Is sugar toxic?

Is sugar toxic? Professor Robert Lustig is perhaps the number one enemy of Big Sugar. His famous YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” has been watched more than 6 million times.

In that video Lustig calls sugar toxic. So is it? Of course Dr. Lustig has had quite some pushback on that. Could sugar really be toxic? Isn’t it natural and part of the human diet since like forever?

In this interview, professor Robert Lustig explains it all. Watch a segment from it above (transcript). The full 30-minute interview is available on our member site:

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Prof. Robert Lustig

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

Wonderful information.
– JoAnn

This interview is terrific. I never thought about sugar like Lustig portrays it: not necessary, and chronically poisonous. Sugar truly is empty of any good.
– Barbara

So great to see Dr. Lustig on Diet Doctor! I follow him on facebook, and his info is really great. He inspires me to say “no!” to the ubiquitous culture of sugar consumption surrounding my four children. I watched his documentary Fed Up, and I enjoyed it, but it was just a little bit off the mark in demonizing natural fat.
– Audra

Professor Robert Lustig on sugar, here is a very well educated man who has done the research on sugar and its effects on human health, trying to change the perception that it is healthy. Health care, government, sugar companies, processed food companies and the big pharma are a huge lobby to take on. If LCHF was under a large organisation I would vote for this man to be President. With all the other LCHF Doctors on his team. Together they could solve so many problems across the world with their words of wisdom and science, the only way to stand up to people who make money out of the misery of others and those who idly stand back and allow this unfolding human health crisis with its financial implications. Governments of the World need to acknowledge that they too got it wrong and that change is coming albeit slowly, with more support it could be quicker.
– Roderick

Prof Robert Lustig is a modern day secular prophet warning us of the looming economic Armageddon caused by the growing diabetes epidemic. He meticulously expounds the case for SUGAR as causation and carefully outlines strategies for reversing our passive drift into healthcare catastrophe. It is compelling viewing.
– Sean

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Prof. Robert Lustig


Robert Lustig on Facebook

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  1. bill
    Too bad Dr. Lustig hasn't figured out that
    carbs are sugar molecules strung together.
    He might then be able to lose the 45
    pounds he gained in his residency, which,
    he says on page 69 of his book Fat Chance,
    he hasn't lost, and it shows in this video.

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