘diet’ (I hate that word!). It was exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have been doing this way of life for a few months, but was not seeing the results I wanted. Mostly I could not put together meal plans that were any good. Amazing how ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’! Bam! There you were! I have passed on the 2-week challenge to friends and family and they are beginning their journey.

On a personal level, if you are able to pass on one piece of advice to me, I’d sure appreciate it. Here we go:

I often combine the keto way of life with a 42-48 hour fast. What I am unsure of is this. When I break my fast, always a dinner meal, am I supposed to eat ALL my macros for the day in the one meal?? I would find it very hard to fit 1500 cals (1060 of which are fat) into one meal. Any direction would be appreciated.

Thank you again for the wonderful information on your site. I will be continuing your paid section as soon as we are back from holidays. Because… You know… HOLIDAYS!



Good Morning Dr. Eenfeldt,

I want to thank you for creating this wonderful plan. I suggested to my husband we try this plan. He is a type 2 diabetic, who has had his Metformin increased several times over the past 6 years. His morning blood sugar has dropped from 110 to 83 mg/dl (6.1 to 4.6 mmol/L) in the 2-week diet challenge. He is not following it as closely as I am. He still eats candy. I have lost over 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and am thrilled!

The food plan is fantastic! The idea of cooking extra servings so as to have lunch for the next day is one thing I really enjoy having. The food or recipes are so good. There was not a single meal we did not enjoy. I have shared information on the eating plan with some friends who are trying to find a great plan.

My only complaint was I received my daily menu, in the beginning about 06:00 but then it suddenly changed to 08:00. We are early risers and I loved having it when I got up.

I am looking forward to continuing on this plan. I love the website having so many options!

Thank you!

It’s been wonderful, easy to follow. Have had a lots of strenous exercises but no result. I lost 5 kg (72 kg to 67 kg [11 lbs – from 159 to 148 lbs]) after one week of the low-carb challenge. My craving for sugar is gone.


Hi Andreas,

Fantastic challenge, and definitely helped me with reprioritising my health and choice of foods. Learned a lot about the hidden dangers of foods and drinks I was brought up to believe were healthy and good for me!

I found it hard at times where I dined out with friends and family, the choices on menus are mostly carb oriented, so choosing the right type of meals when eating out was very limiting. There were times when avoiding carbs was simply not possible. It’s crazy how much sugar and carbs are on all menus regardless of which restaurant or cafe.

It is very hard to make the switch from carbs, especially with bread and pasta, there are so many meals I’ve grown to love that are carb based, Thai food just isn’t the same without rice. Italian is not Italian without bread or pasta… Maybe some guides on how to replace these classic foods with low-carb options?

Overall, your website and meal options have been absolutely invaluable, and have certainly broadened my knowledge on how to keep my weight under control and to lead a healthier lifestyle through my choice of foods.

Thank you, for the dedicated knowledge, time and effort in piecing it all together in an easy-to-follow and simple no-fuss approach to re-educating me about how my body reacts to carbs and sugar; especially busting the age old myth that fat is bad!



Dear Andreas,

Both my husband and I have very much enjoyed the 2-week challenge. The recipes were delicious, although a little too salty sometimes. The added salt was not necessary due to the volume of cheese in the meals. I omitted the extra salt a few times. I lost 4 kg (9 lbs) on the challenge and 4 cm (2 inches) each on my bust, waist and hips respectively (yay).

Thoughts to include for future 1st-timers: perhaps mention at the beginning of the challenge that they CAN skip breakfast at any time. I didn’t know about intermittent fasting until I became a member (on the 2nd day) and then I felt much better about not eating the next morning when I wasn’t even hungry yet. After dinner each evening, I wasn’t hungry until at least 12 noon or 1 pm the next day. We both LOVE not being hungry every 3 hours. I’ve even been taking a portion to my parents at night so they can taste the meals for themselves before they start the diet. I’ve been talking about it so much, and bragging when I lose a kilo, that my dad is changing his habits and has lost 4 kg (9 lbs) this month so far as well and he hasn’t even started the diet yet (he’s currently reading ‘Good Calories Bad Calories’). Before I started this 2-week challenge, I read ‘Why We Get Fat’ and from when I first picked up Gary Taubes’ book until today (including the 2-week diet challenge) I have now lost 9.4 kg (21 lbs) in just 3 weeks and 2 days. I am overjoyed!

The membership information is fantastic! I have been watching up to 3 or 4 movies, interviews or courses every day. I feel so much lighter, in my body, in my mind & my mood. After over a year of insomnia each night followed by sleeping late each morning & feeling dull, now I get sleepy at 9-10 pm, sleep soundly & wake up (on my own, NO ALARM!) fully rested at about 5-6 am. That is unheard of for me. I am (or was) NOT a morning person.

I find that my hormones are normalising and my parenting is much calmer with less stress and arguments (we have 4 girls). I’m even slowly changing my children’s’ school lunches & now I’m horrified at what they used to go to school with! Also, after 15 years of marriage, I thought our love life was quite good but now my husband & I have reverted to honeymoon-like behaviour so we both thank your 2-week diet challenge for that! Our hormones are great!

I was curious to see if we are both ‘fat burning machines’ yet so I bought some Keto-Diastix. My glucose is at 0.0 & my ketone level is 1.6 (or do I read the bottom line which would be 16 160?) & my husbands’ is G: 0.0, K: 4 40. Is that good? Does that mean we’re fat burning machines yet or is that test not really suitable for us?

Thank you again for your YouTube videos and all the resources on your website. I know that there’s a lot of work and a lot of travel involved for you but we truly appreciate you & your team for doing it all.

Yours sincerely,

I liked it. I craved less sugar, but couldn’t get rid of the sugar addition in two weeks. All in all, I will continue playing with the low-carb lifestyle. I have lost 4 lbs (2 kg), although I even ate chocolate when the craving hit hard on several nights the first week. I do have border line high cholesterol (although, I am not overweight!), and my only concern is how will taking this much fat affect my cholesterol in the future.

Thanks again for encouraging me to think differently about food.


Good morning,

Thank you so much for providing the tools necessary to complete the Low-Carb Challenge! My husband suffers from type II diabetes. He was prescribed Metformin which he was not taking because of the fear of its side effects and studies that
we had read showing that the long term outcome of the disease was not improved by taking it. We were making some dietary changes but were not seeing real results.

Then we came across your website! We have never had such a clear explanation by means of your different forums of what it is we are actually dealing with and how we can eat to control his sugar.

We have both benefited greatly from completing the 2-week challenge, his sugar levels are far lower, the tingling feeling in his toes has lessened, we both have lost weight and inches and are sleeping much better.

We are also so encouraged to find that we can stick to this program and feel for the first time that we can follow it as a way of life!

Thank you so much!
Martin & Linda

I loved this challenge, the daily emails were very helpful and the recipes were awesome. Easy to make as they were kept quite simple as it should be. Was almost sad to see it come to an end.

Thanks so much! Love Diet Doctor!


I found this site in January, followed the challenge for about a week before formally joining. Did the two-week challenge faithfully amid then became a trial member for week three. Type 2 diabetic makes it even more fun. Initially, I lost 3 kilo (7 lbs) in weight. Sort of stalled now. Cut insulin doses in half and have the best BGL ever! Now working my way through menu plans that are staff favourites. Kind of miss my daily reminders of what to eat today. But I like the choices that are available. I am planning on continuing with my membership until I’ve reached a goal weight of 60 kg (132 lbs) by June. And more importantly can cut out most if not all the diabetic meds ruining my kidneys. Many thanks for such a great site.



My son and daughter in law told me about this diet, after I noticed while Skyping with them that he looked thinner. I’ve been doing it now for two weeks and there is a noticeable change in my overall appearance. I didn’t need to lose tons of weight, but wanted to take off maybe 10-15 max and I must say I’m already down 5 and the clothes are looser and I’m happier. My husband is a great support and though he’s all lean, he helps me buy loving what I cook and keeping me on track. I got the coconut (lard, LOL) and true olive oil, stevia and other things to help, so all I’ve got to say is thank you and I tell everyone about the concept of reducing the carb intake and letting the body burn its own fat and it truly works.


All I can say is thank you so much! I lost 13.4 lbs (6 kg) as of today thanks to you. I am feeling better. Love your recipes and tips, kept me going.

Thank you,

I have felt really good on the low-carb diet. I lost 8 lbs (4 kg) the first week but none the second and that is discouraging but I think I will stick with it for a few weeks and see what happens.


Really enjoyed doing the 2-week challenge. I’ve been on a low-fat/fat-free diet for over 30 years. It was so enjoyable to eat butter, cream and mayonnaise. All the recipes were very tasty. Even hubby enjoyed them. I’m continuing eating LCHF as I want to reduce my stomach. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose just want to get rid of the spare tyre!



The program for us had been life changing. We plan to continue on the low carb and high fat diet. For me this has been so eye-opening and refreshing, I have been trying to lose weight for a LONG time unsuccessfully, NOW I KNOW WHY! So we have fully adopted the lifestyle. We are now encouraged to keep going. So we look forward to sending you our updated story in the future but we are soo excited to find a lifestyle that we can sustain and that is actually working!!! THX SO MUCH, we have already joined the site. THX YOU SOOOO MUCH for the information and the TRUTH of how metabolic syndrome and diabetes really works!


Absolutely amazing. My husband and I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how satisfied we felt. Neither of us ever felt deprived or hungry. We are still eating this way two weeks after the challenge ended and feel great. I have told so many people about the challenge and how easy it is to try. Thank you for your help and all of the information. Keep up the great job of changing lives and motivating people to take charge of their health.

Thank you,
Aryn and Reza

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  1. angie
    HI all, I would just like to say that i have been a diabetic for over 30 some years and have been on an insulin pump for 15 years and as of 3 days ago I am off the pump!!!! I love it and Thank You Diet Doctor for such great info and a great way to eat. I am so excited and am loving it. If I can do it anyone can.
  2. Angie
    Also forgot to say I have been doing LCHF for about 36 weeks now and have lost a total of 58 pounds and feel GREAT!!!!!!! Thank You Diet Doctor for some great recipes and some great info.

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