Is sugar toxic?

Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Prof. Robert Lustig
Is sugar toxic? Professor Robert Lustig is perhaps the number one enemy of Big Sugar. His famous YouTube video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” has been watched more than 6 million times.

In that video Lustig calls sugar toxic. So is it? Of course Dr. Lustig has had quite some pushback on that. Could sugar really be toxic? Isn’t it natural and part of the human diet since like forever?

I sat down with Dr. Lustig recently to let him explain himself in depth, and answer the criticism, beyond the 30-second soundbites in the media. Here’s why added sugar could be toxic to you, and what to do about it.

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Is Sugar Toxic? – Interview with Dr. Robert Lustig

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  1. Apicius
    Really good, interview. Every talk, interview and presentation I watch with this doctor, I'm always informed with something new I did not know about. Some videos are repetitive....same story retold, and same slides shown again. Not with Dr Lustig...always a new angle or new research or new data analysis to share with the public. Thanks for posting this!

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